Tattoo Take III

Wednesday 29 October 2014

So when I visited Keely Rutherford last month I asked her at the end of our session to let me know when she was back up North. She told me she would actually be back at Loaded Forty Four a month later. And I couldn't resist! Naughty me. I decided to let Keely have free reign in my butterfly and moth theme and couldn't wait to see what she made me.

The night before our appointment Keely offered to send me her sketch, I couldn't resist a sneak peek! I literally squealed out loud with delight when I saw it. A batterfly is so wonderfully, perfectly me! I love the girly touch of the heart body and the wings are amazing. We talked about the placement and opted for the top of my shin, this gives us plenty of room for one other large piece on my lower leg on the inside, and then we are going to work on filling in all the gaps, exciting!

The outline is done! Keely and I have similar taste in colours and opted to keep the theme of my other tattoos of purples, pinks and greens. She decided to do the inner lines of the wings in purple which I loved. It makes them more subtle in the colouring and so pretty.

I'm a creeper who takes Keely's photo when she is unaware and tattooing me. She is the uber babe and I can't help it! Seriously, she's such a cutie.

And the finished piece, my gooooooorgeous leg! Isn't is amazing?! I love the pink and purple in the wings so so much. Keely is amazing. I cannot wait for next year so that I can get booked in for the final other piece on my leg. My shin hurt a lot more than the rest of my leg which I figured it would, much more bone!

The folks at Loaded Forty Four are such sweethearts, and super talented to boot. I hope I get to visit them again soon, Stu plans to have work done by Lawrence Canham who is young and just ridiculously good:D

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx