Colourpop Perks of Being A Wildflower

Friday 7 July 2017

As any of my readers know by now, I'm a bit Colourpop obsessed. I've always been a purple toned lipstick kind of a gal, but since I first got my mitts on their lipsticks I've gone wild and want every colour. Like Pokemon, but with lipstick, gotta have 'em all! I'd never been one for the more natural and nude tones, but now I really am. So I had to pick up the Sonya Esman lippie stix collab 'Perks of Being a Wildflower'.

This is a set of what Colourpop call their 'on the go' lippie stix, they are a mini size, at .55g per lippie instead of the usual 1.0g. Slightly over half the weight, but definitely half the size in terms of the packing, making them really handy to throw in your handbag. They'd fit in even the smallest of bags for a night out, or even a coin purse!

Left to right - 

California Lovers, Empire State of Mind, Toronto Terrace and St. Petersburg.

The set also includes a clear primer lippie stix, but that isn't visible in swatches so I didn't bother. I find it adds a good moisturising layer underneath them and stops any feathering at the edge of your lips.

California Lovers is a classic fawny tone, maybe a little pale for me as I have incredibly pale lips naturally and need a bit more pigmentation for my personal tastes. Empire State of Mind is a slightly coral toned peach, this is one I'll more than likely end up giving to my Mum as I'm not a fan of coral tones on my skin. Toronto Terrace is lush, a more brown toned shade, I love the cool tones in it. And St. Petersburg is a fantastic house brick sort of red. I love this one and I know it'll be a shade I reach for a lot, especially in autumn.

I'm a big fan of these mini sets because they encourage me to try out colours I wouldn't otherwise give a go, and sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised!

Much love,
Kitty xxx


  1. These shades are really nice! I've not heard of colour pop before. I'll have to try out the brand x

  2. All of those would look really nice for Fall!

  3. All these shades are really pretty and you are absolutely right its a great way to sample different colours.

  4. Ohh I love the deep red shade!! This sounds like a great set and love that it comes with a lip primer as well

    Laura x