Sunglasses Shop Win!

Tuesday 30 August 2016

So about a week ago I was posting about my win in the Plus Equals instagram competition, and my lucky streak continues! Today I'm sharing my recent win of a blog competition ran by Nerd About Town and The Sunglasses Shop. Nerd About Town is one of my absolute favourite blogs, so if you don't follow Steph on her blog and social media, you need to correct that ASAP!

My prize? A pair of Ray-Ban wayfarers! I've never owned a proper 'designer' pair of sunglasses, so I was really excited. I got to pick the chunkiness of the frames, and opted for the thickest they have. I'm a tall person, so bigger sunglasses generally work better for my face.

They came in a cardboard Ray-Bans case, and inside was an official case, lens cleaner and the sunglasses themselves, all beautifully packaged and sent direct from The Sunglasses Shop.

They are made of a really thick, heavy plastic, really making them feel expensive. Compared to other plastic frames I've owned, these weigh a ton! The Ray-Ban branding is on the arms, and in two spots on the front of the frames.

Can you see the subtle RB? It's barely noticeable, but definitely there. I'd never seen a real pair of Ray-Bans in the flesh, but I guess this is one of the ways you spot a legit pair.

From my googling, the case seems to be faux leather but I can't be entirely sure. If it is leather, I wouldn't use it and would give it to Stu. However, he has other plans....

Mostly in the way of stealing the sunglasses themselves! He's a bit of a sunglasses collector and as soon as I told him I'd won these he wanted them. They aren't the best fit for me, because they are so weighty it'll irritate my chronic headaches. They fit Stu far better than they fit me. I used to work in optics, and I wouldn't have bought these for myself because when I smile my cheeks touch the bottom of the frames. This shouldn't happen in sunglasses that fit you well.

These are lush, and have most certainly been thoroughly claimed! I've been so lucky lately with winning prizes, but you've got to enter to win!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

A Cloudy OOTD : Plus Equals Win!


  1. These look fab! I love a good pair of Ray Bans, such a classic style!


  2. A pair of classic Ray-Ban frame is a real win! Lovely :)

  3. Ray Bans are lovely, my hub bought a pair and you can see the quality. For me all mine are cheap as I would probably break or lose them. Well done on the win x

    1. I usually get cheap ones but the difference in paying a little more for good UV is so obvious when you get better ones x

  4. These look SO GOOD ON YOU! I love how they actually really suit the both of you, and the case reminds me of a vintage camera compact camera case! #alwaysobsessed! :) x