Beauty Haul

Saturday 16 August 2014

After compiling my recent blog post all about beauty product wants, I ended up going into Boots and treating myself to a couple of different bits and pieces. Whoops! Here is what I got -

Barry M Nail Art Pen - Black
Barry M Aquarium Nail Effects - Mediterranean
Barry M Aquarium Nail Effects - Pacific
Barry M Classic Matte Nail Paint - Cancun

Eco Tools Mini Brushes
Eco Tools Eye Enhancing Duo Set

After I discovered the Barry M Aquarium Nail Effects on their website I couldn't resist trying them, and they are so lush! I use 3 layers to make sure my nails get a good covering. These look so amazing in the light, especially the pinky shade with gold tones. I wore the pinky colour for just over a week, with no top coat, and it lasted so well, it was very long lasting and chip proof. I just painted the blue colour yesterday so I can't comment on it's lasting ability but I suspect it will be the same. Surprisingly, the pinky colour is my favourite of these 2, it reflects light so well.

I have a weird sort of love-hate with matte nail varnish. I go through phases of adoring it, and others of disliking it. This teal colour was so gorgeous I had to get it. Boots were running a buy one get one half price on Barry M which I can never say no to. With matte varnish you can't use a top coat because obviously it sort of defeats the purpose of it, and it isn't as chip proof as the others, but it lasted well for a weekend or so.

I haven't used the nail art pen yet but I plan to soon!

I also got these awesome new brushes from a company I hadn't heard of before, Eco Tools.  They are an eco-conscious company who are animal friendly which is so important to me. The handles of the brushes are made of bamboo, and the brush itself is the softest synthetic fibre! Good quality synthetic brushes are hard to find, and these are wonderful. The two pack is double-ended, and comes in a reusable pouch so is perfect for travelling. The mini brushes also come in a little plastic pack you can keep them in which is super nifty. These were also buy one get one half price in Boots and I highly recommend them.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx


  1. The pink colour is gorgeous! I've got a set of Eco Tools brushes and I adore them! Their powder brush is so soft and floofy, I love it. They hold up incredibly well too, I've had mine almost a year and clean them once a week and so far no problems!

    1. oh that is great to know! I have to admit, I only bought eye brushes because I only wear eye makeup, but I am so sold on them, my Mum bought some from my recommendation hehe :)