A Morris-Wood Wedding : DIY Succulent and Rose Letters

Thursday 14 July 2016

I shared a lot of my wedding DIY in the run up to my wedding, but I wanted to save my personal favourite till after the actual day. Any time someone mentioned the DIY on the day I proudly waved at this creation and told them how awesome I was for making it. Because I am all kinds of proud of it! So, here is my tutorial for how to make succulent and flower filled letters.

First up, here's what you need - fillable wooden letters, paint, a paint brush, fake silk flowers, fake succulents and a glue gun.

I bought these wooden letters from Hobby Craft, they have a lip so are ideal for filling with whatever you might want to decorate them with.

These only cost £3 each, so are a pretty cheap DIY option!

Any paint suitable for wood will work, make sure you paint the inside of the letters, the inside of the lip, the front of the lip, and all of the outside of the letters. You never know what might show through once you are done so it's better to be safe than sorry!

I needed several coats with this particular paint, I didn't do as many on the inside of the letters as I knew the majority of it would be covered.

Next you need to grab your weapons! Whatever you want to fill the letters with that is glue gun safe.

I used two different kinds of silk flowers, you can buy all sorts of them really cheap on Ebay.

I also got two different kinds of plastic succulents. Our wedding had a lot of succulents featured in it, I collect them, so they had to feature in the letters too!

You don't have to use flowers. You could use pom poms, or crystals, anything you want that matches your own wedding theme.

If you are using fake succulents you will want to figure out your positioning for them first. As they are bigger you don't want to worry about squeezing them in afterwards. I decided on the positioning, and then went back and glue gunned them in one by one.

Next up, the little flowers! Chop off the flower heads and randomly place them inside the letters. Make sure your different colours are evenly spaced out, you don't want clusters of one colour.

Ta da! Here is the finished product. I am so damn proud of these. We had them on a window sill in the reception room during the wedding, and I'll be putting them somewhere proud of place in the house so I can continue to tell everyone that I made them.

A close up! You won't want to smush the flowers down too much or else they'll look a bit squashed and the effect will be less 3D.

If you use any of my tutorials, please let me know! I'd love to see what you make.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

PS. be sure not to let any wild beasts steal your flowers!


  1. Those look BEAUTIFUL! Excellent DIY skills!

    Lis / last year's girl x

  2. These are so cute! We had something similar at our wedding, but they weren't as pretty as these.

  3. That's a really simple and pretty idea for a DIY wedding. Great timing as there will be lots of weddings now it's Summer

  4. This is such a fantastic idea, and look absolutely beautiful! You are so good with making crafty things - I don't think you could have brought this made any better! x


    1. thanks lovely! I hadn't realised I was crafty until the wedding planning started x

  5. I love these. Might have a go for the kids bedrooms . . . And mine! Beautiful xx

  6. The outcome is really stunning! A really great idea x #MakeItLinky

  7. This is amazing! My friend is getting married so will have to show her this. I can see her making this, and she could always keep it after as a lovely souvenir! x

  8. This is AMAZING. You so should be proud of it!! It's fantastic!! Even better that you used silk flowers, so you can keep it on display! #MakeItLinky

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