Monday, 29 September 2014

Dreaming of jumpers!

As it starts getting colder, one thought immediately enters my mind, jumpers! I love jumpers. I want them all! I just love being wrapped up and all cosy, and I do love what I call a good 'ugly' jumper, so bad it's good.

I love halloween. I love jumpers, want!

These elbow patches are adorable!

I can see this with leggings for a night out looking cute.

It's purple. It has cats all over it. NEED!

Love me some animal print.

This jumper is now like, my dream winter jumper. Perfect goth goodness.

Sugar & Vice Ram Skull Sweatshirt £25

I own this jumper, it is so soft and wonderful and I wore it so much last year, and know I will again this year!

Little Miss Delicious Home Slice Pizza Sweatshirt £29.99

I was the first person to own this sweatshirt. And I looooooove it so much. It's ridiculously soft, my cat Patches adores me wearing it.

I love this kind of fluffy jumper. So snuggly!


I think this might be the greatest cardigan ever made.

Ridiculously amazing and perfect.

I know myself, and so many cat ladies who need this.

Can I please find a bag of gold so I can make a giant Modcloth order and finally stop dreaming about their designs and actually own some instead?

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx

Friday, 26 September 2014

Tattoo Take 2

I got my first tattoo back in May of this year by the fabulous Keely Rutherford. I fell totally in love and booked in with Keely to get another! This time Keely was guesting at Blind Eye Tattoo Co in Leeds, a great studio with amazing artists.

I ummed and aahed for a little while about whether or not I wanted to get the other leg matching, or carry on with the leg Keely had already tattooed. I decided to carry on with that leg, eventually I want it full of butterflies and moths. This is the moth I fell in love with, Daphnis Nerii, or, the oleander hawk moth.

How gorgeous right? I trust Keely completely, so gave her free reign to take this as inspiration and do what she wanted from there.

The stencil is on! Keely spent a lot of time picking exactly where to put it, my only request was that I wanted to be able to see it, as my first was on the back of my calf and I rarely catch a glimpse of it!

The outline all done :D

Keely's favourite colours match mine, purples, pinks, and turquoise! 

The babe herself tattooing away. I'm a creeper and snapped her while she wasn't looking.

The finished piece! I absolutely adore it. Keely is amazing and I cannot wait for round 3. My leg is the most beautiful leg ever!

I decided to treat Keely to something inspired by both of our favourite films, True Romance. What could have been more perfect than a Sugar & Vice Speech Bubble necklace with the final quote of the movie on it?

I think Keely liked it :D She posted this up on her instagram that evening after putting the necklace straight on. What a sweetheart! She also gifted me with a couple of her beautiful prints available in her shop <3 I need to find some adorable frames for these.


How gorgeous?!

My left leg is all going to by Keely, and I already have ideas for my other leg for her too. I just need more pennies! I cannot recommend Keely enough, she is a truly lovely person and unbelievably talented.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A Family Reunion.

Every year, my partner Stu's family have a reunion somewhere in the UK. This year it was in beautiful Whitstable at the end of August, on one of those last long, summer days. It was perfect weather for the day at the beach, with a hog roast, drink and games. I needed something comfy but cute as we were travelling down, and it was a hell of a drive!

I could not resist using my new burger bag. As we had a big bag for food, and hoodies etc, I could get away with a small handbag.

Dress by Hellbunny, bought second hand.
I love this dress. The pattern is adorable, my favourite spooky cute sort of look, and the dress is ever so comfortable too. The halterneck ties behind the neck making it reasonably adjustable for those who are bustier.

Eyeshadow is Sugarpill

How beautiful is this place? I'd love to go back and have more time there. The sea was so chilly, but I still paddled!

And a last selfie because why not! The wind at the beach always makes me glad to have naturally wavy/curly hair, I never have to worry about it being messy.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Monday, 22 September 2014

Halloween Goodies!

September has brought with it so many wonderful things, the best of which are Halloween themed goodies! I ordered some adorable things from ASOS, and I also received my Sugar & Vice subscription box :D :D

First up, my order from ASOS. I searched for Halloween on their website and picked my goodies from there :D They had a 25% off student day and I couldn't resist.

(fun fact, till 2 years ago I was scared of socks because I hated having my toes constricted so much)

Adorable, spooky, cute clutch bag! Made of pleather, and just so much fun. I love wearing all black and jazzing an outfit up with accessories and this is perfect for that. I plan to use it all year round.

And next, my Sugar & Vice Subscription box, known as the All Things Nice Subscription Box £35. Every 3 months a direct debit will take £39 (to also cover the postage) and you get £60 worth of goodies from the new Sugar & Vice collection, plus an exclusive subscription only item! Well worth it in my opinion. Sugar & Vice phased out their Lucky Dip option and this is the perfect alternative for a surprise 4 times a year. This box features The Witching Hour collection.

How cute is all the packaging? I was so excited! Buried under all the packaging was sweets and the actual jewellery. Normally Sugar & Vice jewellery arrives in clear plastic bags, this arrived in black, which made it an even longer surprise!

5 packages, I photographed each piece as I opened them, so exciting!

Dead Fly Charm Necklace £16

I looooved this necklace on the site, so was super happy to receive it. Creepy cute! I also love that this collection features a different Sugar & Vice label, a little coffin instead.

Raven Skull ring. Not currently on the website, this adjustable ring is a great addition to the collection. I like that it is backed with black.

Bat Wing Necklace £15

I just love this. The glittery heart, and bats are the cutest thing ever. A mix of matte black is just perfect.

Planchette Necklace £13

Gorgeous black glitter on a black chain, I love this. While I don't believe in the occult, I am fascinated by the things and beliefs that surround it.

I was also lucky to shoot some of the new collection with Missy Phillips. She was a lot of fun to work with and a fab model.

Harness by Malice

I cannot wait for more Halloween goodies to be available. I want them all!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx

Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Witching Hour

Sometimes I like to plan a whole outfit around a new accessory. Actually, I kind of do that alot. For this outfit, I had two new accessories I really wanted to wear so I plotted accordingly! I had a new necklace and a new belt, so an outfit they inspired!

Because I am a classy bird, thanks Mum for taking this photo in the yard at work.

Ashen decided to join in with me as well. I swear I am the most awkward looking person ever.

(please ignore the grass! We'd cut the grass the day before and I dragged some in from the garden)
Leggings - ASOS (no longer available)
Shoes - Dunlop

The belt and the necklace that inspired the outfit! As soon as I saw the belt I had to have it, non-leather goodness! The necklace is from Sugar & Vice's new collection The Witching Hour which I looooove.
Necklace - Sugar & Vice Raven Skull Necklace £14
Dress - ASOS (no longer available)

And a close up of the necklace. Also my new fringe which I cut in a wee bit short forgetting how much of a cow lick I have. Oh well, it'll grow!

I promise I am going to try and do more outfit posts. I've been so slack on them! I love this dress because it makes me feel like Alabama Worley.

Much love,