Festwich Fashion

Saturday 9 August 2014

The last weekend of July myself and Stu took his boys to a free festival called Festwich in Prestwich, Manchester. It was held over 2 days and features heavy metal and rock cover bands and is family friendly. We had such an amazing time! So much fun, well run, and the staff were all lovely. The highlights of the weekend bandwise for me were Mentallica, Knotslip, Guns or Roses and Ozzbest.

Fashion went somewhat wayside for the weekend as comfort was going to be key for 2 days in a field with the boys, as you know I had them up on my shoulders for the bands! They absolutely loved it :D I decided on one skirt to keep the packing light, and to take 2 t shirts with me, nice and easy.

My amazing sunglasses were super cheap from Ebay!

Stu got his cowboy hat from Sonisphere

The outfit! Skirt is from last summer from New Look, shoes are Dunlop low tops, and the tshirt is from the most recent Skid Row tour, modified by me! I wore leggings I'd cut into shorts underneath the skirt for comfort, meaning my tattoo was on show for once.

This was day 1. It was boiling and I tanned like crazy. My hair went up after about 10 minutes outside with it down haha! Classy photos taken in the car park by Stu.

Day 2 was the same skirt, with a different modified tshirt, this time the Lucipurr shirt in sold out limited edition orange from BlackCraftCult.

I wore different sunglasses the 2nd day. As much as I adore the other shades, because of my chronic pain they aren't the most comfortable, and as I was driving back from the festival late at night, comfy was the key to minimal pain, so cat eye sunglasses from Ebay it was!

I loved how I modified both of my tshirts, I also modified Stu's tshirts into vests with a different neckline for him for the weekend as well. He is now addicted and keeps bringing me more to do! It's super easy, maybe I should write a blog about it?

Festwich was amazing, and if you get the chance you should totally go!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx