Cacti - An Addiction

Friday 25 April 2014

So I have to admit.... I have a problem. I have an addiction. To cacti, and succulents. Since we got our own house last year I've been determined to fill it with plants. Only thing is, I'm not great at keeping plants alive. So, I decided I'd get a couple of cacti when I saw some cute ones on a trip to Asda, the three in the header. A year on, they are still alive and well, and I've been adding to the collection ever since!

This is a Christmas cactus Stu bought me :) I'd rather have a cactus than flowers any day of the week! I can keep it, and it's so cute. Flowers are dead in a week, months on I still have this cactus and everytime I look at it I smile and remember Stu got me it.

These are some closeups shot with my olloclip on my iphone that I have in my kitchen. They have flourished in the spot they are in, and are now flowering :D I've never seen a cactus flower before, so exciting!

These I got a couple of weeks ago, I have no idea what the one on the right is, I was just intrigued! If anyone knows please do tell me, the sticker on the pot says aloe, but I don't think that is what aloe looks like.

Some more I got in the last few weeks (my hairdressing school is right by a Wilko and I cannot help but grab a couple when I pop in on my lunch!). I liked the little chunky one, he is just adorable, and the little spikey twins.

And my most recent addition, this adorable ceramic pot with 3 cacti in it. We went to buy Stu's sons Venus Fly Traps today for their bedroom, they have been so intrigued by them and their bedroom appears to be an ideal habitat for them, and I spotted these cuties. I mentioned that we would have to go back when I had some pennies, and Stu decided to surprise me with them while I grabbed some ceramic pots for my other cacti. He is a cutie :) The boys decided we had to name our new plants, so their fly traps are Finn & Jake, and mine are Princess Bubblegum (one looks like it is wearing a crown), Marceline (the spikey one), and Lumpy Space Princess, the little chunky one! Perfect :)

I just think cacti and succulents are totally cute, and I can't help but get them! I've run out of room on my kitchen window sill now, so more will be living in our bedroom :D always room for more!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx