Little Miss Delicious

Tuesday 15 April 2014

I have known Maxine Ashleigh, the wonderful lady behind Little Miss Delicious, for a very long time. Before Little Miss Delicious even existed. It has been so awesome to see her start a company and watch it grow tremendously! LMD is all handmade, homebaked food based cuteness, from jewellery, to bags, mirrors and adorable hair bows. If you like pinup kitsch, LMD is SO the company for you.

My love of pizza and pizza themed goodies is relentless. Get the jewellery from the fast food section on LMD and the jumper here.

First off, the jumper. Oh my glob this might be the softest jumper I have ever worn, the inside is just lush! Even my cat Patches adore it, when I wear it she insists on snuggling me.

See? Patches seal of approval.

Now the jewellery. In the above picture I'm wearing the normal Pizza Necklace, the Valentine's Day Pizza Necklace, the Pizza Ring, and a custom all Pizza Charm Bracelet. I also have the Pizza wearings in but you can't see those. For me, the necklaces are a little short, so I wear a necklace extender with them, but I am a chunky monkey. I've owned these for a few years now, and the glaze is perfect, no marks or damage at all, Maxine really pours her heart into making sure her jewellery is the best she possibly can, and it really shows.

Now, my favourite time of year with LMD is Halloween. I just adore creepy cute and Maxine does it so well. How cute is that eyeball necklace? I've worn it to death and it is still perfect. I have a matching eyeball bracelet too, but I slammed my wrist in the car door and broke it :( so I will be aiming to get another this Halloween!

I also have this Zombie cardigan from the Halloween range, it's nice and light, so I like wearing it in spring and autumn. It's stayed really soft after a lot of washes (I'm a clumsy eater, what can I say!). The applique has also stayed perfectly too. This is not currently available.

And another Halloween goodie, the vampire cupcake, super cute! A twist on the regular cupcake necklaces that LMD carried, this has cute fangs and the red/black colours. This is only available at Halloween, but I am sure Maxine could be convinced to custom something similar at any time of year!

Maxine is a personal hero of mine. She suffers from a chronic illness and still manages to run her own business and kick ass full time. She is genuinely lovely, as is her company!

Kitty xxxxx