The Dress

Sunday 20 April 2014

A couple of years ago my parents had a huge party for their 25th wedding anniversary and my little brother's 21st. It was a formal affair, and I needed something to wear. As a bigger girl, there was one option for me, design something and have it made!

I love lace, so so much. It was always going to feature in the dress. Well, actually, I call it a dress, it was a skirt with a top. I have had a couple of things made for me now, and always get them made as seperates, that way it gives more options for rewearing them!

The wonderful lady who made my dress is Angela Jones. She has made several things for me so was the obvious choice for this. It came out perfect!

I went for a sweetheart neck, I'm not a busty girl, so anything to emphasise what little I have, and also allow me to wear a bra. I had a little lace jacket made too as I can be self conscious about my upper arms. It was boned, to try and show off my waist which I have always liked. My necklace is from the Disney Couture range, an Alice in Wonderland inspired piece. I shall have to dig it out, I've moved a few times in the last few years and a lot of my jewellery is still in boxes.

Sadly I only have mirror selfies of this outfit. My ex featured in the other photos, eugh! It was a dark green silk with black lace overlay. It really flattered me! The skirt was a full skirt, but rather than a rounded bottom, it actually hung in sections, like a pixie skirt, the silk and lace hanging in peaks. It really finished the outfit off nicely. I felt really good in it, but have only worn it once since to a work related ball, which I don't have any photos from either, I am rubbish! You'll notice I'm wearing a lot of rings... still do! It's an addiction. I hate how bare my hands look without them.

I totally recommend getting things made if you are a different size to the average for a better fit. At 5ft 11 most things do not fit on my waist as they sit too high, and knee length is never knee length! This way an outfit is just right, and I always felt better in something right than trying to make something fit which never would.

Kitty xxxx