Swimsuit Impossible

Tuesday 16 August 2016

When we started getting bits and pieces together for our honeymoon I didn't anticipate what a problem swimming costumes would be! I knew I wanted one piece suits, I like to swim and dive about so I tend to think they are a bit more suitable for activities, but other than that, I had no preferences.

I tried on so many swimming costumes before I actually found one that fit. Anything with built in padding was gapey and too big on the bust, half of them were way too short in the body and I was at risk of a severe nip slip, or they were just baggy on my bust generally! I think I tried on about 20 different pieces before I found one that worked for me. I tried Bon Marche and Yours Clothing, as I could try them on in store, and had no luck at all. The Bon Marche styles were all far too short to be at all suitable for swimming or moving around in, and the Yours Clothing ones were all enormous on the bust so were indecent again, as my boobs were just out!

Swimming costumes being too short seems to be a running theme in the plus size world. I'm 5ft 11, so I expect things to be shorter on me, but some of the pieces I tried on didn't even attempt to cover my boobs, or were so short I couldn't get the straps over my shoulders, and sizing up did not help!

The one I ended up with was a swim dress from ASOS, and I ended up buying it in every colour! My favourite, the white with tropical print isn't listed on the website anymore, but the black and red are. I also got it in red that had 'nude' mesh sections in a light tan colour that matched absolutely no one's skin colour. I hate the word nude as a descriptor of colour, but that's a whole other blog post.

I should have taken some proper photos of them, but I was all distracted with you know, the whole honeymooning thing! My white cover up was also from ASOS and got so many compliments, I thought it was on the expensive side at over £20 but I was desperate for something plain that also covered my arms. I'm not one for tanning, so  something that was lightweight, but provided a lot of cover was a must. I took another cover up with me but I pretty much wore this one everyday!

I wore the black swim dress on a trip we did with my favourite Navabi skirt* over the top of it because pockets! I wore the black colour the least, because it was 46 degrees a lot of the time we were in Turkey, and even I don't want to wear black in that heat.

All 4 swim dresses, whilst seemingly the same style, fit slightly different in the bust. They had different levels of padding, from a bit too big for me, to none at all, which was unexpected to say the least! So even if you think you are ordering all the same style, make sure you try them on before you actually head out on your holiday just in case.

The 4 swim dresses I got will probably have me covered for the next few years, but I am always interested to hear where you get your swimwear from. Especially if you are tall and not-so-busty like me! I love the idea of some of the really funky strappy ones, but 1) tan lines? and 2) the price is just...wow.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*denotes items that were gifted for review purposes, in no way does this impact upon my opinions which are entirely my own.


  1. Swimsuits are great these days. There is something flattering for every size and shape.

    1. Thanks, flattering isn't necessary, I just wanted one that fit properly!

  2. I'm do glad that you managed to find a style that works for you, and then get all the different colours! :) It's amazing when that sort of thing happens. I've just ordered a new one from Simply Be, but had clearly left it a bit late in the season to do so as the post sale dregs were all that were left so I very much am in awe of your swimdress cuteness! :)


    1. thanks lovely, I must admit, I felt super adorable! I eyed up some bits from SB but they were out of my price range!

  3. they look lovely on you! I hope you had a great time in your honeymoon :) the pictures look very nice xx

  4. Swimsuits are the devil. I hate anything too low on the bust and Simply Be seemed to have the most options. I started with http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/beach-to-beach-classic-swimsuit/ro788/product/details/show.action?pdBoUid=3467#colour:Deep Purple,size: with fit until I swam where I was almost falling out the top it was so low! Plus the crotch was rather baggy.

    I then ordered the older version of this one http://www.simplybe.co.uk/.../product/details/show.action... Print,size: with the blue front since it was reduced and the high neck is great for hiding cleavage. Or it will be when mum removes the fixed cups - no idea what sort of boobs fit those but it ain't mine! They are massive! Cutting them out has left holes which we'll disguise with bits of the purple one.

    Sizing is mental on swimsuits though. I'm only 5'4 and I wouldn't say I have a long body yet they all seem to be really short. They also seem to run really small too. I'm a 26 on average at the moment and end up needing like a 30 in swimsuits. I guess bikinis/tankinis work with the torso issue better but they aren't ideal if you want to actually swim laps as they're more likely to get in the way or not be as supportive.

    1. Yeah I think with swimsuits you always end up having to size up at least once, the sizing is so unlike other plus size clothing! It's a nightmare!

  5. Kitty you look amazing as always! I get the tall thing - most just look like a 80s leotard on me, which is fine for swimming on a daily basis but not for looking hot by a pool!

    C xx