Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Tattoo Take III

So when I visited Keely Rutherford last month I asked her at the end of our session to let me know when she was back up North. She told me she would actually be back at Loaded Forty Four a month later. And I couldn't resist! Naughty me. I decided to let Keely have free reign in my butterfly and moth theme and couldn't wait to see what she made me.

The night before our appointment Keely offered to send me her sketch, I couldn't resist a sneak peek! I literally squealed out loud with delight when I saw it. A batterfly is so wonderfully, perfectly me! I love the girly touch of the heart body and the wings are amazing. We talked about the placement and opted for the top of my shin, this gives us plenty of room for one other large piece on my lower leg on the inside, and then we are going to work on filling in all the gaps, exciting!

The outline is done! Keely and I have similar taste in colours and opted to keep the theme of my other tattoos of purples, pinks and greens. She decided to do the inner lines of the wings in purple which I loved. It makes them more subtle in the colouring and so pretty.

I'm a creeper who takes Keely's photo when she is unaware and tattooing me. She is the uber babe and I can't help it! Seriously, she's such a cutie.

And the finished piece, my gooooooorgeous leg! Isn't is amazing?! I love the pink and purple in the wings so so much. Keely is amazing. I cannot wait for next year so that I can get booked in for the final other piece on my leg. My shin hurt a lot more than the rest of my leg which I figured it would, much more bone!

The folks at Loaded Forty Four are such sweethearts, and super talented to boot. I hope I get to visit them again soon, Stu plans to have work done by Lawrence Canham who is young and just ridiculously good:D

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Spooky Cute

So I just got lookbook and have started posting my outfits on there :) Are you on there? Find me!

As ever, I am dressing as spooky cute and Halloweeny as I can, nothing in this outfit is particularly new, but it seemed fitting.

Skirt - ASOS Curve
Leggings - New Look
Shoes - Converse
T-Shirt - New Look Inspire
Jumper - New Look Inspire
Sunglasses - New Look
Alien Necklace - Sugar & Vice
Hair Bows - Kreepsville 666

I wanted to wear an outfit that was both warm and cosy, and also suitable for those warmer, sunnier moments autumn has. This skirt has been a favourite of mine from ASOS. I think the stripes are awesome fun, and I love a good jumper!

I am in love with these sunglasses. So cute, and I got them on sale for only £2! The Sugar & Vice necklace is one of a super limited run they had on their depop. I was lucky enough to snag one and I am so glad I did! I love the 90's feel, and the alien motif is also fun for Halloween. The acrylic is just gorgeous. I couldn't wear the hairbows all day thanks to my chronic pain, but I tried. Sigh!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Dreaming of Autumn

I love autumn. The cooler weather, the pretty colours, the crisp air, and of course the clothing that it means I can wear. Here are some of the new pieces I am lusting over currently!

I haven't worn trousers since 2009. But jeeeeez I think I want these. The colour is absolutely gorgeous, I'm picturing black, floaty and long tops, sneakers, perfect Autumn goodness. Aren't they beautiful?

The print on this is absolutely lovely, as is the length. The cut outs on the neck are wonderful, and I love that ASOS paired it with chunky boots, it's what I would want to do as well! This could easily be glammed up or down. Just beautiful.

A pair of good wellies is a must for anyone who has a dog, and these are fabulous! Not too wild, but perfect to help you feel fashionable while you take the pooch out for walks in the cold and wet.

I am never sure about swing dresses, but this is fantastic! The cute collar and cuffs really make this lovely. The collar and cuffs are actually thick lace, a fab touch. I'd like to see this on a curvier model ideally to see what it really looks like.

Maria Pumpkin Print Dress £18

I'm afraid I'm sharing more Halloween themed goodies. This is just adorable! And is also available in the reverse, orange with black. Have you ever bought anything from Boohoo plus? I just discovered them and am most curious.

Katja Rainbow Pastel Faux Fur Coat £65

Well oh my glob. If I were going to order from Boohoo THIS would be the piece. It's gorgeous! I love big fluffy faux fur jackets, and this is amazing colours. Want want want!

So much loveliness!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Sunday, 19 October 2014

My First Crop Top

I recently blogged about some adorable Halloween goodies including some from ASOS, I ended up placing an order for a couple of pieces, including my first crop top! It's not a style I would usually go for, I'm 5ft 11 so there was the risk it would be way too short on me, and my belly is the area that I am most self conscious about. But I decided I wanted to try something different and be brave, and I am glad I did!

Skirt - New Look (no longer available)
Hi Tops - Converses
Monster Crop Top - Asos 
Kitten Horror Name Necklace - Sugar & Vice

I went for a high waisted skirt to style the top, I wish I had a better version of this skirt. It's an older one now and it's very worn, but I can never find anything in this style now. If you know of any awesome high waisted skirts that are a skater style fit, tell me!

I felt really cute this day, so have a selfie too. I'm totally digging going for a Halloween themed look, especially with some of the cute new clothes available in stores right now.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Friday, 17 October 2014

Halloween House Goodies

My love of Halloween doesn't stop with fashion, it also follows into how I like to decorate our house! We have skull wallpaper in our bedroom, the colour theme is black, white and red, and thanks to Halloween, I've been grabbing more little housewares to decorate with!

Supermarkets have gotten really into Halloween this year, which is always awesome news, Asda in particular. I couldn't resist these cute pieces, all less than £10 each.

Beware sign from Asda
Cute, and not so Halloweeny that you  couldn't easily have this around all year round. Not that anything being 'too' Halloweeny will stop me!

Boo to You Ghost from Asda
I haven't found a great place to hang this adorable and glittery ghost yet, but he was far too cute to resist! He is totally staying up all year round, just look at him!

Happy Halloween Sign from Asda
Ok, so I probably can't have this up all year, but it's glittery and cute, and I love that it isn't just the typical Halloween colours. It's hung from a light in our hallway to greet guests :D

Silver Skull £8 from Tesco
I feel like I could pretend to be some sort of glam rock Shakespeare with this skull. It's very weighty and well made, and it can most certainly be out all year round! I love skull motifs, and this is a fab one. It's not quite glitter or sequins, but still incredibly shiny silver.

Skull Candle £4 Asda
This candle was a must. I knew Stu would love it and that I had the perfect candlestick ready and awaiting a candle. This candle appears to be red on the inside, so I think as it burns it'll actually look like dripping blood. Wow! Love that attention to detail. It makes me think of the catacombs.

Black and Silver Glitter Pumpkin from Asda
This came in several different colours, but the black and white/silver is a classic colour combination that matches our front room perfectly. I got 2 of these, I think they were £1 or £2. They are polystyrene, so not super durable, but for something to sit on a window sill you don't need anything heavy duty!

Wooden Boo Sign from Asda
Adorable! I love the patterns in this, they really make it. Sort of Beetlejuice-cum-Halloween inspired, the swirly writing and raven meant this was destined for a spot in our front room again.

Happy Halloween hanging sign from Asda
And finally, another Happy Halloween sign. I loved the happy little facial expression and cross eyes on the skulls, as well as the glitter and colours. This is propped up right now rather than hanging anywhere, but I will find somewhere for it.

One thing I do desperately want is a Halloween wreath, seen any good ones? Let me know!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My first baby shower?

So recently I went to my first baby shower. I'm not the most.... maternal of people, so Kirsty is actually the first person I've been friends with who has had a baby. A lot of my friends are like me, they don't want children, or they simply haven't had them quite yet. Rather than a typical baby shower, Kirsty had a pamper night. I thought this was a great idea, she's due in 2 weeks, so it was probably one of the last chances she will get to spoil herself for a little bit!

For Kirsty's present, I opted to get her something, rather than the baby. I don't know much about babies or what they need, and she has a fantastic family around her, so I decided a cheeky 'baby survival kit' was in order. With baby wipes (cause babies are messy), relaxing bubble bath for the odd time she might get to chill out a little, tinted lip balm, so she can feel like she's made an effort even if she doesn't have time for proper makeup, and SO MUCH CHOCOLATE AND SWEETIES. Cause why not?! I am sure they will provide a much needed energy boost while chasing after her babies!

Dress - New Look (no longer available)
Leggings - New Look (no longer available)
Denim jacket - New Look (no longer available)
Patches on jacket - Kreepsville 666
Necklace - Sugar & Vice (exclusive for subscription box owners only)
Converse Hi-Tops
Handbag - ASOS 

When it came to picking an outfit, it needed to be comfy and cute. I was getting a manicure and a back massage, so being able to easily getting half naked without showing everyone my arse was a must! The cute tea dress is a lovely deep green colour, with a black lace area at the top, and the velvet leggings meant I could take off my dress but still be more covered up. I went for casual with the denim jacket and converses, and finally got to use my new vampire clutch for the first time!

A close up of my face and outfit details. I love this kitty necklace from Sugar & Vice, and the speech bubble you can see on my jacket is also by them, it features a True Romance quote :D My eye makeup is Sugarpill, and my lipstick is Barry M. I'm not skilled at makeup, but thankfully the bright colours help hide my lack of skill!

You can actually see my smiley piercing here for once. How lovely is the lace detail on this dress? I've worn it a lot, and haven't done anything special when I washed it, and it hasn't snagged or pulled at all. Let's also ignore the lipstick on my teeth please.

And my handbag. It easily fitted my wallet, phone, lipstick and my keys. And I have a lot of keys!

I had a manicure and a back massage at the pamper night. Oh woooow the back massage. So having another one of those. I learnt that I am very tense in my shoulders and man did I ache the next day from the masseuse trying to work the knots out. Hi anxiety! I went for bright pink with a black ring finger for my nails. I'm going to doodle on the bright pink with my Barry M nail art pen I think!

I also spent the evening fussing over Kirsty's adorable pooch, a staffy called Bruno who is missing one of his front legs. He is such a sweetie, and he looooves belly rubs, which is fine for me, I am happy to oblige!

What a cutie!

I'm trying to do a lot more outfit posts, so I hope you like them :) let me know what you'd like to see more of on my blog!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Dreaming of Dresses

I love a good dress. The holiday season coming means lots of adorable new dresses on sale and I want them all!

I love this style of hem, I think it adds something different and this is the sort of dress that can easily be dressed up or down. Chunky boots and leggings to dress it down, cute heels and sparkle to dress it up! I think this dress looks like it has really great movement, something I love in a dress.

First off, I hate the name of this dress. That companies are still describing something as oriental print is shameful. It is flower print! I love the off the shoulder style with the black section for the bust area, and I like the hints of greens, pinks and yellows, you could easily pick one of those out for shoes, bags and jewellery.

For me, this dress is way more expensive than anything I would buy. But, the colours are lovely, very autumnal, I love the off the shoulder sweetheart style. It's so 80's prom and I love it! You could totally Madonna this up with black lace gloves and pearls.

I love a good velvet dress, and this is all kinds of Stevie Nicks goodness. It has the 3/4 sleeves, so if you aren't totally comfortable with your upper arms this would be lovely. I think the price of this is excellent for a velvet dress. It might have to be one I order to try on as a possible Christmas present.

This isn't the style of dress that I personally wear, I don't suit the body con style. However, I know sooo many plus size babes who rock this style that I had to share. I like the short sleeves and the cut out in the chest, something a bit different! You could accessorise this in so many different ways, I like that Kelly Brook didn't sway away from a slinky fit with her plus size range.

I LOVE this dress. So often as autumn and winter hit colours get boring, but this has an amazing tropical print, and the cute cut out shoulders, love! I can just see it with big platform sandals and being the stand out cutie at a party in a sea of blacks, navy and burgundy. It's gorgeous and so fun!

The watercolour print and colours of this dress are just stunning. Gorgeous autumnal dress. The lacy shoulders are a lovely addition, I think this is perfect for an autumn/winter wedding. ASOS Curve have this print in another style as well, so if the print is your thing but you don't dig a maxi dress, check out the shift dress version.

Who doesn't love to glam up with some sequins? The colours in the skirt section of this dress are amazing. I'd pick one, match my accessories to it and feel like a rockstar. It's like a glam rock mermaid managed to go all Ariel and sneak onto dry land and they rocked this dress to meet the Prince.

I actually love how ASOS have styled this, with relaxed hair, and hi top converses, it's pretty much how I'd wear it myself. I love the longer length and the sleeves, perfect fora winter evening out. Throw a denim jacket over it and it's sorted!

What are your favourite dresses that you've spotted so far this A/W? These are all the more 'dressed up' dresses I like at the moment, but there are so many gorgeous casual ones about too.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

September Favourites

September was a fab month, lots of adventures and fun times! I got to travel a little, see some awesome folks, and I got some lovely new bits and pieces, these are my favourites -

I had the pleasure of getting tattooed again by the amazing Keely Rutherford while she was was guest spotting at Blind Eye Tattoo in Leeds. I wrote a full blog about the experience here. Keely is unbelievably talented and such a sweetheart! I'm booked in with her again this month and cannot wait. As ever, I've given Keely the briefest of ideas and will let her imagination run wild :D

I got this adorable cat belt from ASOS for a bargain £12. My waist is a lot smaller than my hips so I like to accentuate it, and this is perfect for that, plus it's a cat! It's non-leather which is always a must for me, it is also available in the non-plus size range too if you happen to be a straight size reader.

I've gone from someone with one handbag ever, to buying two this month. The cute burger handbag and vampire lips clutch, both from ASOS. They are £12.99 and £20. Both are non-leather and well made. I've used them both for various events, and they hold the necessities well. The burger bag is much thinner, so if like me you have a bulky male-style wallet and far more keys than any human could use, you might want to use a coin purse. The vampire lips are the perfect size for the essentials.

This necklace is the exclusive Sugar & Vice piece that only those who are part of their subscription box scheme. Every subscription box comes with the exclusive piece, and it is not for general sale. I love cats, and little satanic kitties are the best! I can't wait to see what they do with their next collection, and to see what the exclusive piece will be!

I used to be scared of socks, did I ever mention that? Now I love them. These are all from ASOS, at £3 each from their Halloween range. Amazing! ASOS have a bunch of different Halloween socks and I really want them all. I wear a size 10 and these ladies socks stretch just enough that they are still comfy for me to wear. Usually I have to buy men's socks, so yay!

Another piece I recieved in the Sugar & Vice subscription box, the Bat Wing Necklace for £15. I love bats, and the mixture of matte, regular black, and glitter black acrylic is stunning. It's a really nice length, and the black chain is the perfect touch.

Another piece from the subscription box, the Planchette Necklace £13. Perfect for this time of year! You can also see the Sugar & Vice tag in this shot, it's a little coffin, adorable!

I got this Little Miss Delicious Watermelon Necklace £18 as part of a mystery pack, I am so not over my watermelon addiction! Moar moar moar!

I have never used a nail art pen and thought it was actually any good. This nail art pen £4.99 by Barry M is just sublime. Easy to use and decorate with, I can't wait to use this for more fun nail doodles. Just make sure you use a good top coat otherwise it will rub off incredibly quickly.

So these are my September favourites! I wonder what my October faves will be....

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Monday, 6 October 2014

Birthday Party Ensemble

My Dad was 50 at the end of September, oh my glob! It meant 2 birthday parties and he got totally spoilt :) Awesome! For the 2nd of his birthday parties, the first was for family, the second for friends (I went to both for the free food) I remembered to take outfit photos.

I wasn't dressed up until it was dark, so once again my photos are on the interesting side!

New Look Dress - no longer available
ASOS Curve tie dye leggings - no longer available
Black Converse Hi-Tops

I love this dress, the pleather cross under the bust makes what might be a really 'cutesy' type of baby doll dress into something a bit more me. It also has pleather shoulder straps.

I went for the biggest hair possible and was very pleased. My hair is naturally wavy, but not always the most compliant! I washed my hair, and split it into sections and twisted them, then twisting them into knots. I left it to dry naturally as much as I could, then when it was nearly dry, tipped my head upside down, and blow dried it as I untwisted them to get volume into the roots as well, then a little hairspray, and success!

I love a cute dress with converses or chunky boots. I'm not one for heels and I think they look so cute paired together.

I'm hoping my social life will calm down a little now!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx