Birthday Party Ensemble

Monday 6 October 2014

My Dad was 50 at the end of September, oh my glob! It meant 2 birthday parties and he got totally spoilt :) Awesome! For the 2nd of his birthday parties, the first was for family, the second for friends (I went to both for the free food) I remembered to take outfit photos.

I wasn't dressed up until it was dark, so once again my photos are on the interesting side!

New Look Dress - no longer available
ASOS Curve tie dye leggings - no longer available
Black Converse Hi-Tops

I love this dress, the pleather cross under the bust makes what might be a really 'cutesy' type of baby doll dress into something a bit more me. It also has pleather shoulder straps.

I went for the biggest hair possible and was very pleased. My hair is naturally wavy, but not always the most compliant! I washed my hair, and split it into sections and twisted them, then twisting them into knots. I left it to dry naturally as much as I could, then when it was nearly dry, tipped my head upside down, and blow dried it as I untwisted them to get volume into the roots as well, then a little hairspray, and success!

I love a cute dress with converses or chunky boots. I'm not one for heels and I think they look so cute paired together.

I'm hoping my social life will calm down a little now!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx