Sunday, 30 October 2016

Skulls and Roses with CowCow*

By now you guys are pretty well versed in my CowCow obsession, and this roses and skull print dress* from their Amazon store is no exception. It's almost Halloween, so it seemed the perfect spooky but wearable outfit to share! In an effort to bring more colour into my wardrobe, this mint, white and purple combo was the way to go. This pattern is available in up to a 5X in 12 colour ways, and I might just have to snag myself an extra colour because I like the print so much.

The print is so very very me. Skulls and flowers, spooky but cute! It's really striking, and the mint and purple tones are lovely together. Autumn typically means darker colours, deep reds, purples, lots of black, but this bright flash of colour is my anti-autumn favourite.

I'm wearing my normal size and it fits perfectly. It sits at a really good length for me, above knee, but I like a cheeky bit of thigh on show (when it's warm enough!). I'm 5ft 11, so it would be longer on most. The material is classic CowCow, a super soft and stretchy lyrca material. I think the sizing on the CowCow Amazon store is a little more generous than their website, so if you are slightly outside of their size range you might find you can make it work.

How long is my hair getting by the way? I've got a grey toner on it a the moment as I wanted a colder tone for winter.

It's the classic skater dress style that I so love, and in cliche Kitty fashion I always have to opt for my pleather jacket and leggings. Sadly it's too cold to go without now! I know I regularly style my outfits in the same way, but I'm trying to be as real as I can be on my blog. This is exactly how I'd wear this dress, so that's how I photographed it.

I love CowCow dresses, and I love how they are treating the plus size community. They've embraced us, and they want to listen to us, which is such a wonderful thing! This dress retails for £10.99, with free UK delivery, so it's a real bargain. I just can't help myself at those prices.

Much love,
Kitty xxx

*this denotes a gifted item. In no way does this impact upon my opinions which are entirely my own.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Great British Colouring Map From Laurence King*

I've had a couple of adult colouring books now thanks to Laurence King publishing, and this newest one was the perfect gift for my Grandad recently for his birthday. This is The Great British Colouring Map* by Ordnance Survey, a colouring book full of older ordnance survey maps just ready to be coloured in.

Almost every page is black and white, with slight accents of red to talk more about the map that is ready to coloured in. It appears as a very stark book, as every square inch of map is designed to be coloured in however you please. And they are so detailed!

The book covers England, Scotland and Wales, but the star of the show is the centre pages, a huge double fold out of London with the Thames running through the middle of it. You can see how much detail there is, lots of little bits and pieces you could do in the wildest of colours, or in patterns, however you want!

I gave this to my Grandad for his 73rd birthday, along with a pack of expensive pencils. He doesn't have much in the way of hobbies, and I thought colouring in would be the perfect way for him to unwind. He still works, so something relaxing was the key!

I think it's pretty neat that this is real older Ordnance Survey maps, and with Christmas coming I think adult colouring books are an amazing present. Laurence King have an amazing range, I've blogged about my other two books from them here and here. This particular one retails for £19.95, and the quality of it is beautiful, and well worth it. This isn't one I would necessarily pick for myself, but for my Grandad it was absolutely perfect!

Have you tried out any adult colouring books yet?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*this item was gifted for review purposes. All opinions represented are entirely my own.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Tesco Halloween Homeware Haul

Yes, this really is my third Halloween homeware haul! I popped to Tesco for some food shopping and couldn't resist a cheeky look in the Halloween section, and of course some thing maybe accidentally fell into my trolley and ended up coming home with me. Oops.

So nothing I bought from Tesco is actually listed on their website, even though their Halloween section is enormous! First thing that caught my eye was this ice cube tray of brains. It's just the sort of ridiculous thing I'd use all year round. I love ice and am always making trays of it, and these are really sturdy too, so you could easily use the moulds to make chocolate or jelly.

You know I couldn't resist a glittery skull right? It's only cheap polystyrene covered in glitter, but it's fun enough. I snagged two of these, they were about a quid each. 

Probably my favourite thing that I picked up was this skull candle. The holes in the top show the red on the inside, as it burns it looks like it's bleeding, which is pretty cool! It was a couple of quid again, so cheap and fun. I don't really burn candles in the house (3 cats and candles is just asking for a problem or an injury), but I might have to carefully guard this one because it burns in such a cool way.

The last thing I picked out was a set of 6 plastic tumblers in 3 patterns. They are great for kids if you are a bit 'spookier' on the daily, but I also tend to prefer plastic cups when we have BBQ parties. Drunk friends and glass are not a good combo, so I make them all use plastic... I know, I'm mean! But I like my glasses intact, and these were too cute to resist. Look at their little faces!

I'm sure I'll probably end up picking a few more pieces before Halloween.

Much love,
Kitty xxx

Sainsburys Halloween Homeware : Matalan Halloween Homeware

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Halloween with Crown & Glory

Some of you who have been around for a little while might remember I used to be a member of the Crown & Glory Glitterati. It's a monthly subscription box of hair accessories, usually with a monthly specific theme. I cancelled it in the run up to the wedding because well, weddings are expensive and I couldn't justify it when I had wedding stuff to buy! I haven't rejoined it since, but this month was the first month I have been really gutted to miss out on. Because Halloween is my jam. I love Halloween, and the Halloween box is always the cutest!

I caught a glimpse of a few photos of the boxes on instagram and commented how fab they were, and how this was the first box I've been sad to miss out on. A couple of days later I got an email from Lisa-Marie, of Last Year's Girl. She'd seen my comment and wanted to know if she could send me some bits from her Glitterati box. How sweet is that?! After much delight at her adorable gesture on my end and a couple of emails, she was kind enough to pop it in the post for me!

When it arrived, I was totally blown away, she'd had a change of heart and had sent me the whole damn thing! She popped the cutest card in it with a little note to me about how she couldn't resist, because 'Halloween is basically Kitty-fest anyway'. All the feels! Such a lovely thing to do, from someone I've never even met in person. Just the sweetest thing. So I had to share what she sent me!

The first thing to catch my eye was this teensy kitty hair clip, you know I was going to love that! The red glittery eyes are a nice touch, it's pretty small, so you could easily work this into an outfit for work to still feel spoopy on the daily, in a discreet way.

This little vampire cutie totally stole my heart! Look at those big sad eyes, and those cute little heart cheeks. What an endearing little chap!

One of the staples of the subscription box is these no-snag hair ties. Glitter is always a good thing, and the one with studs is very rock and rool cool. The other is a more traditional hair elastic with a skull on it, perfect for vamping up a quick ponytail.

This little skeleton hand is a delight, clips like this are always an easy way to make wearing your hair down look like you've made a bit more effort.

And finally, the real star of the show, this darling bat bow hair band. I plan to basically wear this every day now, even once Halloween is over! The wired headbands from Crown & Glory are always relatively flexible, so even my massive head is accommodated.

This glittery material is so lush, the sparkles pick up blues and silvers, reds, yellows, all the colours of the rainbow. It has so many dimensions to it, I might just have to wear this on the day itself.

Thank you Lisa-Marie for sending me this, it means a lot!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Halloween Homeware : Autumn Layering

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Autumn Layering with Navabi*

Autumn is my favourite time of year. I love the cold air with the warm sunshine, I love the colours of the leaves and nature, and I love the fashion. Layering always makes me feel like an outfit is just that bit more put together, that bit more chic. And when I saw this Navabi Manon Baptiste Colour Block Cardigan* I was in love.

It is absolutely perfect autumn colours, with shades of rusty oranges and grey, and the long line style is perfect for those colder days and nights. When this arrived and I opened up the packaging, one touch of this cardigan made it obvious that it was a sublime quality. The material is so soft and beautiful, and it is the sort of fabric that does not crease, which is perfect for a lazy girl like me!

I paired the cardigan with a cold shoulder dress from New Look, fun mesh leggings from ASOS, platform boots from Yours Clothing and necklace from Bloody Mary Metal. The oranges and grey of the cardigan with the red of the dress aren't a combination I would usually go for, but I think all the tones really worked together. I look like a chic pumpkin!

The leggings are really fun, a mixture of jersey and mesh that shows my leg tattoos off even in the cold. I always end up wearing leggings a lot in autumn and winter, and styles like this are just a bit more interesting. I always size down in ASOS leggings, and with these I could have probably sized down a second time as they do stretch a good deal as you wear them. My boots are from last year, Yours are one of the few places to sell up to a 10EEE which is the size I need, so I tend to leap at the chance to have cute heels. These are adorable, but not suitable for a lot of walking. After we shot these photos we walked all over Cheltenham visiting my parents, and my poor beans suffered badly for my footwear choice!

You guys know Stevie Nicks is one of my style icons, so I had to do my best Stevie Nicks pose to really show off the oversized style of this cardigan. It is one of the nicest things I have ever owned, and the quality of it is just wow. It is the ultimate in comfy chic.

I felt so cool in this outfit, but so cosy too. All the stripes and colour blocks make simple oversized lines really interesting and add so much to the outfit.

This cardigan also comes in a blue/grey/mustard combo that is beautiful too, and I really want that to wrap myself up in too! I love the length and style of this cardigan, I'm 5ft 11 and it hits to just below my knees which is awesome, and so unusual! It would be more of a true midi-style on someone of a more average height.

Navabi are the ultimate in dreamy high end plus size fashion, and I love that I can collaborate with them and share their designer pieces with you guys. That I can share both the cheapest of budget pieces, and then a truly delightful designer piece is so amazing to me!

Now, something different. Some of these blog photos are not like the others, there's a little something hidden in them. Comment if you find it!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*denotes an item that was gifted for review purposes. In no way does this impact upon my opinions, which are entirely my own.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Dreaming of Autumn Fashion

Autumn is my favourite time of year for fashion. The colours, the layering, it just feels more chic to me, and it feels like I can make more of an effort. I am doing some serious window shopping right now so had to share some favourites!


Club L Plus Velvet Dress                              ASOS Curve Green Faux Fur Coat

ASOS as ever have some real treasures in their new in section. I'm loving the leggings they have right now, with the cold comes a need for leggings and they have some really great options with the fun mesh inserts. High necks are a real trend for autumn/winter that I am enjoying too, it's not often plus size fashion really offers high necks so I'm glad to see it as an option for us too.

Khaki Ribbed Long Line Cardigan                            Faux Fur Collar Maxi Coat 
                 Black Floral Print Dress                                       Burgundy Velvet Skater Dress   

New Look have the velvet party dresses of your dreams! Velvet and winter just go together so beautifully and I'm glad it seems to be a yearly trend right now. Long line and maxi length cardigans and jackets are so chic right now, and throw faux fur into the mix and I'm in lust.

              Samoon Polkadot Pussy Bow Top                   Manon Baptiste Faux Suede Jacket  

And for truly stunning high end beauty, I had to share some of my picks from my favourite's Navabi. For true style, look no further. They have everything you could ever want to ooze glamour. They also have the most gorgeous jackets and cardigans, and because it's Navabi, you know the quality is absolutely top notch.

What are your favourite trends for this year?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Leopard Print Pretty with CowCow*

Will my CowCow obsession ever stop? No, I don't think it ever will. I wish they'd existed years ago, teenage me would have adored what they do. And 28 year old me is still so very into it. This time it's a dress from their Amazon store, the women's leopard print double sided skater dress in turquoise*.

Their Amazon store is full of vibrant prints and adorable patterns in skirts, dresses and leggings. The variety in their Amazon store isn't as vast, but it is all ready to ship designs, unlike their own website. I love leopard print, but rather than opt for a more typical leopard print colour, this bright turquoise green was so fun I couldn't resist.

The skater dress is an absolute fave of mine, the sleeveless design is great for nights out, and the spandex material is soft, comfortable and stretchy. It has a good amount of material in the skirt to skim over your hips and give good twirl!

I'm 5ft 11, and this particular dress sits a couple of inches above my knee. Usually they are slightly longer, but this dress is actually a 3X, and I usually wear a 4X in CowCow. Not all their designs are available in every size (yet! They are working on it) and this is one that stops at a 3X. I decided to risk it and I am glad I did, whilst a little shorter than my usual size, it's so fun I couldn't resist.

Because this dress is a size smaller than my usual, it is a little more stretched out on me. In this close up you can very faintly see white horizontal lines down the dress where the fabric has stretched. I've lightened this photo so you can see them, but they are nowhere near this noticeable in real life. In the interest of transparency, I just want to be honest and share this because the dress does have a white base, so as it stretches it will become sheerer. However, the lines are so faint in person that it wouldn't stop me wearing this at all. This happened because I got a dress in a size too small, so in the correct size this wouldn't happen.

CowCow dresses have become my go-to wardrobe for gigs. The fabric is lightweight and breathable enough that you can dance and get all hot and sweaty and the dress doesn't exacerbate it! Paired with my trusty pleather jacket, favourite Demonia boots and leggings, this is easy Autumn wardrobe that still looks fun and is so comfy.

This dress costs £8.99. For real. It's £8.99 and the shipping is free. That's seriously incredible, and helps explain why I now have so much CowCow! It's a real bargain, and I just can't resist.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*this denotes an item that was gifted to me. In no way does this impact upon my opinions which are entirely my own.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Sainsburys Halloween Homeware Haul

So this might just be part 2 of what is at least a 3 part Halloween homeware haul... I have a problem and I have embraced it! I love Halloween and I love keeping Halloween themed things around my house all year round. Spoopy goodness!

Sainsburys have most of their range online, and in fact a whole bunch of stuff that they didn't have in my local store, however this adorable plastic Monster Munchies container is not on their website. As soon as I saw it I had to have it! It's an adorable popcorn style container and it's so damn cute. I use Halloween themed bowls like this all year round for parties and this is my new favourite.

These little felt bats are actually tree decorations! So I am absolutely keeping these to have on our actual Christmas tree. Because I like our Christmas to be spooky too!

I also couldn't resist these Halloween baubles. It's maybe a little odd to think of Halloween stuff as so cute, but I really think it is! Especially when you make it glittery too.

These baubles are only £3 a pack, so I snapped up a couple of each.

And finally, this doormat was reduced to only £1.99. We've got doormats, but they get worn out so I like to replace them, and what better theme to replace them with than a haunted house one!

I could have bought way more from Sainsburys, especially now I've been online and have seen all the other homeware they have.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx