A prize and a mini haul!

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Recently Little Miss Delicious has been fundraising for the Brain Tumour Charity and part of that fundraising included a raffle, with so many goodies donated from a lot of amazing independant companies. I bought a few tickets and was so excited when I found out I had won one of the prize bundles! I never win competitions or raffles, so to be a part of something like this, and to win, was awesome.

As ever, with everything Maxine sends out, it arrived adorably packaged and with a cute handwritten note.

All the goodies!

I love cross-stitch! This was donated by Anbhz

Unicorn brooch from Janine Basil (who I am a big fan of, and who doesn't love unicorns!)
Ice cream brooch by Little Miss Delicious
Purse - unknown, so sorry!

Heart necklace is VelvetVolcano
Rose ring by MustDestroy Jewellery
Hair bow by Beauxoxo

Headband from Julie & The Knits - unfortunately I am allergic to wool, but I know someone who will love it.

How amazing is this prize? I am so proud of Maxine, and so pleased to see her be able to raise so much money for a cause that means so much to her. On the same day this package arrived, I also got a parcel from ASOS, yay!

I am fully aware that this clutch bag is totally ridiculous. But I love it and had to have it!

I kind of fell in love with this dress when I saw it on the ASOS website. I've been chasing a cute pinafore dress for soooo long and none have suited me, so I have my fingers crossed that this one would! It is black denim and so soft, it's lovely. It's in and out of stock so quickly, so if you see it in stock and want it, get it quick! However, on me, this looked and fitted so badly. The shoulder straps are non-adjustable and were way too long (and I'm 5ft11!), and it just clung in all the wrong places. Back it has gone and the hunt for a pinafore dress is still on.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx