A work outfit

Monday 7 April 2014

My work outfits are probably not like most people's. I work for my family, so within reason, I mostly wear what I want. Of course I'm not going to wear really low cut tops or super short skirts, or anything offensive, but that's not really me anyway! So, this is a recent outfit, with a couple of my favourite pieces to wear.

First off, I should probably explain the shoes. Batman hi-tops I got from Sports Direct last year, I bought some for my boyfriend too. His are a size smaller, so depressing! They aren't my sort of thing at all, but for someone reason I had to buy them. I haven't worn them at all until recently. I take Ashen (the dog) to work everyday, and walk him home as much as possible, it's about 5.8km, so a good long walk with us both. Sadly it didn't work out today, I had two of the sort of strokes I suffer from and ended up being driven home as they take a good while to recover from.

These are a new favourite. Awesome Batty Eye Ball Slides in black from Kreepsville 666. I love these, I just love creepy cute! They have sooo much I drool over. I really struggle to wear hair decoration due to the constant headpain, but I can usually tolerate these for a few hours. I bought these for an exam for my hairdressing course, I will try to remember to take photos and share them!

These are another favourite. Gorgeous black glass 8mm spirals from Gorilla Glass. I bought them from Body Art Forms as Gorilla Glass only do wholesale. Body Art Forms are a US based site, and I did have to pay customs charges on it, but they have great offers. Depending on how much you spend you can get everything from free O-rings, to free body jewellery or money off your order. These may look heavy, but I find them incredibly comfortable! I can easily wear them the whole day.

Now, this is a company you are going to see featured a lot on my blog as I am a huge fan of them, Sugar & Vice. This bat is a gorgeous matte black, it was one of my first pieces from them, it hasn't marked, scratched, or tarnished at all, and I think it is a great size. As a bigger girl I do sometimes find I have to add a necklace extender to make sure a piece lays right, this is just perfect! You can get it for £12.

As for the rest of the outfit, I did a crappy job of photos as I am currently taking them of myself with my iPhone, which is tricky! The denim shirt dress is one I love from ASOS. It has a really cute cut out in the back that I cannot wait to wear in summer. Currently it isn't available from their site. I'm wearing it with a purple vest top from Tesco last year for about £2, keep an eye out for their in store summer sales! I wear the dress with a vest top underneath because bizarrely, it is a little tight over my chest, which is on the small side for bigger gal! One of the things I love about ASOS, is that they list the model's dress size and height, giving me a good idea on how long something will be on me. I prefer knee length or longer, so I always check that info, if a model is 5ft 8 and it is above the knee, I won't be comfortable in it.
I'm also wearing an eyelash cardigan from New Look's Inspire range. They currently only have it listed in teal on the New Look site, which is super cute too, and on sale for £12! However, it IS available on ASOS for only £8 in the black, bargain! I am considering getting another one as this one is looking a little worn, I've worn it almost constantly for the last year.

My hair, by the way, is a mixture of colours. The pink is Directions Cerise, the blue is Directions Turquoise, and the purple is by a new brand Adore. The is the first time I've tried Adore, so I'll be sure to review it soon. The turquoise lasts aaages!

Kitty xxxx