Tuesday 1 April 2014

So for my first clothing post, I thought I'd talk about a brand I love, Malice. I currently own 2 harnesses from Malice, and cannot wait to be able to buy more!

The first one I bought was the Pentagram Harness. I absolutely LOVE this harness. I always get comments on it when I go out. It's also Malice's most ripped off design. I've seen it pop up all over the place lately, go for the original! The harness is all one complete piece, no clipping any parts together, it is all elastic, and arrange so you put it over your head and there it is! Now, it can be a little complicated, I tend to get my fella Stu to help me so I can ensure that I'm putting it on right. I also keep it hung up correctly arranged in my wardrobe on a coat hanger to make it easier. I would definitely recommend that! I tend to wear this underneath vest tops in the summer, but be careful with the tanlines!

I also have the Cage Harness. Less complicated, but I think more versatile than the Pentagram harness.

Hear, as with the Pentagram harness, I'm simply wearing it under a vest top.

Here I'm wearing it over one of my favourites dress from ASOS Curve, you can get it here, it's reduced to £15 at the moment, bargain, and with a necklace from the Gemstone collection by Sugar & Vice, and with my trusty Vegan Doc Martens.

And here it is underneath an ASOS denim look shirt dress that is no longer available, over a basic vest top that I think was just from Tesco.

I can't wait for summer so I can show them off more! Malice has been releasing new designs recently that I just cannot wait to get, my wishlist at the moment includes....

The Fury Harness

The Venom Harness

I've worked with Malice as a photographer too, so here is some of my work with them! Model is the amazing Alivya V Free (who will get her own blogpost soon), wearing various harnesses styled in different ways. She did all her own hair and makeup and provided the other clothes.

I would totally recommend Malice, their owner is nothing but wonderful to deal with. My bust size falls out of their usual S-L sizing, so she custom made me one at no extra cost after a simply email with my bra size! :D Such great customer service.

Kitty xxxxxx