Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Navabi Summer Sale!

By now it should be pretty obvious that Navabi are one of my favourite plus size retailers. They consistently offer beautiful, high end designer pieces, alongside more affordable options too. Their customer service is always exemplary, and everything I own from them is incredible quality. I wanted to share some of my favourites from their summer sale!
Knotted jersey dress

So I know monochrome isn't quite the usual summer fare, but this just screams European fashion. I love pairing stripes with solid blocks of colour, a pop of colour in your shoes and bag and this is so cute.
Long line lace kimono jacket

OK, so this isn't in the sale, but I can never resist a long line lace jacket! A good cover up is a must for those summer barbecue that go on into the night. The wide sleeves are a beautiful touch.
Snake print cape jacket

Now this jacket is in the sale and it's like, the glam rock high fashion jacket of my dreams. I love snake print and leopard print and all that 'trashy' stuff, especially when it's done in a way people don't expect. Plus, a waterfall cut is always the way to add a chic layer to any outfit.
Digital print crop top

I have the skirt that matches this top and I absolutely love it. The material is so light weight and comfortable, I am in no doubt that the top would be the same! I've never owned a co-ord, but this is so cute I'm tempted.
Asymmetric dress

Now this dress is just perfection from LovedRobe. The pattern is stunning and the one shoulder style is so fabulous. I love it!
All-over print longline shirt

Thos Yoona shirt has such a fun pattern. If you're brave you could wear this as a dress, or pop a pair of jeans under it for more coverage. A British summer doesn't always mean the warmest of weather, but the light colours make it ideal.
Sequin dress

All sequins everything! This is pastel barbie perfection. Just wow. You'd be the highlight of any party in this dress.
All-over print maxi dress

The pale florals of this dress are so lovely, this is ideal for a summer wedding. Staying cool while staying chic.
A-line striped mid-length skirt

This skirt is like an ice cream made fashion. A good midi skirt is an absolute wardrobe essential and this is unbelievably adorable!

What are your summer essentials? For a limited time only, brand new customers to Navabi can get 10% off full price items using the code welcome16

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Thursday, 28 July 2016

A Morris-Wood Wedding : The Cakes

We had two cakes at our wedding. I know, but who doesn't love cake? A wedding cake is kind of a big deal, and if you can't have two cakes on your wedding day, when can you have two cakes?

Our cake was made by a family friend of ours, Beckie. It had 3 totally awesome tiers featuring some of the bands whose songs featured in the wedding. We had Guns N Roses 'Rocket Queen' in the ceremony while we signed the register, we left the ceremony to Metallica's 'Nothing Else Matters', and our first dance was to Skid Row's 'I Remember You'. We knew we didn't want a traditional style cake, and after a lot of hunting, Stu came across a wonky style tiered cake and fell in love with it. It was a hell of a challenge to make and Beckie nailed it. And the cake itself was absolutely lush! One layer of chocolate, one plain layer, and a coffee layer. I only ended up tasting the chocolate layer but it was so damn good. Your wedding day is so busy, we didn't even realise it was being served, but one of the waiters made a bee-line for us to make sure we got at least a slice each which was lovely.

One of the things we knew would be in the wedding right from the moment we started planning was nods to True Romance. I asked my faves Sugar & Vice if they could make us a cake topper like a necklace they made me once, and they happily obliged. I love it so much! To have one of my favourite indy brands on our cake on our wedding day made me so happy. It's also a brilliant keepsake, I just need to come up with an idea for how to display it in the house.

And our second cake, made by local cheese company Lincolnshire Poacher and decorated by me! This one was totally on my Mum and Stu who read somewhere about wedding cheese cakes and decided we had to have one. Lincolnshire Poacher offer a bunch of different options for wedding cheese cakes in different sizes and types of cheese. We opted for a pretty big one as we decided that instead of dessert in the day, we would provide biscuits and chutney and the guests could have cheese instead. Not all cheese is vegetarian, so I made sure to query it and the only veggie cheese they have is their own Lincolnshire Poacher. It made up our bottom layer at a whopping 7kg all on it's own! It went down so well and the guests seemed really amused by a cheese cake, that was a cake made of cheese, rather than a cheesecake.

We bought the butterflies on Amazon and decorated it the night before the wedding. Lincolnshire Poacher delivered the cheese in wrapped individual wheels and we constructed it ourselves. We cut this cake in the day, and the cake-cake in the evening so both sets of guests saw us cut cake. One of the funniest moments of the whole day was hearing our Master of Ceremonies Jack announce 'Stu and Kitty are now going to cut the cheese!'. We're such grown ups. We joked about him saying it so he did, so very us!

Looking at wedding cakes on Pinterest has become one of my favourite things. There are so many incredible different options, what did you have?

All photography by the forever amazing ClickClickBang Photography.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Trying out Milani Lip Products

At this point you guys realise that I'm pretty obsessed with lip products. I'm forever trying out different colours and brands, and a matte lip especially is my favourite. I've seen so many Youtubers talking about Milani that I had to try them out! Milani are cruetly free, but not vegan, some of their products may be vegan but it would need some research into their ingredients.

I love a matte lipstick and I'm loving brown tones at the moment, so I picked out the Milani Colour Statement Matte Lipstick. I opted for shade 69 'Beauty'. There were deeper browns but a lot of the shades I was interested in were out of stock when I ordered.

And the thing that had really peaked my interested, the Amore Mattalic Lip Creme. A metallic matte! I picked Automattic Touch which is the pink shade, and Raving Matte which is the purple. All of the packaging is gold toned, the mattalics have a sturdy feel to them, but the matte lipstick feels really cheap and plasticy which was disappointing.

I forgot to take a photo before I swatched the lipstick, hence the slightly smushed end. In the heat we've had lately the lipstick was pretty creamy and it wasn't the most happy about being applied. You can see a better idea of the packaging here which I felt let down by. For £5.99 I expect more from packaging.

The mattalics have a very long applicator, the longest I've seen on a liquid lipstick, and it is curved slightly. The first thing I noticed upon opening these was the smell. It is so intense. They aren't described as having a smell on the website, but it's a really sickly sweet smell, like a combination of fake fruits and vanilla. I've never had a scented liquid lipstick before and I'm not sure I'd be opting for another. It's less obvious when actually applied to the lips but it's a seriously strong scent.

Left to right are Automattic Touch, Raving Matte, and Beauty. These are all one coat, taken in natural day light with no editing. I was impressed by the pigmentation of all the shades, and none were streaky at all. From the photos on the website I expected Automattic Touch to be more purple toned, but it's definitely a pink with a very tiny hint of purple, rather than a purple toned pink. Raving Matte is a true purple, and Beauty is a lovely mid-toned brown. The matte lipstick is incredibly creamy and didn't feel drying at all. The mattalics have a distinct hint of metallic. I find the idea of a matte metallic to be a bit of a misnomer, to be metallic you can't truly be matte, but I guess the idea is that they dry down in the same way a matte liquid lipstick does.

I had to test how smudge proof they were as they claim to be waterproof and 'kiss-approved', which hints at being kiss proof but doesn't actually say it. The lipstick as predicted smeared like any lipstick, but the mattalics were much sturdier. After about 3 minutes they weren't completely dried down and did smudge. The other brands I've tried dried down a lot quicker, and these are the most expensive I've tried. For £7.99 I expected more, but I do like the metallic look of  them. You need an oil to remove them as you do with most liquid lipsticks.

 Raving Matte                               Automattic Touch 


Considering how many bloggers rave about Milani, I was disappointed because they are pricier than I usually opt for. I really wanted to like them, but the smell of the mattalics is so overwhelming, it just did not work for me at all.

Have you tried any Milani products?

Much love,
Kitty xxx

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Halternecks and Flowers

I snagged myself 3 bargains in the Lindy Bop sale, and this is the last one I have to share. You can see the others here and here. This was the dress I felt I took the biggest risk with, as halternecks are always an interesting fit, but I am really pleased with it!

This is the 'Dominique', it has a black base and waist, with bright yellow, pink and red floral patterns. It has a frill on the lower hem which is a really sweet touch. The halterneck is nice and secured once tied, it didn't budge at all. It has a very light padding in the cups which meant I was safe without a bra. It isn't the most secure if you are larger busted, but I just about to got away with it. Though my Mum did insist on safety pinning the cross over section haha!

I couldn't resist pairing a girly dress with my trusty Matalan pleather jacket and black converses. I know, I know, I always style dresses the same way. But I'm still in love with this jacket and I wear it constantly. And obviously I had no objection to Ashen's smiley face posing with me! The shirring on the back of this dress means it's really comfy and the material is soft and lightweight. This is definitely going to be one of my go-to dresses for summer parties, and I hope they have it in more colour schemes and prints too.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

Thursday, 21 July 2016

A Morris-Wood Wedding : Robes by Silk and More

My Mum came up with a really beautiful idea for the morning of the wedding. She wanted to get all the girls matching dressing gowns to wear while we got ready. Super cute for the photos and an adorable keep sake too. These were a gift from my Mum that just made all the getting ready photos!

We ordered the robes from Silk And More who are based in India. They offer a lot of custom options and a really good size range. They fit very true to size, we were a little nervous and ordered a size up but really did not need to. You can add a lining to the robe if you want to, and also pockets are an additional option.

You can also customise the length of the robes, choosing from 6 different lengths, and you also get to give the height of the person wearing the robe to ensure they are just right! I'm 5ft 11 and it's the perfect just below knee length on me as ordered. The height options go from 4ft 9 to 6ft 3 so cover most people, and the sizes go from an extra small to a 4XL which is the equivalent to a size 28. They are generously sized so I think a 30/32 would be able to get away with a 4XL.

We got the same print in 3 different colours, I got a true purple, the bridesmaids had lilac, and my Mum, Auntie and Nanna all had pink. I loved that you could easily match with the print but also pick different colour bases.

They have a huge range of colours and prints that are just lovely. They are mostly florals, but there are also birds, butterflies and even chevron prints for a funkier look. I'm seriously tempted to get myself another one in a different colour because I love it so much!

They have a little tie for the inside of the dressing gown so there's no risk of any flashing which is always a good thing. I'm not a pajama kind of gal so if I'm rocking my dressing gown it's not usually with a whole lot underneath!

The robes totally made the photos from the morning and were such a beautiful gift. They took 3 weeks to be made and delivered all the way from India and are so lovely and soft. I can't speak highly enough of Silk And More! Perfect bridesmaid gifts, or a great place to treat yourself from just because you need a new summer robe.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

All photography by the incredible ClickClickBang Photography.