July Favourites

Wednesday 6 August 2014

Monthly favourites are one of my favourite tags on YouTube, so I thought I'd give it a go on here instead! It won't be done necessarily every month as usually I'm pretty skint, but in July I did ok and got a few new bits I adore so wanted to share.

So first up is easy. It has to be dying my hair brown! I am so glad I did this. I ummed and aahed for a long time about going back to something that my natural colour might look like, I haven't seen it in a long time, and I love it. It looks thicker, it looks better, and I'm finding that colours I wouldn't have previously worn as eye makeup work now, yay! Huge thanks to Kerry and Kirsty for doing it for me.

Barry M Aquarium Nail Effects - Mediterraneum

This nail varnish looks so pretty in the light, and lasted so well, I wore it for a full week and it barely needed touching up. Lush!

Sugar & Vice Art Deco Arrow necklace £11

I got this necklace from the lovely sailorwookiee on instagram. I love purple, I love the glitter, it's small and cute and I love the mix of the wood in there as well.

Pineapple bag from Asda £8

I could not resist this bag when I went in for some food shopping. Seriously, it's so goddamn adorable! Sarah from Sugar & Vice informed me she has the watermelon version of this. I must have it. I need it! Why did my store not have it?!

Sugar & Vice Palm Tree Necklace £13
Palm Tree Maxi Dress from New Look Inspire

I love this whole outfit. The necklace is another from sailorwookiee, and the dress was a bargain on sale. It's my new favourite! Super comfy and it can be easily dressed up or down.

Sugar & Vice Aztec Arrow Necklace £13

My necklace is a slightly different version than on the website as it was a prototype from their depop. It is gorgeous. The mix of materials and patterns, the size, it's totally different from anything I owned and I got a lot of compliments on it. Depop is my new favourite app for finding bargains!

Eco Tools make up brushes

Animal friendly, eco-conscious and synthetic brushes. These are so soft and perfect for travel.

Sugar & Vice Melon Slice necklace £15
Sugar & Vice one of a kind wooden ram skull necklace, available in acrylic for £12

As soon as I saw that wooden ram skull necklace on depop I had to have it. The detail is absolutely stunning. I have it in the black as well, but this just totally blew me away. My melon necklace is slightly different from the website as it isn't mirrored, but with my recent watermelon obsession I had to have it. So so cute. This particular necklace is only available on their etsy, but can also come in purple, and orange.

My final July favourite is Depop. It's a website for selling clothes and jewellery on, I follow Sugar & Vice and Crown and Glory on it, they list lots of prototypes and one offs to keep an eye out for. Bargains galore! I'm thinking of finding out some of my jewellery that I haven't actually unpacked since we moved into our bungalow a year ago as I clearly don't miss them!

Hopefully I will at least have one or two things to show you next month for my favourites.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx