Curve Fashion Festival Part I

Tuesday 29 September 2015

Last Saturday I went to the Curve Fashion Festival and had one of the most wonderful days ever! I was pretty nervous about going, because I was going on my own and meeting up with a whole bunch of other bloggers I'd not met before save for one or two. And there was absolutely no reason to be nervous! I met so many incredible people I admire, and so many beautiful people, and just had the most incredible time.

What an amazing group of women! So honoured to be a part of the #ThisIsPlus movement. Thank you Alfie for the photo!

So I happened upon StyleMeCurvy, Hayley Hasslehoff and Nicolette Mason taking some press photos and was cheeky enough to ask if I could sneak a selfie with them all. And they obliged!

I met Tess Holliday! She is a super model in this industry, and she made sure everyone who wanted a selfie and to meet her did, which was so lovely. The sequin cape she wore all day was amazing!

I met Nancy Whittington. Nancy is the reason I started blogging, she is such an inspiration to me. And such a total sweetheart, so glad I got to meet her!

As soon as I realised Toodaloo Katie was at CFF I had to go over and say hello. She shared my photo on the Eff Your Beauty Standards social media the other week and recognised me from the it which was awesome!

And Hayley Hasslehoff. Holy wow. As a photographer, I adore her work and she is utterly stunning in real life, and such a sweetie! I fan girled so bad haha. She tweeted me back as well which was so lovely.

I also found Felicity Hayward! As a big ASOS fan I love what she does, and she is ridiculously beautiful.

I ended up chatting with George from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and she is such a lovely babe! Coming home with lipstick on your face from a babe nomming it is always a good thing.

Unlike last time I saw Lolly of Lollylikesfatshion, I remembered to get a seflie with her this time! She's so wonderful.

Betty Pamper is like, the most adorable human being ever, and it was such a pleasure to get to meet her. She was so kind about my blog, it meant a lot.

I also discovered the insanely gorgeous Amazing Grace X. She was so lush to talk to, and damn, that figure!

I had SO much fun with these babes <3 Photobooths had to be done! I've been talking to Amanda Apparel online and wanting to meet her for so long, and she is such a stellar babe <3 And meeting Lottie L'Amour and Sam of Fatty Boom Tatty was the icing on the cake!

I'm gonna make another blog post of all the 'proper' photos I took as I shot a lot of the runway looks and the talks too. Well, I took 800 odd photos on my SLR apparently... so I won't share them all haha!

The plus size community is bloody amazing, and I am sooo happy to be a part of it and have met so many beautiful people.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx


  1. I had the best time hanging out with you! You're such a sweet soul and I hope we get to see each other again very soon! <3 xx