Cynical Fashion Magazine : A Dash of Colour

Tuesday 25 August 2015

I totally forgot to share this publication when it came out, how terrible of me! So I thought better late than never and I may as well share it now.

Alivya V Free wears flower crowns she made for her company Creations by Liv Free in Cynical Fashion Magazine.

I don't really shoot classic beauty photos, people see me as an 'alternative' photographer so don't want them of me. However Liv trusts me and we shoot very creatively together, and I just adore these.

Three different looks, for three different flower crowns!

We went for three different locations and colour tones to suit each flower crown. First, a bright set full of contrast for the red.

Then a softer, more delicate set with a purple wall for the purple crown.

And finally, a teal wall and grey makeup to bring out the tones of the grey flowers.

Liv is always a pleasure to shoot, I adore her.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx