It's Easier Than They Say : A True Plus Size Collaboration

Thursday 17 September 2015

In recent times it feels like there have been a lot of excuses made in the plus size world, and a lot of promises broken. So many companies are promoting body positivity, and managing to exclude or isolate those they are trying to say they care about. One of the things we see over and over again, is straight size models wearing the hashtags and apparently representing us. And the excuse is given that people don't want to see plus size women wearing plus size designs, or that it's too hard to show diversity in sizes. So instead, we get a size 12 or 14 and that is our lot.

As a plus size gal who also happens to be a photographer, I love working with other plus size women. So when Mary Burgers put me in touch with designer Charlotte Hatt who had just finished her MA collection, an idea was formed. Three plus size bloggers, all with other talents, who could work together and produce a photo shoot that apparently all the big brands struggle to.

A plus size model, wearing clothes designed for plus size women, by a plus size woman, photographed by a plus size woman.

We took a trip down to Cleethorpes for the concept, which was a woman arriving on holiday, spending the day at the beach, and them glamming up in the evening.

The Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway were kind enough to let us pose on their platforms and with the trains, so thank you!

The movement of this coat was just amazing, Charlotte is an incredible designer.

And the steam train! Also, this dress has POCKETS!! I love that so much. More dresses with pockets please!

Next up we went down to the beach for a skirt and top combo, I absolutely love that teal colour. It was great to have Charlotte with us to keep an eye on the garments and also help with my reflector!

We were so lucky to have such a beautiful day. The next day autumn really arrived and it has rained ever since, it was meant to be!

And my personal favourites. Mary is like a mermaid transforming from the sea and coming ashore.

We also of course took some daft selfies!

Sorry Mary, had to photobomb you!


It's not often I get to see actual photos of me shooting, and I love this one!

Me, Charlotte and Mary.

So, if we can do it, if 3 independent plus size women can come together and show plus size clothes on plus size women, why can't you?

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx

ps. Plus size bloggers and models and gals, I want to work with you, so get in touch!


  1. I think this is inspiring, beautiful clothes and beautiful women xx

  2. This is absolutely incredible - I would happily buy and wear every single piece in this collection!

    1. thank you so much! Charlotte's designs are beautiful aren't they?

  3. Wow. You've captured the clothes beautifully! Listen up brands this is how you do it :)