Having big feet.

Friday 4 April 2014

I have size UK10 feet. That's a US12. A European 44 I think. It's hard having big feet, not many places want to cater to us, because it's rare. You can get 9's everywhere these days, you couldn't when I was a 9, so I just dream of the future!

So, to add to my problem, I also don't wear leather. I've been vegetarian since I was about 13, while I do eat some animal by products, ie cheese/milk, I don't wear leather, ever. So.... where on earth do I buy shoes?

The answer - very few places, mostly the internet.

My saviour, is Demonia. I just adore big stompy boots and creepers. I like contrasting girly dresses with chunky shoes, I think it looks adorable! A lot of Demonia's shoes are non-leather, all PU, which is awesome to see, and they go up to sizes that bit bigger than the average brand. 

and probably the second time I wore them the bar that holds the chains onto the knuckle duster broke. My Mum had bought them for me for Christmas and was gutted, she emailed them asking for a replacement chain. They got back in touch incredibly quickly and they promised a replacement. Much to my shock, they sent a whole new pair of boots! So I safety pinned the original pair back together, it added to the look if anything, and wore them for a full year before I wore them out. I'm actually giving them to a male friend of mine who wanted them so badly, as he doesn't mind the tiny hole I wore in them. So I just started wearing the replacement pair! They don't need wearing in because they are PU so don't need wearing in. I have a high instep and chunky legs, I wear the chains through one less loop to accommodate my ankles, and don't wear the boots lace all the way up, I leave 4 empty eyelets for my calves. I prefer how boots look slightly undone so it works well for me. Here's how they look on me.

I also own these creepers - 

Now for me, I think this photo is totally misleading. The UV sections on the shoes appear pink, they description says red, they are actually bright orange. Doesn't make me love them any less, but I think it's important to know, if I had been buying them to match an outfit I'd have been upset. The UV totally work, I've worn them to my local rock pub which has an area for UV beer pong and they look amazing. I wish I had a picture to share but I don't. Again, these are all PU, not all their creepers are so do check if that is important to you!

Evans also sell up to a 10. Not all styles, but some of them. They used to do more styles but chose to carry less 10's which is gutting. I am not a big fan of a lot of the styles they sell, ballet pumps and what I call 'office' shoes aren't my thing. However, these are what I am currently lusting after! I can't share a photo due to Evan's rollover images, but they are chunky wedge heels with PU faux leather straps. Available in tan and black, I am all about the black, they appeal to my inner goth! I've ordered from Evans, delivery is quick, and I've also returned shoes to them with no problem at all at a store.

(seriously, Black Sabbath Converses, awesome!)

I also have shoes from Doc Marten and Converse. Most of their styles are unisex so you can get them in much bigger than a 10. On the US Converse website you can even make your own custom pair, exciting! Doc Marten are slowly increasing their Vegan range, however I find the more stereotypically 'feminine' colours are not available in bigger than a 9, such as the purple and pink, which is of course what I am lusting after!

If you have more suggestions, please let me know! Ebay is the other place I hunt.

Kitty xxxxxx