Colourpop Haul!

Tuesday 11 October 2016

Sometimes you find a makeup brand that gives you serious lust, and you are just desperate to try them. Especially when it turns out they are cruelty free! Colourpop are definitely one of those brands. They have made such a splash in the cosmetics world, but didn't offer worldwide shipping for a long time. Earlier this year they started offering UK shipping so I knew the time was coming that I'd place an order. And then I got an email letting me know they had free worldwide shipping for over $25, and it had to be!

It took about two and a half weeks for the package to arrive, and I got a £17 customs fee. Ouch. But with the free shipping, it still worked out as a pretty good deal and I was excited to get my hands on it all! I bought a mixture of their classic ultra matte lips, and their lippie stix. I love matte liquid lips, but they can be a bit drying and with winter coming I'm wearing lipstick more and more.

I couldn't resist trying out one of their collections, and opted for the lippie stix collection 'Staycation'. At $25 for 5 shades it seemed a bargain, and all the colours looked like ones I'd wear. 

They come displayed in this gorgeous box, with a magnetic clasp and a mirror in the lid. It's really lovely, and would make such a nice gift! 

The lippie stix all have their colour on the base of their packaging, and the rest is plain white. They have the Colourpop logo and lippie stix written on them in really cute holographic type. I love the holographic touch, it's something really pretty and fun. The lid has a good 'click' to it which shows the quality, and the actual lipstick is a twist up with a smaller application area than a traditional lipstick.

You get 6 colours inside, ranging from a more natural beige tone, through to a darker brown, a classic red, and even a pretty purple.

I also picked up 'Creature' in the lippie stix format, and a lippe stix primer. I tried to veer away from my usual purple tones and instead try out something different. The lippie stix retail for $5 a pop, so even with the crappy exchange rate these days, it's still a pretty good price.

Some of the bottoms on the lippie stix in the Staycation box have worn a little on the base, so some of the text has come off. I'm not particularly phased by this as they are a for me, but I'm not sure I'd be too pleased to receive them as a gift looking worn.

Creature, and then the Staycation pack. Cookie, Brink, Grunge, LBB, I <3 This and Bossy.

Creature is a deep reddish brown, a perfect Autumn colour. Cookie is a very light fawn colour, Brink is a similar tone but darker. Grunge is a true brown, LBB is a gorgeous purple tone, I <3 This is a bright fuchsia, and Bossy is a blue toned red. All are very smooth and go on beautiful. All of these swatches are a single swipe, no layering, they are SO pigmented! The primer is clear, so can be worn as a base under any colour.

I tested out Grunge both with and without the primer. Without the primer is slowly wore off and vanished as soon as I ate food, which is to be expected for a lipstick. With the primer however it faded only when I ate, which is pretty impressive! I also think it helps it fade more evenly, rather than fading more on the inside of my lips.

The packaging on the ultra mattes is really cute and solid. Clear plastic bases with silver lids, and the holographic logo that is so striking. These are products with really nice chunky packaging, it feels sturdy in your hand which is always a good sign of quality.

I went for a mix of colours, getting Limbo, Time Square, Beeper and Viper. Brown lipstick is a trend I so wanted to try out, and Colourpop seem to be one of the few brands who have a good range of brown tones.

Limbo is a gorgeous brown, Time Square is a light pinky brown, Beeper is a pale brown, and Viper is a rosy browny red. These dry down fully matte, and within a couple of minutes too. This is one coat! They apply beautifully, and the pigmentation is fantastic. They will need to be removed with an oil based remover. I forgot I'd run out of oil based remover when I swatched these... and ended up using sunflower oil to clean up my warm. Oops!

Overall, I am so very impressed with these lip products. I would absolutely order from them again, but I would wait for a sale or discount code so the customs hit isn't so bad. If you have a good discount, it basically makes it back up to what the original price should have been, which I can totally tolerate. I wish they had a UK stockist, but for now their website is the only place to buy them from.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. I really love the ultra mattes. I do find though that matt lippies are great on those that are young and have perfect lips ;)

    1. I am lucky to have quite full lips for lipstick :) they are so pretty!

  2. Ouch on the customs fee!!! Damn it I forget about those all the time! I love colour pop and i'm so madly jealous right now you got some beaut shades!!!

    1. Yeah I expected a fee but not quite that much, it was like half the cost of my order! They are really gorgeous colours, very pleased with my first buy :)

  3. I love the packagng. It's little touches like that that make them so worthwhile. I've loved Colourpop stuff so it's great to know that they are now shipping to the UK but damn the fees.

    1. I totally plan to get more from them, but will for sure be waiting for a big sale or similar so the fees aren't such a hit!

  4. Adoring the packaging and the shades. This looks like a winner for sure!