My First Lindy Bop Dress - Bridesmaid Adventures!

Thursday 24 September 2015

On 19th September I was privileged to be a part of my Auntie and Uncle's wedding vow renewal as a bridesmaid, much like I had been 21 years ago at age 6 when they originally married! I'm somewhat taller, but I'm pretty sure I'm just as cute! I was thrilled with what my Auntie wanted me to wear, because it meant my first Lindy Bop dress. I had always wanted a Lindy Bop dress, and couldn't wait to see what it would be like.

The lovely Kate Atkinson was booked to do our makeup. I was nervous, because I don't wear much makeup and was worried I wouldn't look like myself, but oh my gosh Kate did the most incredible job. I mentioned a cat eye look, and she totally nailed it! I was also please to be complimented on my totally au natural brows, skin and eyelashes! Thanks Kate!

The final hair and makeup. I wore my own lipstick rather than go for the gloss everyone else did, as I can't stand the feeling of gloss on my lips. A matte red was the perfect pin up look. One of the themes of the vow renewal was Star Trek. As a massive trekkie, I was eager to squeeze a hint of it into my outfit, and this old Sugar & Vice solar system necklace was the perfect touch! This particular version is no longer available, but I still adore it. I am also now a total false eyelashes convert and need to get my mitts on some asap.

My dress is the 'Lana' style. It came with a material belt, but in my size it wasn't actually sized up to fit, so I ordered this cute faux leather belt from ASOS Curve to add a bit more statement to the dress. Under the dress I'm wearing a red petticoat I had custom made for me about 10 years ago. I'm 5ft 11 so length is always a problem unfortunately, which is why I had this one made.

I felt amaaaazing. I totally helped that when Stu saw me he gasped and told me he I looked beautiful. And I felt it, which was wonderful!

Damn we are a good looking couple. Stu's suit is something really special my Auntie and Uncle actually bought him for his birthday last year, and they requested he wear it, so I have to share it!

Isn't it incredible? It's from Oppo Suits, and I bloody love it. Just a note for anyone who does fancy a suit from Oppo Suits, size up! We measured Stu according to their size guide and the suit that it corresponded with wasn't right, so we sized up and it fits perfectly. They do a pretty bad ass range of suits that are totally different from anything you've ever seen before, so go check them out!

We had a really lovely day, Stu's boys looked amazing in their waistcoats and bow ties. I don't share photos of them on my blog, as a step-parent I don't think it's my place to. But they looked so awesome.

I am totally going to look at investing in more Lindy Bop now having worn this one. I felt so good, and they have so many styles in a up to a size 26.

What are your fave Lindy Bop styles? I think an Audrey is next on my wishlist, they have tartan!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. I LOVE Lindybop, and this style just looks fabulous on you, and that suit is just fantastic!! What a great pair you make x