Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sugar & Vice II

Since I posted a blog all about Sugar & Vice with a lot of photos of my face (sorry about that) I thought I would also share some of the images I have shot for them as a company. I have been very lucky to work with them. All photographs here are owned by myself, find more of my photography at my blog piratephotography on tumblr.

Alivya in Ram Skull Necklace £12

Leonie Wearing Swimming Mermaid Necklace £20

Leonie wearing Heart Gemstone Necklace £11

Alivya in Black Cat Necklace £11 and Fly Ring in her mouth is no longer for sale

Alivya in Mermaid Vest £5 and Ram Skull Necklace £12

Alivya in Skull Bodycon Dress £12 and High Heel Necklace £8

BlackLotus in House Stark direwolf necklace £16
Seriously. I need this. Neeeeeeed this.

BlackLotus in Roller Skate necklace £13

BlackLotus in Eagle necklace (no longer available)

BlackLotus in Personalised Heart Banner Necklace £13

Twig in Inverted Cross Tank £8

Okidokiokami in Personalised Heart Banner Necklace £13

I hope I get the chance to work with Sugar & Vice again, seriously, how awesome?!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

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