Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Sunglasses Shop Win!

So about a week ago I was posting about my win in the Plus Equals instagram competition, and my lucky streak continues! Today I'm sharing my recent win of a blog competition ran by Nerd About Town and The Sunglasses Shop. Nerd About Town is one of my absolute favourite blogs, so if you don't follow Steph on her blog and social media, you need to correct that ASAP!

My prize? A pair of Ray-Ban wayfarers! I've never owned a proper 'designer' pair of sunglasses, so I was really excited. I got to pick the chunkiness of the frames, and opted for the thickest they have. I'm a tall person, so bigger sunglasses generally work better for my face.

They came in a cardboard Ray-Bans case, and inside was an official case, lens cleaner and the sunglasses themselves, all beautifully packaged and sent direct from The Sunglasses Shop.

They are made of a really thick, heavy plastic, really making them feel expensive. Compared to other plastic frames I've owned, these weigh a ton! The Ray-Ban branding is on the arms, and in two spots on the front of the frames.

Can you see the subtle RB? It's barely noticeable, but definitely there. I'd never seen a real pair of Ray-Bans in the flesh, but I guess this is one of the ways you spot a legit pair.

From my googling, the case seems to be faux leather but I can't be entirely sure. If it is leather, I wouldn't use it and would give it to Stu. However, he has other plans....

Mostly in the way of stealing the sunglasses themselves! He's a bit of a sunglasses collector and as soon as I told him I'd won these he wanted them. They aren't the best fit for me, because they are so weighty it'll irritate my chronic headaches. They fit Stu far better than they fit me. I used to work in optics, and I wouldn't have bought these for myself because when I smile my cheeks touch the bottom of the frames. This shouldn't happen in sunglasses that fit you well.

These are lush, and have most certainly been thoroughly claimed! I've been so lucky lately with winning prizes, but you've got to enter to win!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

A Cloudy OOTD : Plus Equals Win!

Sunday, 28 August 2016

A Cloudy OOTD

I've written before about my love of CowCow, they make really cute stretch dresses in fantastic and ridiculous prints. I've got 3 now, the one in this post, a tiger print dress, and a dinosaur print. This dress is the first true skater style dress I've gotten from them and it's definitely my favourite.

How cute is that pink cloud print? They aren't a flat colour and instead have a variety of shades of pink and purple to give them depth. It's so damn adorable and has quickly become a wardrobe favourite for me. I love the length of this dress, above the knee, but not so short I really worry about flashing my butt. For reference, I'm 5ft 11. I sized up in this dress, which is available in up to a 5XL as the others are so short, and I really didn't need to, it's a tad too big on the bust but it'll do me just fine.

I paired it with some old Evans sandals, and a New Look denim jacket I've cut the sleeves off and started to cover in pins. I have a denim jacket I've modified that does have the sleeves, but for those slightly warmer days this is ideal. I feel very rock and roll in it, which is always my aesthetic!

When buying from CowCow, the key things to bare in mind is that while all the dresses describe themselves as skater dresses, they aren't. If you want the style that flares out at the waist like I'm wearing, you need to pick the style shown on their website with the model holding the skirt section of the dress straight out from their waist at 90 degrees, not at 45 degrees. I prefer this style to the other style I have as it's longer on me.

I definitely plan on buying like, all the ridiculous and fun prints I can. I wished for years I could find a plus size stores that sold these sort of dresses and now I've found one I need to collect them all.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Plus Equals Win : Swimsuit Impossible

Thursday, 25 August 2016

A Morris-Wood Wedding : Alivya V Free

When one of your best friends is as ridiculously talented as Alivya V Free is, you have to make full use of her talents. She is an incredibly talented makeup artists, you can find her website here http://www.livfreemakeup.co.uk/ and she also makes the most incredible hair accessories under the name Liv Free Creations. I had several requests of Liv, I wanted her to do my hair and makeup for the wedding, to make me an incredible flower crown and veil... and to also be my bridesmaid! She had a huge amount to do on the day, and could not have been more help!

My flower crown was a mixture of purple flowers, along with some fake succulents to tie them in with the real flowers in the wedding. It was everything I could have dreamed of! I gave Liv free reign because I trust her implicitly, and I was so in love with the results. I wore it all day long, and as someone with chronic headaches and migraines, that says it all about how comfy it was.

We opted for purple tones in the makeup to tie in with the colours of the wedding. I'm also really partial as to how purples make my green eyes look. I wore my hair in a half up sort of style with long tendril curls, and extensions I dyed myself to thicken my hair out and add a bit more length. I wanted to be a mermaid!

Liv also did hair and makeup for herself, and Roswell Ivory, and my Mum's, so she had a really busy morning! She was a total pro and was so relaxed the whole time. Everyone was ready and perfect well in time for the ceremony.

My veil was made of soft tulle, that was also in my underskirt. Liv put silver glitter throughout so it sparkled gently, and it sat in my hair on a comb. Save for my standing on it, it did not budge! It looked so amazing draped down the back of my dress.

I didn't want a traditional veil that covered my face, whereas my Mum really wanted me to have one, but Liv made it so that I had the option of either so I could change my mind on the day even! 

My makeup did not budge throughout the day, and it was so warm. A touch up on lipstick was all that was needed. Liv made sure I had a little pot of the same colour in my handbag so I could touch it up whenever I needed it. My skin was absolutely flawless, which is really, really isn't!

Alivya was a total dream. To be able to book one of my best friends to be such a big part of my day, as well as be my bridesmaid, was such a pleasure. She made the whole day run smoothly, from doing all the things I'd booked her to do, to also lacing my corset, helping tie my shoe ribbons, and generally being a total star! Whenever someone needed help, Liv was there, going above and beyond. I cannot recommend her enough to be part of your wedding day. Liv is prepared to travel, so book her!

When we got our photos back, every pair of helping hands in every photo was Liv's. She did so much for us that we never even realised, I can't tell you how much I adore her.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

I need your votes!

You guys know I'm a huge fan of Cowcow, and recently they asked for people to submit to be brand ambassadors and reps for them. I've been selected as one of the final 10, but I need your votes to be one of the 3 picked!

If you've got Facebook, all you need to do is visit this link https://www.facebook.com/Cowcow/photos/a.1243546502342905.1073741829.448752898488940/1243546652342890/?type=3&theater to my photo, and click like. You have until the 26th August to do it!

This is the photo you're looking for. The gorgeous Leah of LoveLeah is also in the running, so be sure to give her a like too!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

ps. my full post on this outfit will be coming ASAP!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Plus Equals Win!

Recently I was immensely lucky, and I won a £100 Plus Equals voucher via an instagram competition they ran! I was so excited, and I also immediately knew what I was going to spend that voucher on.

This magnificent faux leather jacket. I'd seen it before and fell in love, but just couldn't justify buying a third faux leather jacket, even if it is totally different to the others I own. This jacket retailed for £100, my voucher was for £100, it was meant to be.

Plus Equals sell up to a size 26 and are a vintage shop that specialises in plus size. I don't think I've ever seen another store offering vintage plus sizes, and especially not such unique upcycled and reclaimed pieces.

This jacket features a white panel along the inside of the collar and it fastens over to the left side rather than in the centre. The white sections have black ink splatters, and the rest of the jacket has predominantly white splatters, with some red. It also features rose gold hardware, which is a trend I am really late to get into and am now totally sold on.

Probably the coolest thing about this jacket is that the sleeves zip completely off, making it into a waistcoat. It makes the jacket so much more versatile, perfect for when the days start turning to autumn. I love a sleeveless cover up, I actually just cut the sleeves off a denim jacket I'm modifying because I love the style so much.

This jacket is all kinds of punk rock cool, and I am so happy I could add it to my wardrobe. Plus Equals have so many unique and unusual pieces, if you want a really stand out piece definitely check them out. All their pieces are one offs, so you know you aren't going to bump into anyone else rocking the same thing!

This is absolutely one of the coolest things I own, so thank you Plus Equals! 

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

PS. My sunglasses are by Quay Australia and I got them on ASOS. They are sold out, but they tend to release this style in other colours each season.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Radioactive Unicorn Haul

I love bright make up and unusual nail varnish, and Radioactive Unicorn are the absolute leaders in the nail varnish of my dreams. I've blogged several times about my love of their products, and this is yet another blog about how much I adore them! I placed two orders recently, one that arrived no problem, and one that went missing in the post. Radioactive Unicorn were fantastic and dispatched another order to me recorded to replace the missing order, no problems. I have to mention this because their customer service was great, and nothing was too much trouble. They were apologetic, and immediately set out to replace my order.

I ordered the Ru Paul's Drag Race inspired collection (which is now sold out), along with their new top coat, and 'Stay wild moon child'. I've photographed all the bottles individually to show off all the textures and colours in each. To get the true colour to show in the photos I have slightly edited the photos, which is why the colours of the succulents I've photographed them on vary slightly. This has been done to show the truest colour I possibly can.

'Stay wild moon child' is a really versatile varnish. It is a multifacted white base that has the pastel rainbow hidden inside of it. It is slightly sheer even when layered, but a white base coat would prevent that. It also works beautifully as a top coat for something completely different! You could use this to add a shimmer to any plain nail varnish.

The new clear top coat is one I was desperate to try out. To really get the most out of these nail varnishes a good glossy top coat is a must, so I was really excited that they released their own.

'Kim-Chi that walk', I'm behind on drag race so I haven't seen much of Kim-Chi save for what I've seen on instagram! This is a very pale pastel toned glitter, with purple, pink and white tones.

'Supermodel of the world', inspired by Mama Ru herself. This is a super bright mixture of pink and yellow, it's almost coral toned. I usually find I need 3 layers to get a really solid finish with any Radioactive Unicorn varnish.

'Not today satan, not today' inspired by Bianca Del Rio. This was the hardest to capture a true representation of. It's a clear polish with a mixture of different size glitters in black, pinks and holographic tones. It's amazing! This could be layered up thickly to make a solid colour, or used as a top coat.

'Beautiful, spooky and stupid', inspired by Sharon Needles, was always going to be a stand out for me. It's an amazing Halloweeny varnish full of silver mirrored crescent moons, and orange and black glitters in different sizes. This is absolutely my nail polish for Halloween!

And finally, 'Your makeup is terrible', inspired by Alaska Thunderfuck. Silver and white glitters in a clear base, this would make a stunning top coat over a solid base coat too.

One thing I will recommend with these varnishes is not to use a base coat with them, I find the glitters tend to lift up and peel off in a solid section.

I am absolutely obsessed with my Radioactive Unicorn collection, and can't wait to see what else they release!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Thursday, 18 August 2016

A Morris-Wood Wedding : WedFest

One of the key themes of our wedding, right from the invites to the day itself, was music. It's a huge part of our lives and helped bring us together, so it was important for our music and day to reflect us. When we first began planning our wedding the invites were the first thing we looked at, and they set the tone for the whole day. It's the first part of your day that your guests get to see, and it hints at colours and themes and even how formal the day would be. 

When we discovered WedFest, we knew we were onto a winner. They offer festival style invites, stationary, wristbands and so much more, all designed for weddings, or any other event you could imagine. 

We knew we were having purple as our main colour theme, so it was an easy choice for our invites. We both prefer silver as a metal so knew that would feature too. We had a good look through WedFest's previous work and loved the flame and heavy metal styles. They have a huge variety of different styles so have a good look! The attention to detail on the invites was fab, Stu had his name written in the Metallica font (his favourite band) and the invite was like a gig ticket. You tore off the stub to send back to us with your RSVP. The barcode on it was my favourite part, with our names and the date of the wedding on it.

The advantage of using WedFest for our invites, was that we were able to carry the artwork on the invites into the stationary on the actual day. We commissioned our table plan and the table name stickers to use the same artwork style and fonts. We love the table plan so much we plan to put it up in the house somewhere!

It's a really thick material that means it stands up independently, so all we needed to do was pop it on an easel and it stood up no problem. We called our day WedStock because it sounds a bit more 'metal' than Fest.

We carried on the music and festival theme and named each table after one of our favourite bands. We picked some together, and a couple each, trying to keep them appropriate for the people on each table. For example, Stu's daughter Robyn was really into Machine Head as a kid, so her table was the Machine Head table. 

All the detail in the artwork was so cool, the different shades and tones, the swirls, it has so much attention to detail.

We decided we wanted to use records as centre pieces and to share the table names, so bought a bunch of 7 inch vinyl off ebay cheap, and after checking we hadn't accidentally bought a real bargain, we ordered stickers for the vinyls from WedFest too.

Some of the bands and artists we picked were easy choices, Prince and Motorhead had to be part of our day after losing Lemmy and Prince this year. True artists we both admire. Others were less easy!

We picked out the Rolling Stones for my Grandparent's, because my Grandad has a tendancy to sing Ruby Tuesday whenever he is in a good mood!

Metallica, Stu's favourite band, is where we sat our bridesmaids and groomsmen, we also had the Black Sabbath table for my Welsh family as we have several secret metal heads who are Sabbath fans. 

We know Evil Scarecrow personally, so couldn't resist naming a table after them! Several of our friends are also Scarecrow fans so they sat at that table.

Some of our best friends sat at the Disturbed table... a cheeky play on words as well as a band Stu loves! 

Skid Row are my favourite band, and the band that brought us together.  When we met I had no idea who they were, but when Stu invited me to see a Skid Row tribute if I was into them, I said yes and lied... oops. I went home and googled them and thankfully they turned out to be hair metal magic and I adore them. I fessed up two years later!

The top table was the Main Stage, we couldn't pick a band for us so decided we were the headliners instead. The stickers were incredibly easy to apply, which was a real relief! You can buy them pre-made on the records, but I hadn't realised that at the time.

WedFest were fantastic to deal with, and provided such gorgeous stationary, I can't recommend them enough!

All photography by ClickClickBang, save for that first phone photo by me!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Swimsuit Impossible

When we started getting bits and pieces together for our honeymoon I didn't anticipate what a problem swimming costumes would be! I knew I wanted one piece suits, I like to swim and dive about so I tend to think they are a bit more suitable for activities, but other than that, I had no preferences.

I tried on so many swimming costumes before I actually found one that fit. Anything with built in padding was gapey and too big on the bust, half of them were way too short in the body and I was at risk of a severe nip slip, or they were just baggy on my bust generally! I think I tried on about 20 different pieces before I found one that worked for me. I tried Bon Marche and Yours Clothing, as I could try them on in store, and had no luck at all. The Bon Marche styles were all far too short to be at all suitable for swimming or moving around in, and the Yours Clothing ones were all enormous on the bust so were indecent again, as my boobs were just out!

Swimming costumes being too short seems to be a running theme in the plus size world. I'm 5ft 11, so I expect things to be shorter on me, but some of the pieces I tried on didn't even attempt to cover my boobs, or were so short I couldn't get the straps over my shoulders, and sizing up did not help!

The one I ended up with was a swim dress from ASOS, and I ended up buying it in every colour! My favourite, the white with tropical print isn't listed on the website anymore, but the black and red are. I also got it in red that had 'nude' mesh sections in a light tan colour that matched absolutely no one's skin colour. I hate the word nude as a descriptor of colour, but that's a whole other blog post.

I should have taken some proper photos of them, but I was all distracted with you know, the whole honeymooning thing! My white cover up was also from ASOS and got so many compliments, I thought it was on the expensive side at over £20 but I was desperate for something plain that also covered my arms. I'm not one for tanning, so  something that was lightweight, but provided a lot of cover was a must. I took another cover up with me but I pretty much wore this one everyday!

I wore the black swim dress on a trip we did with my favourite Navabi skirt* over the top of it because pockets! I wore the black colour the least, because it was 46 degrees a lot of the time we were in Turkey, and even I don't want to wear black in that heat.

All 4 swim dresses, whilst seemingly the same style, fit slightly different in the bust. They had different levels of padding, from a bit too big for me, to none at all, which was unexpected to say the least! So even if you think you are ordering all the same style, make sure you try them on before you actually head out on your holiday just in case.

The 4 swim dresses I got will probably have me covered for the next few years, but I am always interested to hear where you get your swimwear from. Especially if you are tall and not-so-busty like me! I love the idea of some of the really funky strappy ones, but 1) tan lines? and 2) the price is just...wow.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*denotes items that were gifted for review purposes, in no way does this impact upon my opinions which are entirely my own.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Dreaming of Society+

At this point, you guys know how I feel about independent brands. I think it is absolutely key to support them, and that we should praise any indy brand that is selling a wide variety of plus sizes in styles we actually want. One at the top of my wishlist is US brand Society+, so I wanted to share some of my favourites from their store for you to ogle too!

Society+ work with plus size bloggers such as my personal fave Corissa of Fat Girl Flow to create capsule collections, and have such a diverse range of models. Seeing clothes for plus size bodies, on actual plus size women, and a diverse mix of them at that, is so important. Seeing an indy brand do that deserves celebrating, if they can do it, why can't all the big guys?

Cotton Candy Twirl Skirt

Just look at this adorableness! That thick waistband is a brilliant touch, so often waistbands fold over or roll up, but this is sure to stay in place. This looks like it would fall beautifully and really swish as you walk. A maxi skirt is great in summer, and you could glam this up for a night out too with very little effort.

Solid Skater Dress in Red

A classic skater dress is a real wardrobe essential for me, but you guys, this one has pockets!! Pockets!! A dress with pockets is just everything. More dresses and skirts should have pockets. Pockets make me happy.

Jessica Kane Silver Skirt

I am absolutely in love with this skirt. I'm a gal that is all about silver, and the pleats on this make it such a cute and different look. You could use this in a really girly summer look, or rock it up with a pleather jacket and combat boots. They also offer a version of this with a gold panel which just screams Christmas.

Sheer Sleeve Crop Top

Mesh is a huge trend with autumn/winter, and this crop top is so damn cool! Mesh instantly makes me feel like a rock star. I love how they've styled this with the tutu as well. Contrasting girly pieces with something edgier is right up my street.

Society+ Cape

A cape blazer is instant chic, especially in black, and especially with the pleather effect. This is going to make every dress ten times as sassy! I think this would be a real stand out piece in your wardrobe, and besides, capes make me feel like a superhero!

Society+ Premium Tutu in Mermaid

Society+ are famous for their tutus, and with a name like mermaid how could I not share this minty goodness? Every girl needs a tutu! They offer a variety of lengths and colour in their tutus, so there is something for everyone.

Society+ are a US based brand, but they offer worldwide shipping so us UK folk can get in on the action too. I could spend an absolute fortune in their store, one day!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx