Sugar & Vice II

Thursday 31 July 2014

Since I posted a blog all about Sugar & Vice with a lot of photos of my face (sorry about that) I thought I would also share some of the images I have shot for them as a company. I have been very lucky to work with them. 

Alivya in Ram Skull Necklace £12

Leonie Wearing Swimming Mermaid Necklace £20

Leonie wearing Heart Gemstone Necklace £11

Alivya in Black Cat Necklace £11 and Fly Ring in her mouth is no longer for sale

Alivya in Mermaid Vest £5 and Ram Skull Necklace £12

Alivya in Skull Bodycon Dress £12 and High Heel Necklace £8

BlackLotus in House Stark direwolf necklace £16
Seriously. I need this. Neeeeeeed this.

BlackLotus in Roller Skate necklace £13

BlackLotus in Eagle necklace (no longer available)

BlackLotus in Personalised Heart Banner Necklace £13

Twig in Inverted Cross Tank £8

Okidokiokami in Personalised Heart Banner Necklace £13

I hope I get the chance to work with Sugar & Vice again, seriously, how awesome?!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx