Monday, 28 April 2014

My Boyfriend's Birthday

I kind of love getting dressed up. Any excuse to pair a cute dress with stompy boots is my favourite! So for Stu's birthday in April, it had to be something cute!

Not the best photo I know, but the best I could do taking it of myself. This new dress is one of my favourites and I can't stop wearing it! I was a bit unsure what it would look like, it is from ASOS and is called the ASOS CURVE Smock Dress in Spot Print. Being called a smock dress, I was concerned it would look like a maternity dress on me, but I love the fit! It is fitted to just below the bust, then fuller from there, with white with black spots, then the reverse on the bottom, totally different and I love it! It has little sleeves too, so if like me you are selfconscious about your upper arms it covers them nicely. It is reduced to £15 now too, bargain!

And of course with my cute dress, comes the big stompy boots. I live in these, so expect them to feature alot! I broke one of the chains on them the other week and have safety pinned them back together, which I think just adds to the look (I talk about this in an earlier blog). These are the Demonia Disorder 301 Black Matte Lace Up Chain high calf boots and I adore them, all man made and so comfy. I'm also wearing my trusty leggings, I'm terrible for living in them, I'm not a fan of my elgs so live in leggings.

In my ears I am wearing my usual silver hoops, along with these gorgeous custom plugs from Little Doe. These are really comfortable, these are backed with stainless steel screw on tunnels. I don't wear acrylic in my ears, it's bad for stretched ears! I'm at 8mm and staying there, have been there for years. You can request Little Doe make any of her designs on plugs in metal or acrylic, regular earrings or even clip ons! There are the Key to my Heart Plugs/Earrings in custom purple.

And for a total statement piece of jewellery, my precious XL Gemstone Necklace from Sugar & Vice. I adore this necklace. The heart in the middle is radiant acrylic and picks up different colours when it reflects. It is so well made, and surprisingly light too, I wear it for work all day quite comfortably!

Sadly I didn't get a photo of the full outfit, but here is a snap of me and Stu, and a selfie. My makeup is by Sugarpill who will get their own blog at some point too. My hair is naturally curly, all the colours in it are by Directions.

I was really happy with this outfit and see myself wearing this exact one a few times more!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Friday, 25 April 2014

Cacti - An Addiction

So I have to admit.... I have a problem. I have an addiction. To cacti, and succulents. Since we got our own house last year I've been determined to fill it with plants. Only thing is, I'm not great at keeping plants alive. So, I decided I'd get a couple of cacti when I saw some cute ones on a trip to Asda, the three in the header. A year on, they are still alive and well, and I've been adding to the collection ever since!

This is a Christmas cactus Stu bought me :) I'd rather have a cactus than flowers any day of the week! I can keep it, and it's so cute. Flowers are dead in a week, months on I still have this cactus and everytime I look at it I smile and remember Stu got me it.

These are some closeups shot with my olloclip on my iphone that I have in my kitchen. They have flourished in the spot they are in, and are now flowering :D I've never seen a cactus flower before, so exciting!

These I got a couple of weeks ago, I have no idea what the one on the right is, I was just intrigued! If anyone knows please do tell me, the sticker on the pot says aloe, but I don't think that is what aloe looks like.

Some more I got in the last few weeks (my hairdressing school is right by a Wilko and I cannot help but grab a couple when I pop in on my lunch!). I liked the little chunky one, he is just adorable, and the little spikey twins.

And my most recent addition, this adorable ceramic pot with 3 cacti in it. We went to buy Stu's sons Venus Fly Traps today for their bedroom, they have been so intrigued by them and their bedroom appears to be an ideal habitat for them, and I spotted these cuties. I mentioned that we would have to go back when I had some pennies, and Stu decided to surprise me with them while I grabbed some ceramic pots for my other cacti. He is a cutie :) The boys decided we had to name our new plants, so their fly traps are Finn & Jake, and mine are Princess Bubblegum (one looks like it is wearing a crown), Marceline (the spikey one), and Lumpy Space Princess, the little chunky one! Perfect :)

I just think cacti and succulents are totally cute, and I can't help but get them! I've run out of room on my kitchen window sill now, so more will be living in our bedroom :D always room for more!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


I am in love with butterflies. For personal reasons, they have huge significance for me and make me so so happy. In fact, I get my first tattoo in May from Keely Rutherford of a butterfly :D can't wait! I see them everywhere, and cannot help but take photos of them. I think moths are awesome too, they sort of look like dead or goth butterflies. Some of the close ups are taken with my olloclip, other than the 2nd one, they are all taken on my iphone.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Dress

A couple of years ago my parents had a huge party for their 25th wedding anniversary and my little brother's 21st. It was a formal affair, and I needed something to wear. As a bigger girl, there was one option for me, design something and have it made!

I love lace, so so much. It was always going to feature in the dress. Well, actually, I call it a dress, it was a skirt with a top. I have had a couple of things made for me now, and always get them made as seperates, that way it gives more options for rewearing them!

The wonderful lady who made my dress is Angela Jones. She has made several things for me so was the obvious choice for this. It came out perfect!

I went for a sweetheart neck, I'm not a busty girl, so anything to emphasise what little I have, and also allow me to wear a bra. I had a little lace jacket made too as I can be self conscious about my upper arms. It was boned, to try and show off my waist which I have always liked. My necklace is from the Disney Couture range, an Alice in Wonderland inspired piece. I shall have to dig it out, I've moved a few times in the last few years and a lot of my jewellery is still in boxes.

Sadly I only have mirror selfies of this outfit. My ex featured in the other photos, eugh! It was a dark green silk with black lace overlay. It really flattered me! The skirt was a full skirt, but rather than a rounded bottom, it actually hung in sections, like a pixie skirt, the silk and lace hanging in peaks. It really finished the outfit off nicely. I felt really good in it, but have only worn it once since to a work related ball, which I don't have any photos from either, I am rubbish! You'll notice I'm wearing a lot of rings... still do! It's an addiction. I hate how bare my hands look without them.

I totally recommend getting things made if you are a different size to the average for a better fit. At 5ft 11 most things do not fit on my waist as they sit too high, and knee length is never knee length! This way an outfit is just right, and I always felt better in something right than trying to make something fit which never would.

Kitty xxxx

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Little Miss Delicious

I have known Maxine Ashleigh, the wonderful lady behind Little Miss Delicious, for a very long time. Before Little Miss Delicious even existed. It has been so awesome to see her start a company and watch it grow tremendously! LMD is all handmade, homebaked food based cuteness, from jewellery, to bags, mirrors and adorable hair bows. If you like pinup kitsch, LMD is SO the company for you.

My love of pizza and pizza themed goodies is relentless. Get the jewellery from the fast food section on LMD and the jumper here.

First off, the jumper. Oh my glob this might be the softest jumper I have ever worn, the inside is just lush! Even my cat Patches adore it, when I wear it she insists on snuggling me.

See? Patches seal of approval.

Now the jewellery. In the above picture I'm wearing the normal Pizza Necklace, the Valentine's Day Pizza Necklace, the Pizza Ring, and a custom all Pizza Charm Bracelet. I also have the Pizza wearings in but you can't see those. For me, the necklaces are a little short, so I wear a necklace extender with them, but I am a chunky monkey. I've owned these for a few years now, and the glaze is perfect, no marks or damage at all, Maxine really pours her heart into making sure her jewellery is the best she possibly can, and it really shows.

Now, my favourite time of year with LMD is Halloween. I just adore creepy cute and Maxine does it so well. How cute is that eyeball necklace? I've worn it to death and it is still perfect. I have a matching eyeball bracelet too, but I slammed my wrist in the car door and broke it :( so I will be aiming to get another this Halloween!

I also have this Zombie cardigan from the Halloween range, it's nice and light, so I like wearing it in spring and autumn. It's stayed really soft after a lot of washes (I'm a clumsy eater, what can I say!). The applique has also stayed perfectly too. This is not currently available.

And another Halloween goodie, the vampire cupcake, super cute! A twist on the regular cupcake necklaces that LMD carried, this has cute fangs and the red/black colours. This is only available at Halloween, but I am sure Maxine could be convinced to custom something similar at any time of year!

Maxine is a personal hero of mine. She suffers from a chronic illness and still manages to run her own business and kick ass full time. She is genuinely lovely, as is her company!

Kitty xxxxx

Monday, 7 April 2014

A work outfit

My work outfits are probably not like most people's. I work for my family, so within reason, I mostly wear what I want. Of course I'm not going to wear really low cut tops or super short skirts, or anything offensive, but that's not really me anyway! So, this is a recent outfit, with a couple of my favourite pieces to wear.

First off, I should probably explain the shoes. Batman hi-tops I got from Sports Direct last year, I bought some for my boyfriend too. His are a size smaller, so depressing! They aren't my sort of thing at all, but for someone reason I had to buy them. I haven't worn them at all until recently. I take Ashen (the dog) to work everyday, and walk him home as much as possible, it's about 5.8km, so a good long walk with us both. Sadly it didn't work out today, I had two of the sort of strokes I suffer from and ended up being driven home as they take a good while to recover from.

These are a new favourite. Awesome Batty Eye Ball Slides in black from Kreepsville 666. I love these, I just love creepy cute! They have sooo much I drool over. I really struggle to wear hair decoration due to the constant headpain, but I can usually tolerate these for a few hours. I bought these for an exam for my hairdressing course, I will try to remember to take photos and share them!

These are another favourite. Gorgeous black glass 8mm spirals from Gorilla Glass. I bought them from Body Art Forms as Gorilla Glass only do wholesale. Body Art Forms are a US based site, and I did have to pay customs charges on it, but they have great offers. Depending on how much you spend you can get everything from free O-rings, to free body jewellery or money off your order. These may look heavy, but I find them incredibly comfortable! I can easily wear them the whole day.

Now, this is a company you are going to see featured a lot on my blog as I am a huge fan of them, Sugar & Vice. This bat is a gorgeous matte black, it was one of my first pieces from them, it hasn't marked, scratched, or tarnished at all, and I think it is a great size. As a bigger girl I do sometimes find I have to add a necklace extender to make sure a piece lays right, this is just perfect! You can get it for £12.

As for the rest of the outfit, I did a crappy job of photos as I am currently taking them of myself with my iPhone, which is tricky! The denim shirt dress is one I love from ASOS. It has a really cute cut out in the back that I cannot wait to wear in summer. Currently it isn't available from their site. I'm wearing it with a purple vest top from Tesco last year for about £2, keep an eye out for their in store summer sales! I wear the dress with a vest top underneath because bizarrely, it is a little tight over my chest, which is on the small side for bigger gal! One of the things I love about ASOS, is that they list the model's dress size and height, giving me a good idea on how long something will be on me. I prefer knee length or longer, so I always check that info, if a model is 5ft 8 and it is above the knee, I won't be comfortable in it.
I'm also wearing an eyelash cardigan from New Look's Inspire range. They currently only have it listed in teal on the New Look site, which is super cute too, and on sale for £12! However, it IS available on ASOS for only £8 in the black, bargain! I am considering getting another one as this one is looking a little worn, I've worn it almost constantly for the last year.

My hair, by the way, is a mixture of colours. The pink is Directions Cerise, the blue is Directions Turquoise, and the purple is by a new brand Adore. The is the first time I've tried Adore, so I'll be sure to review it soon. The turquoise lasts aaages!

Kitty xxxx

Friday, 4 April 2014

Having big feet.

I have size UK10 feet. That's a US12. A European 44 I think. It's hard having big feet, not many places want to cater to us, because it's rare. You can get 9's everywhere these days, you couldn't when I was a 9, so I just dream of the future!

So, to add to my problem, I also don't wear leather. I've been vegetarian since I was about 13, while I do eat some animal by products, ie cheese/milk, I don't wear leather, ever. So.... where on earth do I buy shoes?

The answer - very few places, mostly the internet.

My saviour, is Demonia. I just adore big stompy boots and creepers. I like contrasting girly dresses with chunky shoes, I think it looks adorable! A lot of Demonia's shoes are non-leather, all PU, which is awesome to see, and they go up to sizes that bit bigger than the average brand. 

and probably the second time I wore them the bar that holds the chains onto the knuckle duster broke. My Mum had bought them for me for Christmas and was gutted, she emailed them asking for a replacement chain. They got back in touch incredibly quickly and they promised a replacement. Much to my shock, they sent a whole new pair of boots! So I safety pinned the original pair back together, it added to the look if anything, and wore them for a full year before I wore them out. I'm actually giving them to a male friend of mine who wanted them so badly, as he doesn't mind the tiny hole I wore in them. So I just started wearing the replacement pair! They don't need wearing in because they are PU so don't need wearing in. I have a high instep and chunky legs, I wear the chains through one less loop to accommodate my ankles, and don't wear the boots lace all the way up, I leave 4 empty eyelets for my calves. I prefer how boots look slightly undone so it works well for me. Here's how they look on me.

I also own these creepers - 

Now for me, I think this photo is totally misleading. The UV sections on the shoes appear pink, they description says red, they are actually bright orange. Doesn't make me love them any less, but I think it's important to know, if I had been buying them to match an outfit I'd have been upset. The UV totally work, I've worn them to my local rock pub which has an area for UV beer pong and they look amazing. I wish I had a picture to share but I don't. Again, these are all PU, not all their creepers are so do check if that is important to you!

Evans also sell up to a 10. Not all styles, but some of them. They used to do more styles but chose to carry less 10's which is gutting. I am not a big fan of a lot of the styles they sell, ballet pumps and what I call 'office' shoes aren't my thing. However, these are what I am currently lusting after! I can't share a photo due to Evan's rollover images, but they are chunky wedge heels with PU faux leather straps. Available in tan and black, I am all about the black, they appeal to my inner goth! I've ordered from Evans, delivery is quick, and I've also returned shoes to them with no problem at all at a store.

(seriously, Black Sabbath Converses, awesome!)

I also have shoes from Doc Marten and Converse. Most of their styles are unisex so you can get them in much bigger than a 10. On the US Converse website you can even make your own custom pair, exciting! Doc Marten are slowly increasing their Vegan range, however I find the more stereotypically 'feminine' colours are not available in bigger than a 9, such as the purple and pink, which is of course what I am lusting after!

If you have more suggestions, please let me know! Ebay is the other place I hunt.

Kitty xxxxxx

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


So for my first clothing post, I thought I'd talk about a brand I love, Malice. I currently own 2 harnesses from Malice, and cannot wait to be able to buy more!

The first one I bought was the Pentagram Harness. I absolutely LOVE this harness. I always get comments on it when I go out. It's also Malice's most ripped off design. I've seen it pop up all over the place lately, go for the original! The harness is all one complete piece, no clipping any parts together, it is all elastic, and arrange so you put it over your head and there it is! Now, it can be a little complicated, I tend to get my fella Stu to help me so I can ensure that I'm putting it on right. I also keep it hung up correctly arranged in my wardrobe on a coat hanger to make it easier. I would definitely recommend that! I tend to wear this underneath vest tops in the summer, but be careful with the tanlines!

I also have the Cage Harness. Less complicated, but I think more versatile than the Pentagram harness.

Hear, as with the Pentagram harness, I'm simply wearing it under a vest top.

Here I'm wearing it over one of my favourites dress from ASOS Curve, you can get it here, it's reduced to £15 at the moment, bargain, and with a necklace from the Gemstone collection by Sugar & Vice, and with my trusty Vegan Doc Martens.

And here it is underneath an ASOS denim look shirt dress that is no longer available, over a basic vest top that I think was just from Tesco.

I can't wait for summer so I can show them off more! Malice has been releasing new designs recently that I just cannot wait to get, my wishlist at the moment includes....

The Fury Harness

The Venom Harness

I've worked with Malice as a photographer too, so here is some of my work with them! Model is the amazing Alivya V Free (who will get her own blogpost soon), wearing various harnesses styled in different ways. She did all her own hair and makeup and provided the other clothes.

I would totally recommend Malice, their owner is nothing but wonderful to deal with. My bust size falls out of their usual S-L sizing, so she custom made me one at no extra cost after a simply email with my bra size! :D Such great customer service.

Kitty xxxxxx