Dreaming of Dresses

Saturday 11 October 2014

I love a good dress. The holiday season coming means lots of adorable new dresses on sale and I want them all!

I love this style of hem, I think it adds something different and this is the sort of dress that can easily be dressed up or down. Chunky boots and leggings to dress it down, cute heels and sparkle to dress it up! I think this dress looks like it has really great movement, something I love in a dress.

First off, I hate the name of this dress. That companies are still describing something as oriental print is shameful. It is flower print! I love the off the shoulder style with the black section for the bust area, and I like the hints of greens, pinks and yellows, you could easily pick one of those out for shoes, bags and jewellery.

For me, this dress is way more expensive than anything I would buy. But, the colours are lovely, very autumnal, I love the off the shoulder sweetheart style. It's so 80's prom and I love it! You could totally Madonna this up with black lace gloves and pearls.

I love a good velvet dress, and this is all kinds of Stevie Nicks goodness. It has the 3/4 sleeves, so if you aren't totally comfortable with your upper arms this would be lovely. I think the price of this is excellent for a velvet dress. It might have to be one I order to try on as a possible Christmas present.

This isn't the style of dress that I personally wear, I don't suit the body con style. However, I know sooo many plus size babes who rock this style that I had to share. I like the short sleeves and the cut out in the chest, something a bit different! You could accessorise this in so many different ways, I like that Kelly Brook didn't sway away from a slinky fit with her plus size range.

I LOVE this dress. So often as autumn and winter hit colours get boring, but this has an amazing tropical print, and the cute cut out shoulders, love! I can just see it with big platform sandals and being the stand out cutie at a party in a sea of blacks, navy and burgundy. It's gorgeous and so fun!

The watercolour print and colours of this dress are just stunning. Gorgeous autumnal dress. The lacy shoulders are a lovely addition, I think this is perfect for an autumn/winter wedding. ASOS Curve have this print in another style as well, so if the print is your thing but you don't dig a maxi dress, check out the shift dress version.

Who doesn't love to glam up with some sequins? The colours in the skirt section of this dress are amazing. I'd pick one, match my accessories to it and feel like a rockstar. It's like a glam rock mermaid managed to go all Ariel and sneak onto dry land and they rocked this dress to meet the Prince.

I actually love how ASOS have styled this, with relaxed hair, and hi top converses, it's pretty much how I'd wear it myself. I love the longer length and the sleeves, perfect fora winter evening out. Throw a denim jacket over it and it's sorted!

What are your favourite dresses that you've spotted so far this A/W? These are all the more 'dressed up' dresses I like at the moment, but there are so many gorgeous casual ones about too.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx


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