Our First Wedding Anniversary

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Back on 4th June, Stu and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We were away on holiday in Cornwall with some of our best friends and spent the night on the beach eating cheesy chips. Bliss! I thought it was about time I actually shared what we got each other, because I think we both did pretty awesome. Traditionally different years of marriage are associated with different items; for your first wedding anniversary in the UK it is paper. I had been racking my brain for a good idea and paper finally gave me the inspiration I needed.

When Stu was married previously (I'm his second wife), he had a lot of art work by the artist Ed Org. When he moved out he left basically everything behind, including all of his beloved Ed Org prints. I decided to buy him a signed artist proof and really hoped he would like it. Thankfully, he really did! It's an unusual size so we need to get it professionally framed but it really does deserve that.

Stu actually bought me 3 presents and spoilt me rotten, but I forgot to photograph the other thing he got me, oops! He got me the Ladybird book on 'How to be a wife'. It's all kinds of ridiculous and a cute gift. Stu's gifts had both the paper theme, and were inspired by our first dance. He got me an original limited edition vinyl of Skid Row's I Remember You. Skid Row were the band that brought us together and dancing to I Remember You is such a precious memory from our wedding day.

He also got me this awesome sound wave of I Remember You! I love personalised presents like this and maybe did a small cry. Maybe. OK I definitely cried. He gave me such thoughtful and beautiful presents, they couldn't have been more perfect for our first wedding anniversary. I'm so lucky!

If you need inspiration for your wedding anniversary presents, I highly recommend checking out what the material is for your year, it really helped us both!

Much love,
Kitty xxx


  1. Congratulations - and what interesting art work that is!

  2. Many congratulations, wishing you lots more happy anniversaries to come.

  3. Happy one year anniversary. Such lovely and thoughtful gifts, i like they are things you can keep in your home and enjoy.x

  4. great art work....Keep sharing more......

  5. Happy first wedding anniversary.