A Morris-Wood Wedding : Flowers by Fleurations

Thursday 11 August 2016

One of the hardest suppliers to find locally for me, was my florist. I had a set image of what I wanted in my head, and I rang every local florist with the concept I had. And with every phone call I got more disheartened. I got 'Oh, I suppose we could do that', or 'for wedding flowers? Really?' and even just flat out 'No, we can't do that'. Until finally I rang Fleurations Florists. And when I told them what I had in mind, I got an excited squeal and asked if I could come in right away for a chat. That's what I wanted! Their enthusiasm sold me right away.

All photos below are by our incredible photographer ClickClickBang Photography.

What I wanted, was succulents. I have about 40 different varieties in the house and just adore them. So it's what I wanted for our wedding! I've never been the sort of girl for flowers, you get them and they die, but succulents and cacti you can keep and grow, and always be reminded of the person who gave you them.


Succulents as wedding flowers have started to catch on, but living in a small town no one had ever made them before. But Fleurtations were immediately so excited and wanted to be a part of our day so eagerly that we had to book them. An enthusiastic supplier is the best kind of supplier! After I'd spoken to them we went to the store to see them and when we walked in I was greeted with a huge grin and 'Please tell me you're the bride who wants succulents'. They had already been googling ideas and wanted to know if I had examples to show them too. So cool!

Our colours for the wedding were purple and silver, so I wanted a hint of purple amongst all the green. One of the other things I wanted was protea. I think they are super adorable! There are a bunch of different varieties of protea, but none that came in a suitable colour that would be in bloom at the time of our wedding. The team at Fleurations saw that as a good challenge rather than an impossible mission, and they actually hand painted the protea themselves to match the wedding!

Now that is the kind of care and attention you dream of in a wedding supplier! Look at how gorgeous that purple is. I was so blown away by their detailing. My bouquet was actually a mixture of real and fake flowers! Looking at the photos I bet you'd struggle to pick out which were fake, I know I did and I carried it about all day! One of my personal favourite touches was that they used banana leaves around the outside of the bouquet to keep the shape, it looked so lush and green.


They also made our amazing buttonholes. I showed them a bunch of different inspiration photos from my Pinterest (which you can follow here) and gave them a free reign to create. All the groomsmen, my Grandparents and a few other guests wanted buttonholes, and we fell totally in love with what they created for us.

Succulents are really heavy compared to your usual buttonhole type flowers, and they provided really thick long pins to attach them that did not budge at all. The pop of green against the silver grey suits was such a good choice. It could have been too much if there had been purple in them, and they really brightened up the suits.

Seriously, how ridiculously handsome is my husband? Side note,our friend Max spent literally a month learning how to do various plaits and practicing so she could do Stu's hair the morning of the wedding in this epic Viking inspired do. How incredible is that?!

One of the things we've also done is plant some of the succulents from the buttonholes. Succulents are sturdy little beasts and so long as they have a bit of root left they should take hold, so fingers crossed!


 Fleurations also provided our favours. We wanted to give guests a succulent so they could take them home and let our love grow with them. Yep, we are that cheesy. They provided such a great mix of breeds and put really sweet silver hearts in each pot which really finished them off beautifully. We were so impressed with these and so many guests have told us how much they liked them. That people could take home a part of our day that will grow and last makes me so happy. 

They also made us our amazing centre-pieces. We got the skull vases from Ebay, and Fleurtations did the rest. We had a mixture of silver, black and purple stones filling them, and fake succulents in the top. We've given some of these out as thank you gifts to our close family and of course kept some too. Skulls are very 'us' and rather than more traditional candelabras or flowers in the middle this was much more fitting!

Fleurations were wonderful to deal with. When my carpal tunnel got really bad in the run up to the wedding I panicked badly, thinking my dream bouquet was out of the question because of the weight of it. I rang them and they immediately set about figuring out a way of fastening the bouquet to me using ribbons so that I could carry it with less pressure on my hands or wrists for the photos. They were so reassuring and lovely! They also sent me a huge succulent on the morning of the wedding as a present, it's truly massive compared to all my existing ones. It was such a kind gesture and really made me smile.

If you are local to Grimsby, I cannot recommend Fleurations enough. Their whole team is fab and they were so filled with enthusiasm and excitement about doing something different that it made the planning go so easily!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx


  1. This is so wonderful I want to cry. I have no idea what I did with my wedding bouquet, but yours will last forever! And you can't beat an enthusiastic supplier!

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. aww honey! I'm really lucky that I can keep parts of it :) x

  2. I loved your bouquet and your favours. The colours are just so pretty in your flowers and every post I read the more I love how you this wedding was! Have you posted it on Off Beat bride tribe? I hope so! And if I ever have a special day I am gonna pick your brains for all the best ideas!
    Www.curvesandcurl.co.uk xxx

    1. thank you honey! I have something coming up with a blog so I'll share when it comes out ;) they did ask me to submit to them, so I might well do that! I've become totally addicted to weddings, so ask ask ask! xxx

  3. What stunning flowers! I LOVE the succulent button holes.

  4. The flowers are beautiful. Purple is such a beautiful colour.

  5. This is so beautiful - I love the idea of something which continues to grow, and giving them away to your guests so that they can forever be reminded is such a wonderful idea. The colours are stunning too, as are the photos - everything about this is just so lovely. xx


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