Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Curve Fashion Festival Part I

Last Saturday I went to the Curve Fashion Festival and had one of the most wonderful days ever! I was pretty nervous about going, because I was going on my own and meeting up with a whole bunch of other bloggers I'd not met before save for one or two. And there was absolutely no reason to be nervous! I met so many incredible people I admire, and so many beautiful people, and just had the most incredible time.

What an amazing group of women! So honoured to be a part of the #ThisIsPlus movement. Thank you Alfie for the photo!

So I happened upon StyleMeCurvy, Hayley Hasslehoff and Nicolette Mason taking some press photos and was cheeky enough to ask if I could sneak a selfie with them all. And they obliged!

I met Tess Holliday! She is a super model in this industry, and she made sure everyone who wanted a selfie and to meet her did, which was so lovely. The sequin cape she wore all day was amazing!

I met Nancy Whittington. Nancy is the reason I started blogging, she is such an inspiration to me. And such a total sweetheart, so glad I got to meet her!

As soon as I realised Toodaloo Katie was at CFF I had to go over and say hello. She shared my photo on the Eff Your Beauty Standards social media the other week and recognised me from the it which was awesome!

And Hayley Hasslehoff. Holy wow. As a photographer, I adore her work and she is utterly stunning in real life, and such a sweetie! I fan girled so bad haha. She tweeted me back as well which was so lovely.

I also found Felicity Hayward! As a big ASOS fan I love what she does, and she is ridiculously beautiful.

I ended up chatting with George from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and she is such a lovely babe! Coming home with lipstick on your face from a babe nomming it is always a good thing.

Unlike last time I saw Lolly of Lollylikesfatshion, I remembered to get a seflie with her this time! She's so wonderful.

Betty Pamper is like, the most adorable human being ever, and it was such a pleasure to get to meet her. She was so kind about my blog, it meant a lot.

I also discovered the insanely gorgeous Amazing Grace X. She was so lush to talk to, and damn, that figure!

I had SO much fun with these babes <3 Photobooths had to be done! I've been talking to Amanda Apparel online and wanting to meet her for so long, and she is such a stellar babe <3 And meeting Lottie L'Amour and Sam of Fatty Boom Tatty was the icing on the cake!

I'm gonna make another blog post of all the 'proper' photos I took as I shot a lot of the runway looks and the talks too. Well, I took 800 odd photos on my SLR apparently... so I won't share them all haha!

The plus size community is bloody amazing, and I am sooo happy to be a part of it and have met so many beautiful people.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Dee Dixon Photoshoot

I've chatted to the lovely Dee Dixon online for years on and off, but we never quite managed to get around to actually shooting together till recently. Thankfully we finally got our butts in gear and spent a fantastic day working together! About time, and certainly not the only time.

Harness from Twilight Siren

I shoot from my parent's house, which is round the corner from my house, as quite simply, it's way bigger and much more shoot friendly. They've been decorating recently, and in one of the bedrooms they had the doors off the fitted wardrobes, which left this interesting space that Dee eyed up and wanted to pose in. I'm always happy to experiment and work in a different space!

How amazing does Dee look in blue? I love her curves in this lingerie. I find blue so hard to wear, so seeing Dee look so good in it makes me want to try it more.

I have seen this lingerie set in so many photoshoots. All on very slim, petite, small breasted women. So when Dee showed me that she owned it, I knew she would rock it! She wanted to show a different, curvier body type in it, and I was so happy to help. She looks incredible!

Dee fell totally in love with my pooch Ashen, and he got in on the posing action with some cheesy grins. What a pair of cuties!

I love bralets, and this lace one was lovely! Models with great lingerie are my faves. Dee hadn't shot much lingerie recently, so I was really honoured to shoot her exclusively in her pants all day. I try so hard to promote body positivity and to show different bodies in my work, and it means the world to me that people trust me to photograph them. I don't photoshop figures, or take out scars or cellulite or stretchmarks or birthmarks, because I believe these are all the things that make us individuals, so what I present in my work is reality. The beautiful reality of gorgeous people!

And finally, a new set up, a blue room and bed. With Dee's blue eyes, there was no way I wasn't going to shoot her in it. All natural sunlight was perfect for showing off her pale skin and eyes.

Dee was a total pleasure to shoot with, and hopefully we will work together again.

I am always looking to shoot more different and beautiful babes, so please don't be afraid to get in touch! I love shooting other plus size babes in particular.

Much love,
Kitty xxx

Thursday, 24 September 2015

My First Lindy Bop Dress - Bridesmaid Adventures!

On 19th September I was privileged to be a part of my Auntie and Uncle's wedding vow renewal as a bridesmaid, much like I had been 21 years ago at age 6 when they originally married! I'm somewhat taller, but I'm pretty sure I'm just as cute! I was thrilled with what my Auntie wanted me to wear, because it meant my first Lindy Bop dress. I had always wanted a Lindy Bop dress, and couldn't wait to see what it would be like.

The lovely Kate Atkinson was booked to do our makeup. I was nervous, because I don't wear much makeup and was worried I wouldn't look like myself, but oh my gosh Kate did the most incredible job. I mentioned a cat eye look, and she totally nailed it! I was also please to be complimented on my totally au natural brows, skin and eyelashes! Thanks Kate!

The final hair and makeup. I wore my own lipstick rather than go for the gloss everyone else did, as I can't stand the feeling of gloss on my lips. A matte red was the perfect pin up look. One of the themes of the vow renewal was Star Trek. As a massive trekkie, I was eager to squeeze a hint of it into my outfit, and this old Sugar & Vice solar system necklace was the perfect touch! This particular version is no longer available, but I still adore it. I am also now a total false eyelashes convert and need to get my mitts on some asap.

My dress is the 'Lana' style. It came with a material belt, but in my size it wasn't actually sized up to fit, so I ordered this cute faux leather belt from ASOS Curve to add a bit more statement to the dress. Under the dress I'm wearing a red petticoat I had custom made for me about 10 years ago. I'm 5ft 11 so length is always a problem unfortunately, which is why I had this one made.

I felt amaaaazing. I totally helped that when Stu saw me he gasped and told me he I looked beautiful. And I felt it, which was wonderful!

Damn we are a good looking couple. Stu's suit is something really special my Auntie and Uncle actually bought him for his birthday last year, and they requested he wear it, so I have to share it!

Isn't it incredible? It's from Oppo Suits, and I bloody love it. Just a note for anyone who does fancy a suit from Oppo Suits, size up! We measured Stu according to their size guide and the suit that it corresponded with wasn't right, so we sized up and it fits perfectly. They do a pretty bad ass range of suits that are totally different from anything you've ever seen before, so go check them out!

We had a really lovely day, Stu's boys looked amazing in their waistcoats and bow ties. I don't share photos of them on my blog, as a step-parent I don't think it's my place to. But they looked so awesome.

I am totally going to look at investing in more Lindy Bop now having worn this one. I felt so good, and they have so many styles in a up to a size 26.

What are your fave Lindy Bop styles? I think an Audrey is next on my wishlist, they have tartan!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Two Outfit of the Days!

I'm on a roll with outfit photos lately, so I thought I'd put two together so as not to fill up my blog with them! Both of these I wore to work, then to the pub in the evening.

Dress - Missguided
Leggings - New Look
Necklace - Rosa Pietsch
Boots - Vegan Dr Martens

I felt goddamn adorable in this dress! The cut of this is so cute. It's pretty short on me, I'm 5ft 11 after all, so would be longer on most. I love the monochrome look so paired it with a favourite necklace of mine, leggings and ankle length vegan Dr Martens. It's so autumnal now that boots are a must. I love that Dr Marten have some vegan options, but with size 10 feet sadly I only fit in what they consider to be 'men's' colours. Bleh.

Top - ASOS Curve (no longeravailable)
Skirt - Primark
Necklace - Rosa Pietsch
Sneakers - ASOS
Headband - Crown & Glory

This whole look was inspired by my headband. I love the autumn colours of it so much, and it matched this Primark skirt perfectly! The skirt isn't actually my size, it's a couple smaller than my usual, but it is so thick and stretchy that it fits really nicely, so it's worth trying on! My shoes are from the men's section of ASOS. I always check out the shoes in the men's section because basically, my feet don't fit in any of the women's designs! My inner greebo (this might be a little too colloquial, where I live we called skaters greebos) fell in love with them.

Aren't they so cute? They are really comfy. I love shoes I don't have to wear socks in!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Coats and jackets and cover ups, oh my!

Autumn and winter coming means one of my favourite things... layers! I love layering. I never really 'got' layering when I was younger, but now I am all about it. And I can't wait for it to get cool enough to do it all the time.

A lot of plus size gals worry about adding too much bulk with coats like this, but honestly, I couldn't care less. I love how they look, I love furry coats, and they are so snuggly and warm!

The duck egg colour of this is just lovely, and a waterfall jacket is one of my favourite styles. This could instantly dress up a simple outfit.

Fringing and faux suede? You know I'm in love. Carry festival fashion over into the autumn with this rock chick look. The fringing goes the whole way round the jacket. THE WHOLE WAY ROUND.

Autumn doesn't have to mean monochrome! The bright red of this jacket and the longline cut are stunning.

I've seen cape jackets in straight sizes for a little while and had been dreaming that someone would make a plus size version. And this classic black piece from Simply Be has answered all my wishes! Classic, striking and absolutely gorgeous.

What are you lusting after? Send me links!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Thursday, 17 September 2015

It's Easier Than They Say : A True Plus Size Collaboration

In recent times it feels like there have been a lot of excuses made in the plus size world, and a lot of promises broken. So many companies are promoting body positivity, and managing to exclude or isolate those they are trying to say they care about. One of the things we see over and over again, is straight size models wearing the hashtags and apparently representing us. And the excuse is given that people don't want to see plus size women wearing plus size designs, or that it's too hard to show diversity in sizes. So instead, we get a size 12 or 14 and that is our lot.

As a plus size gal who also happens to be a photographer, I love working with other plus size women. So when Mary Burgers put me in touch with designer Charlotte Hatt who had just finished her MA collection, an idea was formed. Three plus size bloggers, all with other talents, who could work together and produce a photo shoot that apparently all the big brands struggle to.

A plus size model, wearing clothes designed for plus size women, by a plus size woman, photographed by a plus size woman.

We took a trip down to Cleethorpes for the concept, which was a woman arriving on holiday, spending the day at the beach, and them glamming up in the evening.

The Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway were kind enough to let us pose on their platforms and with the trains, so thank you!

The movement of this coat was just amazing, Charlotte is an incredible designer.

And the steam train! Also, this dress has POCKETS!! I love that so much. More dresses with pockets please!

Next up we went down to the beach for a skirt and top combo, I absolutely love that teal colour. It was great to have Charlotte with us to keep an eye on the garments and also help with my reflector!

We were so lucky to have such a beautiful day. The next day autumn really arrived and it has rained ever since, it was meant to be!

And my personal favourites. Mary is like a mermaid transforming from the sea and coming ashore.

We also of course took some daft selfies!

Sorry Mary, had to photobomb you!


It's not often I get to see actual photos of me shooting, and I love this one!

Me, Charlotte and Mary.

So, if we can do it, if 3 independent plus size women can come together and show plus size clothes on plus size women, why can't you?

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx

ps. Plus size bloggers and models and gals, I want to work with you, so get in touch!