Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sugar & Vice II

Since I posted a blog all about Sugar & Vice with a lot of photos of my face (sorry about that) I thought I would also share some of the images I have shot for them as a company. I have been very lucky to work with them. 

Alivya in Ram Skull Necklace £12

Leonie Wearing Swimming Mermaid Necklace £20

Leonie wearing Heart Gemstone Necklace £11

Alivya in Black Cat Necklace £11 and Fly Ring in her mouth is no longer for sale

Alivya in Mermaid Vest £5 and Ram Skull Necklace £12

Alivya in Skull Bodycon Dress £12 and High Heel Necklace £8

BlackLotus in House Stark direwolf necklace £16
Seriously. I need this. Neeeeeeed this.

BlackLotus in Roller Skate necklace £13

BlackLotus in Eagle necklace (no longer available)

BlackLotus in Personalised Heart Banner Necklace £13

Twig in Inverted Cross Tank £8

Okidokiokami in Personalised Heart Banner Necklace £13

I hope I get the chance to work with Sugar & Vice again, seriously, how awesome?!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Oranges and Solar Systems

It was recently my Grandparent's 50th Wedding Anniversary and they had a small get together on the actual day, and a big party the day after. Totally a great excuse for cute new dresses! I didn't manage to get any photos of my outfit for the big party, it was ridiculously warm and I was late getting ready thanks to my hair taking me longer than I anticpated, but I did the day before!

First off, the most awkward full outfit photo ever. Thank you Stu for taking it, I have no idea how I managed to look so awkward, sorry! Orange is not a colour I would ever usually wear, but I am so glad I decided to give it a go! Especially with my new brown hair I think it works well for me.

ASOS Curve Skater Dress with Panel Detail reduced to £16

I actually bought this dress the day before it went on sale at £32 and was gutted when it was reduced in the sale. So I will totally admit I bought it again and sent the expensive one back! The colour is called 'tomato red' on the website but it is totally bright orange and lush. It's also available in black but I wanted to give the bright colour a go for summer.

Sugar & Vice Solar System Necklace £28
Bloody Mary Metal Triple Bones Ring from £45
Bloody Mary Metal mini crescent moon ring - no long available
Nail Varnish by Barry M Limited Edition colour Promenade (can't find it on their website)

I love this necklace just ridiculous amounts. Like seriously, how amazing?! It has glitter, mirrored acrylic, the detail is wonderful and I always get so many compliments on it. I thought the blues would work well with the orange and I was right! I'm also wearing my Bloody Mary Metal rings that I literally wear constantly. I've not taken any of them off since I got them. Love them so much. I don't wear any Nail Varnish but Barry M. It is just by far the most chip proof, and animal friendly too! I painted my nails on Friday and have been doing all sorts and they still look perfect.

I am not great at makeup. Like, at all. But I try to hide that by wearing bright fun colours! My eye makeup is always by Sugarpill. Nothing else that is animal friendly and mostly vegan lasts anything like them, or has the amazing colours they have. I used Velocity on my lower lids and Flamepoint on my upper. They last the whole day, even in the crazy heat we've been having. I'm also wearing the new Barry M Cor Balmy! £3.49 in cb5 and Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara £6.49. The lip balm is so lush! It really moisturises and adds a good layer of colour, I love it, especially for summer as I think a lippy can feel a bit heavy in summer.

My shoes are brand new, I've been eyeing them up for a while and they finally went on sale so I had to get them. They are Evans Megan Black Strappy Mule Wedge and my leggings are New Look Inspire Tie Dye Printed Leggings from ASOS. They are soooo soft. Both of these are on sale at the moment!

I am so pleased I chose to dye my hair darker. It looks thicker and healthier, and I think it really shows my eyes off well. I'm hoping my root regrowth will barely be noticeable now.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Watermelon Obsession

Lately, I am totally addicted to watermelon print. It is so cute and colourful, I want watermelon everything! I think it's the contrast of colours, watermelons are so bright and fun, and tasty!

The only thing I have right now that is watermelon is the adorable vest top. It's from New Look but is no longer available on their website, however ASOS do have it! New Look Inspire Watermelon Print Vest £8.99. My local New Look did have it in stock when I last popped in so you may get lucky.

ASOS Curve Bikini Pant in Watermelon Print £16

ASOS Curve 50's Halter Bikini Top in Watermelon Print £18

How ridiculously cute is this bikini? Totally perfect for a summer holiday, or even for just lounging in the garden. I'm a sucker for visible bra straps (classy, I know!) and am really tempted to get this bikini top to wear as a bra just so the print can be visible.

Green Watermelon Fruit Clutch from New Look £9.99

I just love this! I'm not much of one for clutch bags, I tend to find I forget I'm holding them and drop them, but this one has the cute wrist strap so might actually work for me. It zips up at the top rather than a popper so is nice and secure for keeping all your essentials safe.

Tasty Watermelon Necklace £22 by Little Miss Delicious

I literally squealed with delight when I saw this go on the LMD website. So cute, so colourful, and I love that happy little face. Perfect summer cuteness.

Watermelon Stripes iPhone Case £13 by Memeskins

I have a really cute Lumpy Space Princess iPhone case but it just started to crack....I think a watermelon case might have to be my replacement!

Watermelon Fruit Tie Dye/Dip Dye Cotton Tote Bag £10 by HannahDaviesTextiles

I love a good tote bag. Handy for shopping or for school, and so reasonably priced. This would be perfect for the beach.

Watermelon Necklace £20.37 by ILoveCrafty

There is so much adorable laser cut goodness in this shop. I love the cute bite marks, and that the watermelon skin is a separate piece, I think it adds really nice movement.

Modcloth Picnic Person Dress $54.99

I LOVE the subtle hint of watermelon in this dress. Most watermelon prints are very obvious, this is just that bit classier because it is a small slice of it ;) It's available in everything from an XS to a 4X.

Snifty Watermelon Scented Pen £2.95

Yeah. I think I need this for the office. I never have cute pens, and this is the cutest!

Mini Watermelon Bowl £14.38 by Vegetabowls

This store sells everything from these mini bowls up to giant serving bowls in watermelon print. I want them all! They are so kitschy and unusual.

There is SO much watermelon cuteness out there right now, though sadly plus size clothing does seem to be lacking in options so much. If you know of more, tell me, I want a watermelon skirt!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Monday, 21 July 2014

Palm Tree Pretties

I love a good maxi dress in the summer, who doesn't really? They are comfy and can be great for smart casual events as they are easily dressed up, or just for dossing about in! I wore it to go see Hi-On Maiden, the official Iron Maiden tribute band at Yardbirds, as you do. Hi-On Maiden were totally amazing, the singer had Bruce's vocals nailed on, I would definitely recommend seeing them if you get the chance.

Stu and I popped into town the other day to get him some new shoes (I maybe ended up with some too) and a cheeky pop into New Look was a must. And boy was I so glad I did! I spotted this amazing palm tree maxi dress reduced to £10, and just had to have it! I had seen it listed on the website last week at £17.99, I ummed and aaahed and decided not to order it as I tend to be too tall for maxi dresses, but as it happened when I tried this on in store it was perfect. It has been removed from the website since I last had a look but it may be available in your store locally.

I mean seriously, how adorable is that print?!! I think it is now my favourite maxi dress. The handbag is my usual day to day one, I picked it up in TK Maxx on sale because one of the poppers on it was broken. I always get comments on it, it glows under UV light too! Now for the details.

Sugar & Vice Palm Tree Necklace £13

This necklace is also UV! So cute. I got this from another fan of Sugar & Vice who mentioned she was clearing out some of her collection so I grabbed a few bits, thank you! There are also matching earrings that are adorable, Sugar & Vice Palm Tree Earrings £14.

I'm wearing Sugarpill eyeshadow, both from the Heart Break Eye Palette, and Barry M Cor Balmy! in Currant Bun. I love this for the summer, lipstick can feel a little heavy duty in the heat but this is great.

I've been experimenting lately with trying to wear my hair pinned up. Because of my chronic headaches it is a real struggle to wear it up, bobbles are totally out, but I can get away with kirby grips for short lengths of time. I figured the club would be hot and full of people, I was right, and very glad I wore my hair up! I pinned it up in two messy buns with my very-long-not-really-a-fringe-anymore-fringe left out.

For a bonus, a soppy couple photo of us at Yardies. I do love that beardy face.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Hair Transformation!

So I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was considering going back to my natural hair colour, well.... I did! It took a couple of weeks so here is the process :)

I haven't dyed my hair in a good few months by this point, the blue had stained it. So the first step was to get the blue out! There were also some areas stained green and pink.... apparently my hair was pretty determined to cling to the last lot of colours I put on it. We started out by bleaching it to try and lift the last of the colour out of it. I had all dying done to my hair done in a hairdressers and I fully recommend you do the same should you want to do anything similar. Do not screw about with bleach at home!

This is how my hair was post bleaching. Mostly white blonde with a hint of mint. We didn't touch my roots as the aim was to go back to my natural colour and it gave us a good reference point. I spent the next week putting conditioning treatments on my hair and giving it a lot of TLC to ensure any damage done to it was minimal. These are the products I used.

Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask. I got this from the pound shop I think initially, thought it wouldn't be much good but oh my glob my hair loves it.

Andrew Barton SOS Leave in Conditioner. Asda often have the Andrew Barton range on sale so you can grab a bargain, it smells lush and leaves your hair feeling lovely.

Argan Oil Hair Treatment. I switch the brands of argan oil that I use all the time, so long as it is argan oil, or Moroccan oil, it should do the trick! I use it just in the ends of my hair as it can leave your roots oily.

So this is what my hair looked like this morning. Minty green but distinctly blonde in places, and as you can see, mega roots! The aim was to go to an ash blonde, but as my hair had green tinges, it needed some red adding to it to level it out.

This is the colour as it went on. We made sure to start with the ends and then did the roots afterwards so it would be an even colour.

And here is the end result....

It seems totally bizarre to see myself with a natural hair colour for at the moment, but my hair already feels better and looks thicker. I can't wait to style it properly! I've had a few comments about how it brings out my eyes which makes me happy :) So pleased with how evenly it came out. I expect some loss of colour to begin with as my hair is porous, so we plan on putting a quasi-permanent colour on it in a few weeks to keep it up.

Huge thanks to Kirsty, Kerry and Lorraine for my hair! I will be giving my hair plenty of conditioning treatments and oils to look after it and get it back to tip top shiny shape!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Sugar & Vice

Anyone who reads this blog may have noticed a familiar name pop up over and over again, that of Sugar & Vice. To say I am a fan is an understatement, I adore everything they do! I own a lot of their jewellery and dream of more!

Swimming Mermaid Necklace £20

Double Stacked Name Necklace starting from £13

XL Gemstone Necklace £36

Solar System Necklace £28

This is just a small selection of what I currently own. Every birthday and at Christmas I beg for more! Accessories are such an important part of my outfits, they can change something from just OK to amazing, and I love that Sugar & Vice are a 2 person independent company. They are so creative and truly lovely people to boot! Here is some of my current wislist - 

Melon or Orange Slice necklace £15

I am in love with watermelon print right now. It's so cute and summery!

The Supreme Necklace £17
I am a big fan of American Horror Story and I love the styling in Coven, I recently got some awesome long kimonos and totally need this to go with them!

There are soooo many gorgeous designs on their website and etsy. They also make earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, bags and apparel. So much awesomeness! They have made me totally custom designs that have been completely perfect and better than I could have even imagined, so much love for Sugar & Vice!

Much love
Kitty xxxxxxx

Bottoms photos are all copyright Sugar & Vice.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Hair Chronicles

I am considering going back to my natural hair colour. If you know me, that is totally a bizarre thing for me to say! Since I turned 16 my hair has literally been every colour, tending to stick with the unnatural ones. As time has gone on, unfortunately with my chronic head pain dying my hair is becoming more and more of an issue. It is hugely uncomfortable for me as it adds pressure and involves my scalp/head being touched. I had my hair cut last week and I spent the rest of the day in agony because of the sectioning clips.

So, my natural colour. I haven't seen it in a long time! My roots come through a dirty blonde, so I am swaying towards a dirty blonde, maybe with lighter ombre ends so it's a bit more interesting for me. Then, in theory, I should be able to grow my hair out with much less obvious roots than I get now. I'm currently mostly pinning new hair ideas to my pinterest so if you have it let me know!

I figured I'd do a blog of some of my favourite hair looks I've had in recent years!

Blue, with green and purple slices



Brown with grey ombre

Candy floss Pink

Different shades of pink on each side

Pink, with paler pink (also, how amazing is my Breakfast Club jumper?)

Pale pink (I look so weird with straightened hair)

Half pink, half purple, from that time I got to meet Patrick Stewart

Blue with green, purple, orange and yellow slices

Reeeally long roots with purple

Pale pink on top with a blue section underneath

Pink on one side, purple on the other, blue underneath

Purple one side on top, turquoise everywhere else (my most recent)

Long roots with green, photo by BlackLotus Photography

The only problem I have now really is that the turquoise stained my hair! So I'm hoping to be able to have a colour correction at school for one of the girls who needs it for an assessment (I go to hairdressing school) and then be able to take it from there!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx