Colourpop Short and Sweet

Sunday 30 July 2017

I can never resist a Colourpop lip value set, and the 'Short and Sweet' set isn't one I would usually go for, but I ended up picking it up during a free worldwide shipping sale. When shipping is free, how could I resist?! It's full of summery colours and bright shades that are just perfect for a sunny day.

The pack contains a mixture of different types of lip products, two ultra satins, two ultra mattes, and an ultra glossy. It's a mini size kit, so each product is 0.64g rather than the usual 3.2g. It's a lot less product, but I quite like getting mini size products because they fit in even the tiniest of handbags, and if you are experimenting with colour, it doesn't feel like such a waste of product if you don't like a colour. I usually give my Mum any shades that don't work for me! They come in a little cardboard box with their names printed on the back. It would be a really cute present for someone, even though the box is just a cardboard box.

Left to right - 

Love Muffin (ultra satin)
Sugar Lips (ultra glossy)
Schnookums (ultra satin)
Pooky Bear (ultra matte)
Honey Pie (ultra matte)

Love Muffin is a really cute pastel pink, it's a very wearable day to day colour for me. Sugar Lips is a bit of an 'iffy' one. I don't like lip gloss as a rule, and I struggled to get good coverage with it like the swatches on the Colourpop website show. However, I think it would be a really cute topper to add some glitter to a look. Schnookums is probably my favourite of all the shades, I love a rosy tone and I can see myself reaching for this one regularly. Pooky Bear is maybe a little bit too orange toned for me, I'll brave most lip colours, but me and orange do not get on. I knew it would be my least favourite colour when I ordered it, and I was right. Honey Pie is a really stunning red, just leaning into pink, with blue undertones. Exactly the sort of undertones I love in a red!

All the swatches are one swipe, excluding Sugar Lips, which was almost impossible to get a good swatch with. They dry down nice and quickly and don't budge unless you eat oily food. I always wear Colourpop's ultra satins and ultra mattes on nights out because I know I won't need to reapply.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

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  1. Ohh I'm loving the ultra satins and yes I like the idea of a pack of mini size ones, so you can see which realy suits you. Mich x

  2. I've heard a lot of this brand but have never used any of their products! I think I should now get hold of these. The colours look great for a party!

    1. I really love them and have SO much of their stuff now haha

  3. I love the last 3 shades! You can't beat a vibrant gloss!