A Morris-Wood Wedding : Alivya V Free

Thursday 25 August 2016

When one of your best friends is as ridiculously talented as Alivya V Free is, you have to make full use of her talents. She is an incredibly talented makeup artists, you can find her website here http://www.livfreemakeup.co.uk/ and she also makes the most incredible hair accessories under the name Liv Free Creations. I had several requests of Liv, I wanted her to do my hair and makeup for the wedding, to make me an incredible flower crown and veil... and to also be my bridesmaid! She had a huge amount to do on the day, and could not have been more help!

My flower crown was a mixture of purple flowers, along with some fake succulents to tie them in with the real flowers in the wedding. It was everything I could have dreamed of! I gave Liv free reign because I trust her implicitly, and I was so in love with the results. I wore it all day long, and as someone with chronic headaches and migraines, that says it all about how comfy it was.

We opted for purple tones in the makeup to tie in with the colours of the wedding. I'm also really partial as to how purples make my green eyes look. I wore my hair in a half up sort of style with long tendril curls, and extensions I dyed myself to thicken my hair out and add a bit more length. I wanted to be a mermaid!

Liv also did hair and makeup for herself, and Roswell Ivory, and my Mum's, so she had a really busy morning! She was a total pro and was so relaxed the whole time. Everyone was ready and perfect well in time for the ceremony.

My veil was made of soft tulle, that was also in my underskirt. Liv put silver glitter throughout so it sparkled gently, and it sat in my hair on a comb. Save for my standing on it, it did not budge! It looked so amazing draped down the back of my dress.

I didn't want a traditional veil that covered my face, whereas my Mum really wanted me to have one, but Liv made it so that I had the option of either so I could change my mind on the day even! 

My makeup did not budge throughout the day, and it was so warm. A touch up on lipstick was all that was needed. Liv made sure I had a little pot of the same colour in my handbag so I could touch it up whenever I needed it. My skin was absolutely flawless, which is really, really isn't!

Alivya was a total dream. To be able to book one of my best friends to be such a big part of my day, as well as be my bridesmaid, was such a pleasure. She made the whole day run smoothly, from doing all the things I'd booked her to do, to also lacing my corset, helping tie my shoe ribbons, and generally being a total star! Whenever someone needed help, Liv was there, going above and beyond. I cannot recommend her enough to be part of your wedding day. Liv is prepared to travel, so book her!

When we got our photos back, every pair of helping hands in every photo was Liv's. She did so much for us that we never even realised, I can't tell you how much I adore her.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. You look beautiful and the flower combination is really pretty and really compliments the whole look.

  2. I am loving the flower combinations. You looked amazing.

  3. The make up and flowers are utterly beautiful - I love how creative and personal your wedding is! Inspiring!

    C xx

  4. Aww, this is such a gorgeous post! When you can your closest friends involved with something so special and important, it's so wonderful. Partly because they mean so much, but also because you 100% know that you are in safe hands. These photos are so stunning, and everyone, yourself in particular looks absolutely amazing. x

    1. There's no one I would have trusted more :) thank you lovely! x

  5. Quick question -- where did those amazing robes come from?! I've got a wedding in September and I'm trying to find robes for my bridesmaids and MOH.

    1. Hey! They are from robesbysilkandmore dot com :) they were really easy to deal with and fab!