Monday, 31 August 2015

August Favourites

August has been a crazy month, lots of life changes and different things happening, so my monthly favourites are a little bit out of the ordinary!

 Two huge things happened that changed my life. I blogged about them both so I'm not going to go into too much detail, but I have to mention them because they are total faves!

I had Botox for my chronic headaches and migraines. I cannot get over how much it has improved my life. I can tie my hair up, wash it whenever I like, I'm not in pain. It's absolutely incredible and I couldn't be happier!

We welcomed the gorgeous Sinbad into our lives. Since I posted about Sinbad, he has unfortunately had to have his eye removed due to increased inter ocular pressure in it, but he is the happiest and fussiest little man, and has been such a trooper throughout everything. His vet totally fell in love with him and said that he's the best cat he's ever met. Chuffed furbaby Momma right here! I already can't remember what it was like without him. He sleeps with us, sits with us, and is generally supervises us around the house no matter what we are doing. He sits on the bathmat when I have a shower even haha! What a cutie.

So those are the two biggies, now onto the more materialist stuff!

This is one of the cutest pieces I have ever owned, and perfect for the summer-autumn transition. The way it falls is lovely, and the print is adorable.

PunkyPins Butterfly Necklace £13

PunkyPins shared a photo of this on their facebook as a few samples for sale and I snapped one up. I adore butterflies, and the pastel colours are just so pretty. It ended up proving so popular they put it into their shop. I can see why!

I've been eyeing this top up for ages, and I just had to order it in the end to stop tormenting myself. And boy am I glad I did. I'm not blessed in the boobie department like most plus size ladies, and this top with a plunge bra really makes the best of what I've got! 

Sugar & Vice Dolls Eye Charm Necklace £30

 I snapped this up as an ex-photoshoot piece on Sugar & Vice's Depop after falling head over heels for it when it was first released. We were meant to be together. Creepy cute and glittery. Love.

KleanColor Lipstick in Purple Machine $1

I love this purple! It's totally different from anything I would usually wear, and it makes me feel like an alien princess. For a $1, it's a bargain. The staying power isn't amazing, but who cares with such a fab colour.

KleanColor Utopia Baked Eyeshadow $1

The purple colour in this is possibly my favourite purple I've ever had. And the staying power is brilliant! It lasts all day and doesn't shift, bloody brilliant. I seriously recommend checking out ShopMissA where I ordered the KleanColour makeup from!

I also had a totally amazing adventure to London to meet a bunch of babes and get tattooed... but that's a whole other blog post to come very soon!

I've been saving up for a large tattoo session, so that's it for this month! What were your favourites? And would you like to see more photos of the animals? Cause I can always share more!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*this item was gifted for review purposes, but all opinions presented about it are entirely my own.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Flower crowns and hair bows and glitter, oh my!

I recently blogged about my having Botox for the first time, as a treatment for my chronic headaches and migraines, and one of the things I was most excited about, was the possibility that I could wear hair accessories again! And I can! When I was younger, wearing hair accessories was totally my thing. I was known for huge hair bows and cat ears, and I was kind of heart broken when as my pain got worse, I couldn't wear them anymore.

But now I can... so I had to snap up a couple of bargains I found!

I discovered Roses & Clemetines on Depop and couldn't resist! They have beautiful flower crowns and bun flowers in beautiful colours, and make custom designs too. I grabbed this pastel rainbow headband for only £5 in a cheeky sale on Depop!

Aren't the colours just beautiful? Now my hair is my dirty blonde natural colour they stand out so well against it.

And I also picked up this pink bun flower for only £5 too! The bright pinks are lovely and really pop with my hair.

I popped my hair into a high pony tail, and made very loose rolls with sections of hair and roughly gripped them in place. I didn't want anything too 'perfect', with naturally curly hair I love messy up do styles.

It was a quick 2 minute job, and then the bun flower is secured round the bun with ribbon, and I popped a couple of extra grips into that to make sure it wasn't shifting too.

I am now lusting over aaaaaall the hair accessories and wishing I had a Fairy Godmother to buy me them all! :D

Ever since I saw that Sugar & Vice had teamed up with Janine Basil I had been lusting over this. It's an adorable sort of nerdy and I love all the colours!

When you think of flower crowns, you have to think of Crown & Glory! I love the colours in this and the wildflower, it's exactly how I wish I could get my garden to look.

Creepy cute brilliance, and available in glow in the dark colours, I need it!

Hysteria Machine make incredible accessories, and these are one of the more suitable for regular wear... if you are like me at least! I love antlers and deers, and the pastel tones are so cute.

Where are your favourite places to shop for hair accessories? I'm so out of touch with them, I need links!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Cynical Fashion Magazine : A Dash of Colour

I totally forgot to share this publication when it came out, how terrible of me! So I thought better late than never and I may as well share it now.

Alivya V Free wears flower crowns she made for her company Creations by Liv Free in Cynical Fashion Magazine.

I don't really shoot classic beauty photos, people see me as an 'alternative' photographer so don't want them of me. However Liv trusts me and we shoot very creatively together, and I just adore these.

Three different looks, for three different flower crowns!

We went for three different locations and colour tones to suit each flower crown. First, a bright set full of contrast for the red.

Then a softer, more delicate set with a purple wall for the purple crown.

And finally, a teal wall and grey makeup to bring out the tones of the grey flowers.

Liv is always a pleasure to shoot, I adore her.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Autumn Fashion is Coming

AW 2015 fashions are finally here, and I have so much lust! Festival fashion has creeped into the next season in the form of fringing and seventies boho, and mustard seems to be the prevailing colour theme. I've never quite been a fan of mustard, but it has really grown on me lately!

So seventies, and so much fun. This would be easy to dress up or down, and is also available in black.

Side split tees are a huge trend that is growing as the year goes on. The colours of this are so autumnal, and I love how it's been styled here.

It's a cape dress. I don't think I've ever seen a dress so bad ass, it's like the most glam super hero outfit ever.

The cut of this coat, is just so gorgeous and unusual, I adore skater dresses and this is such a cute way to take it into outerwear.

The neon trim on the shoulder straps is so fun, perfect for later summer parties and those lovely autumn nights. And so comfy to boot!

What are you lusting over right now?

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Shop Miss A Haul

It's been a little while since I featured a proper haul on the blog, and even longer for a makeup haul! I don't spend much on makeup, I'm pretty terrible at applying it, so I tend to opt for bright fun colours that suit my personality rather than anything too fancy. When I saw my friend Kiera Rose do a Youtube blog about Shop Miss A and mention they sent her some cosmetics, I was curious if any were cruelty free and had to go sneak a look.

Everything is only $1, and they actually stock several cruelty free brands, including Elf Cosmetics, Klean Color and LA Colors. For the price I was really pleasantly surprised, and thought I'd give it a go! I spent a total of $26 on cosmetics, and shipping was $9.95, which is a brilliant price for international!

Elf Cosmetics Brushes - Various

I can never have enough makeup brushes! I'm terrible for not washing them, so new brushes were a must!

Klean Colour Eye Shadow

As you can see, the green shade broke in transit. It's a shame, because they were really amazingly well packaged! It's a risk you take with pressed eye shadow and certainly won't put me off ordering from them again.

Klean Color Nail Varnish

A black glitter, and the purple is a 3D texture! I think it'll be great fun to try out. 3D textures in nail varnish do intrigue me.

Elf Cosmetics Mascara

Cruelty free mascara that is cheap is a real struggle, so I snapped this up to try!

Klean Colors Kleanista Lipstick

I love the trend for unusual shades of lipstick, so I had to give these a go!

These smell amazing, and feel really moisturising. The colour pay off was pretty good too, I wasn't expecting much at $1 and these are a bargain!

OK, so the purple is totally my favourite. I love that colour so so much, vampy gothic goodness!

The peachy colour, a nice everyday shade.

And the pinky tone, it's a bit brighter in real life.

Klean Colour Liquid Eye Liner

Liquid eye liner isn't something I've ever really gotten on board with, but I had to try these colours, and the packaging looks like a total 80's throwback which charmed me.

LA Color Jumbo Eye Liner

Electric blue, so 80's I couldn't resist, and more of a crayon style too!

The top is the LA Colors, and the bottom two are the liquid eye liners from Klean Colors. The green is gorgeous!

Klean Colour Eye Shadow

I can't resist purple and green tones in case you haven't guessed yet!

Klean Color Eye Shadow

These are loose powders, and arrived in mint condition,

Klean Color Utopia Baked Eye Shadow

Now this one intrigued me! The swirl of colours is so pretty, and the idea is that you can apply them individually, or together. I cannot wait to try this one!

I also got an Elf Cosmetics jumbo eye liner and some nail transfers that I forgot to photograph in my excitement.

I cannot wait to create different looks with these and would definitely recommend giving Shop Miss A a go! They also sell jewellery, hair accessories, charms and other accessories, all at $1. I went for the cosmetics because they are reputable brands I had heard of, I'd stay away from the body jewellery at that price, but if I order again I'm certainly going to give the hair accessories a go.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Georgia Honey

I haven't been doing as many photoshoots as I would like recently because of my chronic pain, but I did manage to squeeze in a photoshoot with the lovely Georgia Honey. Georgia is a burlesque performer, model, belly dancer, pole dancer and hula hooper! A seriously multi-talented lady.

As soon as Georgia showed me this gorgeous Agent Provocateur lingerie, I had to shoot her in it! It's so detailed and lovely, and Georgia's flamingo bedding was the perfect backdrop.

She has just moved house, and much like I did when I moved, she is having to strip so much wallpaper! So we decided to turn it into a cute pin up inspired set.

Georgia also has the super cute purple wall that was just asking to be shot against. A pastel pin up set was the way to go with lots of cheeky facial expressions!

How could I resist this necklace and shorts combo?! They might be the best pair of shorts I've ever seen! Aren't they amazing?

Georgia is a real sweetheart and a lot of fun to shoot with.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

Sunday, 16 August 2015

I'm 27, and I had Botox.

On the 5th August, I had Botox for the first time. I am 27 years old. Until relatively recently, I still got ID'd even. I had Botox for quite an unusual reason. I have Botox for medical reasons, to help with chronic headaches and migraines. I am absolutely for full body autonomy, so if someone wants to get Botox for cosmetic reasons, awesome! My Botox was somewhat different, because it designed to specifically freeze the muscles and nerves that cause my chronic pain.

The morning of my appointment, I looked like crap to say the least. I had no idea if I would approved for the Botox treatment, but after 6 years of pain every single day, I was desperate. I've tried dozens of different medications, and had acupuncture, and all they did was take the edge off. I decided to not wear makeup, I didn't want to hide the reality of being in pain every day. Thanks to instagram filters, this is quite flattering, the bags under my eyes and my dark circles aren't too obvious. I hadn't washed my hair for 5 days, because the pain in my head meant it was too much to wash my hair regularly.

My appointment was in a private hospital. I was referred as an NHS patient however. It was very fancy and had free hot chocolate, that I had to have!

I went in and spoke to my neurologist, he asked me about the treatments I have had, and I showed him the pain diary I have kept for the last 3 months. He began to talk about various medications I hadn't tried and my heart sank. I wasn't going to have Botox. I was going to have to try more medication first. And then, he uttered the words 'after the treatment today' and I couldn't hear anything else. I was fighting back tears immediately. He believed me, he wanted to help me. He wanted to give me Botox. I was so happy!

And then, the Botox. I had 36 injections, 12 in my forehead, 12 in my scalp behind my ears and slightly above them, and the rest in the base of my scalp and my neck. And oh my gosh did the ones in my forehead hurt. There was no more holding back those tears! A few minutes of deep breathing, and it was done. My next appointment was made for November and on I went!

I took these immediately after my appointment, hence the red crying eyes! You can see where one of the injections made me bleed, and the slight lumps I had from the Botox.

It was glorious sunshine when I left and we drove back. It was beautiful. I was so happy, and so excited!

Couldn't stop grinning. I had so much hope for how the treatment would work. The neurologist had told me that for 9 in 10 patients, the pain would be improved by 70%. I had everything crossed! I went to bed early that night, my forehead hurt and I was tired.

And the next day. The next day I woke up, and I didn't hurt.

For the first time in 6 years, I wasn't in pain. And I cannot even begin to explain how that felt. Since then, the Botox has settled more, and I have been basically pain free! My forehead and the injection points were sore for a few days, and my jaw has still been a little painful because I clench it out of habit and grind my teeth.

I rang Stu that first morning, and he laughed the most amazing laugh when I told him I wasn't in pain. It was the most beautiful sound.

I had to share this. It was too funny not to! I can't move my eyebrows anymore, no more The Rock impressions for me!

Got any questions? Please feel free to ask away!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx