Sunday, 30 July 2017

Colourpop Short and Sweet

I can never resist a Colourpop lip value set, and the 'Short and Sweet' set isn't one I would usually go for, but I ended up picking it up during a free worldwide shipping sale. When shipping is free, how could I resist?! It's full of summery colours and bright shades that are just perfect for a sunny day.

The pack contains a mixture of different types of lip products, two ultra satins, two ultra mattes, and an ultra glossy. It's a mini size kit, so each product is 0.64g rather than the usual 3.2g. It's a lot less product, but I quite like getting mini size products because they fit in even the tiniest of handbags, and if you are experimenting with colour, it doesn't feel like such a waste of product if you don't like a colour. I usually give my Mum any shades that don't work for me! They come in a little cardboard box with their names printed on the back. It would be a really cute present for someone, even though the box is just a cardboard box.

Left to right - 

Love Muffin (ultra satin)
Sugar Lips (ultra glossy)
Schnookums (ultra satin)
Pooky Bear (ultra matte)
Honey Pie (ultra matte)

Love Muffin is a really cute pastel pink, it's a very wearable day to day colour for me. Sugar Lips is a bit of an 'iffy' one. I don't like lip gloss as a rule, and I struggled to get good coverage with it like the swatches on the Colourpop website show. However, I think it would be a really cute topper to add some glitter to a look. Schnookums is probably my favourite of all the shades, I love a rosy tone and I can see myself reaching for this one regularly. Pooky Bear is maybe a little bit too orange toned for me, I'll brave most lip colours, but me and orange do not get on. I knew it would be my least favourite colour when I ordered it, and I was right. Honey Pie is a really stunning red, just leaning into pink, with blue undertones. Exactly the sort of undertones I love in a red!

All the swatches are one swipe, excluding Sugar Lips, which was almost impossible to get a good swatch with. They dry down nice and quickly and don't budge unless you eat oily food. I always wear Colourpop's ultra satins and ultra mattes on nights out because I know I won't need to reapply.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Blogosphere Magazine : BloodyMary Metal

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

I'm in Blogosphere Magazine!

When I started blogging, I never really thought any cool things would happen because of it. In reality, I've met some incredible people, had my writing published online, been featured on different websites, and even gotten recognised in real life once or twice. One thing I always dreamed of, was being published in an actual print magazine. And I'm utterly thrilled to say that I can cross this off my list!

I'm so proud to say that I'm featured in issue 13 of Blogosphere Magazine. I'm so blown away!

I have to say huuuuuuuuuuge thanks to GG of She Might Be Loved for this, because she edited the section I'm featured in and she chose me! She's forever championing me and she legit made me do a little cry with what she wrote about me.

I mean how sweet is that!? I can't believe someone thinks like that about me. I'm also featured alongside a bunch of my favourite babes, including Zoe of IKIWN, Nancy of Sugar, Darling?, Steph of Nerd About Town and Holly of Pretty Big Butterflies. All absolute babes I adore!

And then of course in true Kitty style, here I am in print, comparing myself to Ric Flair. Because of course I am. Huge thanks to Shannon Swift for these amazing photos of me, I need to redye my hair and get back in front of her camera again soon!

You can find Blogosphere Magazine in WHSmiths and independent newsagents, and you can subscribe to the quarterly magazine on their website. It's a really gorgeous magazine and I'll definitely be picking it up again.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Sunday, 23 July 2017

A Trip To BloodyMary Metal

For our first wedding anniversary, me and Stu took a trip to Perranporth in Cornwall with some of our best friends. I realised while we were there that we were incredibly close to BloodyMary Metal's base. And if you know us at all, you'll know we are both big fans of BMM, so we had to go and at least have a look!

Of course, in true Kitty and Stu style... neither of us could resist shinies once we actually saw them in the flesh. We had some money saved up, and our families very finally gave us some money for our wedding anniversary, so it seemed it was meant to be that we would have some BMM to remember the day by.

In a case of things that were really meant to be, there was one Lemmy ring left in stock, so it had to be Stu's. Both of us wear a lot of rings all day every day, and all Stu had space for was a pinky ring. And this ring was the perfect size for his pinky!

 I fell totally head over in heels with this absolute piece of art. Just look at it! So intricate and pretty, and just the right amount of goth. Obsessed. I had a pointer finger free on my left hand and BMM kindly resized it for me to fit. I also left my mini crescent moon stacker right with them that needed resizing. Stu had bought it for me for my wedding ring finger several years ago, but now we're married that finger is otherwise occupied, so it needed to be a bit bigger to join the stack of BMM rings on my right pointer finger. We popped back in a couple of days to pick them up and they've even hammered out the damage I'd done to the moon ring accidentally catching it, without even mentioning it. What absolute sweethearts!

I'm such a fan of BMM anyway, and their headquarters are lovely and friendly too. Hopefully we'll get to pop back again some day.

Much love,

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Our First Wedding Anniversary

Back on 4th June, Stu and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We were away on holiday in Cornwall with some of our best friends and spent the night on the beach eating cheesy chips. Bliss! I thought it was about time I actually shared what we got each other, because I think we both did pretty awesome. Traditionally different years of marriage are associated with different items; for your first wedding anniversary in the UK it is paper. I had been racking my brain for a good idea and paper finally gave me the inspiration I needed.

When Stu was married previously (I'm his second wife), he had a lot of art work by the artist Ed Org. When he moved out he left basically everything behind, including all of his beloved Ed Org prints. I decided to buy him a signed artist proof and really hoped he would like it. Thankfully, he really did! It's an unusual size so we need to get it professionally framed but it really does deserve that.

Stu actually bought me 3 presents and spoilt me rotten, but I forgot to photograph the other thing he got me, oops! He got me the Ladybird book on 'How to be a wife'. It's all kinds of ridiculous and a cute gift. Stu's gifts had both the paper theme, and were inspired by our first dance. He got me an original limited edition vinyl of Skid Row's I Remember You. Skid Row were the band that brought us together and dancing to I Remember You is such a precious memory from our wedding day.

He also got me this awesome sound wave of I Remember You! I love personalised presents like this and maybe did a small cry. Maybe. OK I definitely cried. He gave me such thoughtful and beautiful presents, they couldn't have been more perfect for our first wedding anniversary. I'm so lucky!

If you need inspiration for your wedding anniversary presents, I highly recommend checking out what the material is for your year, it really helped us both!

Much love,
Kitty xxx

Sunday, 16 July 2017

How I Dealt With Being Ghosted By A Friend

Ghosting. A quick google describes the term as meaning 'the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.' (Google 2017). Most of the time people think of ghosting as a way that people escape from online dating gone poorly, or from a potential partner they aren't interested in. They simply stop texting back, or replying online, and the guy you met on POF gets the message you aren't interested, without having to do the awkward conversation about how it's not you, it's me. It's an easy out. And I've totally recommended people do it before when they've met people who turned out to be hideous who wouldn't take no for an answer, it can be a safer option to avoid someone who is being emotionally abusive, or relentless in their desire to contact you when you don't want them to. Ghosting is something relatively new to our society with the rise of social media and online dating, but ghosting isn't exclusive to intimate relationships. I was ghosted by someone I considered a dear friend, so here's my story.

For ease, I'm going to call my friend Laura throughout. Laura is not her real name. I met Laura when I was about 19. We had a lot of mutuals, and were both going to university but commuting from our home town rather than living in halls. We spent many afternoons drinking soft drinks in the pub (I was teetotal at the time), I would cat sit for her when she went away on holiday, the night her then boyfriend proposed I was one of the first to know, when I left my last relationship she was there for me, and then suddenly, silence. 

At first, I figured she was really busy. She had a new job, she wasn't much of one for social media, we just kept missing each other. Then there was a night out in which a group of us met up and Laura was there too. I walked in and waved a hello and she looked right through me. It was weird, I told myself she must not have seen me, despite the fact that there can't be many other 5ft 11 women with pink hair in our home town. We didn't speak the whole night. I tried to get her attention a few times but she wasn't having any of it. I have social anxiety, and really worry about social situations, so the longer the night went on, the more I panicked and didn't dare go over.

The next day I told myself I must have done something to upset her, or maybe she'd had a bad day. I went back over our last conversations and nothing struck me as something that could have been misinterpreted, or accidentally offensive. And believe me, I poured over them. As time went on, we'd be involved in group conversations and she would completely ignore my responses. It truly was like I was a ghost, like she couldn't see what I was saying, or that I was physically in front of her even. Mutual friends noticed her ghosting me and asked her what the problem was, she claimed to have no issue and was fine with me. This went on for a long time before I did anything.

After a year or more, I couldn't take it any more. I couldn't see her name pop up on Facebook and know she was ignoring me. I couldn't be in the group conversations and have her act like I didn't exist. I couldn't bear to allow her to continue to ghost me any more. It hurt too much to see someone I had cared about so much act like I didn't exist. I spent so much time wondering what I had done to deserve being ghosted. I cried too much for the end of a friendship.

For my own mental health, after much heart break and upset, I decided that the best thing to do was block her, on all social media. Almost immediately, I felt lighter. No longer seeing her name, being able to actively see her ignore me, it made being ghosted so much easier. I could no longer see her ignoring me. I took her power away by blocking her when she was making a show of ignoring me. It was one of the best decisions I could have made, and it made grieving the end of the friendship easier. 

It has been several years now, and I've still not heard from Laura. We've been at gatherings together, we've even been out for meals together in a group, and she's never so once so much as looked at me. While I blocked her on social media and highly recommend this to anyone who experiences ghosting from this end, I've never changed my phone number. If she wanted to talk about whatever happened she could. But I guess she doesn't want to. Blocking Laura was 100% the right decision for me. It enabled me to be able to process the situation properly and move on. It was a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I was no longer tormented by even the sight of her name, which had previously broken my heart every day. I was able to remove myself from the situations that caused me pain, and I am grateful for that block feature!

A friendship ending can be harder than a relationship break up. It still involves betrayal, heart ache and pain, but sometimes it can seem so much more unexplained. You have to take care of yourself, and being able to block or mute people on social media can be a fantastic tool to help self care. I never reached out and asked what Laura's issue was, because I just couldn't bring myself to do it, and she was so adamant to our mutuals that there wasn't an issue. I don't regret not reaching out. And now, several years later, I don't miss her, and it doesn't hurt like it did. Now I look back and know she wasn't the person I thought she was, because a real friend would have told me if I'd messed up so we could deal with the situation, not just vanished. If I screw up, call me out on it. That's what real friends do If she didn't respect me enough to tell me what was wrong, I didn't care enough to ask.

Stepping away and blocking her was the healthiest thing I could do, and it's made my life a lot easier. There are still times we are in the same place or invited to the same events, and she still ignores me and acts as if my smol giant plus size self is invisible. And that's OK. I deserve better than that, and I have better than that. And I won't let someone treat me like that. I have no interest now in ever trying to resolve what happened, because as far as I'm concerned, nothing did. I will happily burn that bridge, because who wants a friend who can treat them like that?

I never thought I'd be ghosted, because I always thought it was something that happened in dating, but it's not. If you've been ghosted by a friend know that you deserve better, and please do not blame yourself. Sometimes people have their own issues that they can't deal with and they take it out on you, or they just aren't the person you thought you knew. Hit that block button and free yourself of that pain, and know that you are not alone. You are not alone, and you deserve better.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

5 Things I Love About Summer

Now I have to admit, I am not the biggest fan of summer. Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year, and to get to autumn, we have to do summer. In an effort to stay positive in the heat, I thought I'd share my 5 favourite things about summer!

1) Being barefoot.

If I am in my house or in my garden, I am barefoot. I love not wearing shoes and wish I didn't have to wear them half as much, so the second I get the chance, off they come! There's something about the earth underneath your feet that feels right. I love it.

2) Ice cream!

Ice cream, ice lollies, milkshakes, ice, I love a good cold dessert. I'm especially loving Aldi's gin and tonic ice lollies this year which absolutely taste like gin. NOM.

3) Mini dresses

Skies out, thighs out! Summer means dresses, and at 5ft 11 that usually means they are super short. I hated my legs for a long time, but am learning to love them. Armed with a pair of chub rub shorts (my personal faves are by Chaffree, and you can get 10% off their range with the code shemightbe10), I practically live in dresses in summer.

4) Being outside.

There's not much more I love than a Sunday session in the pub sat outside on the picnic benches. I'm not much of a drinker, but I love being outside and just chilling out with our friends. We can spend hours just chatting outside in good weather, and when it's really lovely you can easily stay outside once it eventually gets dark too! Just remember to lather up that sun tan lotion so you don't burn!

5) The long days.

I'm so much more productive when the sun is shining! As soon as it gets dark, I get sleepy and all I can think about is my bed. Winter makes me want to curl up on my sofa and just curl up with our animals and watch movies, but give me light and my energy goes right up. I think a lot of that is tied in with having a vitamin D deficiency too, I literally need the sun more to give me energy so I can be peppy and get to work. Light seems to help in so many ways, it helps so much with mental health and just feeling better about myself. I know so many with seasonal depression and seeing them do better in the summer is just wonderful. The long days mean barbecues and garden picnics and more adventures, it just feels like you have so much more time. I love it!

What are your favourite things about summer? I'd love to know.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Perks of Being a Wildflower : Persuede Me

Friday, 7 July 2017

Colourpop Perks of Being A Wildflower

As any of my readers know by now, I'm a bit Colourpop obsessed. I've always been a purple toned lipstick kind of a gal, but since I first got my mitts on their lipsticks I've gone wild and want every colour. Like Pokemon, but with lipstick, gotta have 'em all! I'd never been one for the more natural and nude tones, but now I really am. So I had to pick up the Sonya Esman lippie stix collab 'Perks of Being a Wildflower'.

This is a set of what Colourpop call their 'on the go' lippie stix, they are a mini size, at .55g per lippie instead of the usual 1.0g. Slightly over half the weight, but definitely half the size in terms of the packing, making them really handy to throw in your handbag. They'd fit in even the smallest of bags for a night out, or even a coin purse!

Left to right - 

California Lovers, Empire State of Mind, Toronto Terrace and St. Petersburg.

The set also includes a clear primer lippie stix, but that isn't visible in swatches so I didn't bother. I find it adds a good moisturising layer underneath them and stops any feathering at the edge of your lips.

California Lovers is a classic fawny tone, maybe a little pale for me as I have incredibly pale lips naturally and need a bit more pigmentation for my personal tastes. Empire State of Mind is a slightly coral toned peach, this is one I'll more than likely end up giving to my Mum as I'm not a fan of coral tones on my skin. Toronto Terrace is lush, a more brown toned shade, I love the cool tones in it. And St. Petersburg is a fantastic house brick sort of red. I love this one and I know it'll be a shade I reach for a lot, especially in autumn.

I'm a big fan of these mini sets because they encourage me to try out colours I wouldn't otherwise give a go, and sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised!

Much love,
Kitty xxx

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Colourpop Persuede Me

I've always been a gal who loved a bright lipstick, so discovering my love for nudes this year has been a revelation! I debated on this particular set for months before I finally snapped it up, mostly because it's a lot of paler colours that I wouldn't necessarily wear. In the end, armed with the knowledge that my Mum would love the colours I thought were too pale for me, it had to be mine.

This is Colourpop's Persuede Me collection. It contains 6 lippie stix in my personal favourite formula, the matte x formula. It's a super matte lipstick that is really comfortable to wear and I'm obsessed.

The lippie stix themselves are classic Colourpop, silver font on glossy white tubes that have a good sturdy click when you close them. The box itself is really cute for storage, it's got a chunky feel to it and is magnetic so it's not about to open and let your goodies inside escape.

I decided to do something I've not done before for swatches, and share photos in the shade, and in direct sunlight to show the way light can impact the colour on your skin.

Left to right this is Ziggie, Daydream, Le Freak, Goldie, Hotline and Upside Down. 

Ziggie is a deep terracotta shade, Daydream is a cool toned brown with a hint of purple, Le Freak is a stunning red wine sort of colour, Goldie is a traditional brick red, Hotline is a peachy pale brown, and Upside Down is a light peachy tone. 

Upside Down is definitely too pale for me. My natural lip colour is pretty pale and I'm not into that early 2000's look. Hotline is maybe a tad too pale, but with a darker liner under it it's workable. The rest are all shades I know I'll get a ton of wear out of. I think my absolute fave is Le Freak, I just love the deep wine tone of it, it's going to be a stand out for autumn for sure.

I'll be posting photos on my instagram of me wearing all the shades as I go along so be sure to follow me @kittyramblesalot and don't forget to enter the giveaway in my last blog here.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx