My Boyfriend's Birthday

Monday 28 April 2014

I kind of love getting dressed up. Any excuse to pair a cute dress with stompy boots is my favourite! So for Stu's birthday in April, it had to be something cute!

Not the best photo I know, but the best I could do taking it of myself. This new dress is one of my favourites and I can't stop wearing it! I was a bit unsure what it would look like, it is from ASOS and is called the ASOS CURVE Smock Dress in Spot Print. Being called a smock dress, I was concerned it would look like a maternity dress on me, but I love the fit! It is fitted to just below the bust, then fuller from there, with white with black spots, then the reverse on the bottom, totally different and I love it! It has little sleeves too, so if like me you are selfconscious about your upper arms it covers them nicely. It is reduced to £15 now too, bargain!

And of course with my cute dress, comes the big stompy boots. I live in these, so expect them to feature alot! I broke one of the chains on them the other week and have safety pinned them back together, which I think just adds to the look (I talk about this in an earlier blog). These are the Demonia Disorder 301 Black Matte Lace Up Chain high calf boots and I adore them, all man made and so comfy. I'm also wearing my trusty leggings, I'm terrible for living in them, I'm not a fan of my elgs so live in leggings.

In my ears I am wearing my usual silver hoops, along with these gorgeous custom plugs from Little Doe. These are really comfortable, these are backed with stainless steel screw on tunnels. I don't wear acrylic in my ears, it's bad for stretched ears! I'm at 8mm and staying there, have been there for years. You can request Little Doe make any of her designs on plugs in metal or acrylic, regular earrings or even clip ons! There are the Key to my Heart Plugs/Earrings in custom purple.

And for a total statement piece of jewellery, my precious XL Gemstone Necklace from Sugar & Vice. I adore this necklace. The heart in the middle is radiant acrylic and picks up different colours when it reflects. It is so well made, and surprisingly light too, I wear it for work all day quite comfortably!

Sadly I didn't get a photo of the full outfit, but here is a snap of me and Stu, and a selfie. My makeup is by Sugarpill who will get their own blog at some point too. My hair is naturally curly, all the colours in it are by Directions.

I was really happy with this outfit and see myself wearing this exact one a few times more!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx