Tattoo Take 2

Friday 26 September 2014

I got my first tattoo back in May of this year by the fabulous Keely Rutherford. I fell totally in love and booked in with Keely to get another! This time Keely was guesting at Blind Eye Tattoo Co in Leeds, a great studio with amazing artists.

I ummed and aahed for a little while about whether or not I wanted to get the other leg matching, or carry on with the leg Keely had already tattooed. I decided to carry on with that leg, eventually I want it full of butterflies and moths. This is the moth I fell in love with, Daphnis Nerii, or, the oleander hawk moth.

How gorgeous right? I trust Keely completely, so gave her free reign to take this as inspiration and do what she wanted from there.

The stencil is on! Keely spent a lot of time picking exactly where to put it, my only request was that I wanted to be able to see it, as my first was on the back of my calf and I rarely catch a glimpse of it!

The outline all done :D

Keely's favourite colours match mine, purples, pinks, and turquoise! 

The babe herself tattooing away. I'm a creeper and snapped her while she wasn't looking.

The finished piece! I absolutely adore it. Keely is amazing and I cannot wait for round 3. My leg is the most beautiful leg ever!

I decided to treat Keely to something inspired by both of our favourite films, True Romance. What could have been more perfect than a Sugar & Vice Speech Bubble necklace with the final quote of the movie on it?

I think Keely liked it :D She posted this up on her instagram that evening after putting the necklace straight on. What a sweetheart! She also gifted me with a couple of her beautiful prints available in her shop <3 I need to find some adorable frames for these.


How gorgeous?!

My left leg is all going to by Keely, and I already have ideas for my other leg for her too. I just need more pennies! I cannot recommend Keely enough, she is a truly lovely person and unbelievably talented.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx