Halloween House Goodies

Friday 17 October 2014

My love of Halloween doesn't stop with fashion, it also follows into how I like to decorate our house! We have skull wallpaper in our bedroom, the colour theme is black, white and red, and thanks to Halloween, I've been grabbing more little housewares to decorate with!

Supermarkets have gotten really into Halloween this year, which is always awesome news, Asda in particular. I couldn't resist these cute pieces, all less than £10 each.

Beware sign from Asda
Cute, and not so Halloweeny that you  couldn't easily have this around all year round. Not that anything being 'too' Halloweeny will stop me!

Boo to You Ghost from Asda
I haven't found a great place to hang this adorable and glittery ghost yet, but he was far too cute to resist! He is totally staying up all year round, just look at him!

Happy Halloween Sign from Asda
Ok, so I probably can't have this up all year, but it's glittery and cute, and I love that it isn't just the typical Halloween colours. It's hung from a light in our hallway to greet guests :D

Silver Skull £8 from Tesco
I feel like I could pretend to be some sort of glam rock Shakespeare with this skull. It's very weighty and well made, and it can most certainly be out all year round! I love skull motifs, and this is a fab one. It's not quite glitter or sequins, but still incredibly shiny silver.

Skull Candle £4 Asda
This candle was a must. I knew Stu would love it and that I had the perfect candlestick ready and awaiting a candle. This candle appears to be red on the inside, so I think as it burns it'll actually look like dripping blood. Wow! Love that attention to detail. It makes me think of the catacombs.

Black and Silver Glitter Pumpkin from Asda
This came in several different colours, but the black and white/silver is a classic colour combination that matches our front room perfectly. I got 2 of these, I think they were £1 or £2. They are polystyrene, so not super durable, but for something to sit on a window sill you don't need anything heavy duty!

Wooden Boo Sign from Asda
Adorable! I love the patterns in this, they really make it. Sort of Beetlejuice-cum-Halloween inspired, the swirly writing and raven meant this was destined for a spot in our front room again.

Happy Halloween hanging sign from Asda
And finally, another Happy Halloween sign. I loved the happy little facial expression and cross eyes on the skulls, as well as the glitter and colours. This is propped up right now rather than hanging anywhere, but I will find somewhere for it.

One thing I do desperately want is a Halloween wreath, seen any good ones? Let me know!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx