About Me

I'm Kitty Morris, 30 something plus size fashion blogger, fluid artist and writer. Married to my wood work obsessed husband Stu, and cat parent to house panther Stitch. We live in Grimsby in Lincolnshire in the UK.

I started my blog Kitty Rambles A Lot in March 2014 after discovering the body positive movement, and deciding I wanted to showcase my love of fashion. I post about fashion, my photography, homeware and the plus size lifestyle. My blog name came about after much thought, and well, I do ramble a lot, so it seemed fitting! I didn't want to restrict my posts to one subject, so a more open name seemed appropriate.

I'm a fluid artist, focusing on acrylic paint pouring. You can see more of my work on Facebook and Instagram.

I was previously a writer and contributor for She Might Be, a plus size magazine and community.

I'm a writer and editor for PokémonGOHub, writing about all things PokémonGO! I play every single day. Team Mystic, Level 50, and obsessed with Turtwig.

As a blogger, I can promise high quality images taken by myself or my husband Stu, using a variety of lenses and a Canon 50D. I've been a photographer since 2007, but sadly had to stop due to developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Through my blog, I've come to work with brands including Evans, River Island, Simply Be, Voodoo Vixen, Lady V London, LovedRobe, Navabi and more. I am always keen to work with new brands, so please don't be afraid to get in touch!

When working with brands, I promise honest reviews and present only my opinions. I will not post press releases as blogs. All sponsored or gifted items will be marked as such.

My blog is a body snark free zone, and I will not tolerate homophobic, racist, transphobic, misogynistic, or otherwise offensive comments.

You can also find me in the following places - 
Tiktok - kittypaintsalot
Instagram - kittyramblesalot
Twitter - kittyrambles
Pinterest - kittyrambles

Contact - kittyramblesalot@yahoo.co.uk