A Morris-Wood Wedding : Robes by Silk and More

Thursday 21 July 2016

My Mum came up with a really beautiful idea for the morning of the wedding. She wanted to get all the girls matching dressing gowns to wear while we got ready. Super cute for the photos and an adorable keep sake too. These were a gift from my Mum that just made all the getting ready photos!

We ordered the robes from Silk And More who are based in India. They offer a lot of custom options and a really good size range. They fit very true to size, we were a little nervous and ordered a size up but really did not need to. You can add a lining to the robe if you want to, and also pockets are an additional option.

You can also customise the length of the robes, choosing from 6 different lengths, and you also get to give the height of the person wearing the robe to ensure they are just right! I'm 5ft 11 and it's the perfect just below knee length on me as ordered. The height options go from 4ft 9 to 6ft 3 so cover most people, and the sizes go from an extra small to a 4XL which is the equivalent to a size 28. They are generously sized so I think a 30/32 would be able to get away with a 4XL.

We got the same print in 3 different colours, I got a true purple, the bridesmaids had lilac, and my Mum, Auntie and Nanna all had pink. I loved that you could easily match with the print but also pick different colour bases.

They have a huge range of colours and prints that are just lovely. They are mostly florals, but there are also birds, butterflies and even chevron prints for a funkier look. I'm seriously tempted to get myself another one in a different colour because I love it so much!

They have a little tie for the inside of the dressing gown so there's no risk of any flashing which is always a good thing. I'm not a pajama kind of gal so if I'm rocking my dressing gown it's not usually with a whole lot underneath!

The robes totally made the photos from the morning and were such a beautiful gift. They took 3 weeks to be made and delivered all the way from India and are so lovely and soft. I can't speak highly enough of Silk And More! Perfect bridesmaid gifts, or a great place to treat yourself from just because you need a new summer robe.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

All photography by the incredible ClickClickBang Photography.


  1. What a beautiful gift idea, well done your mum! And I love that you got contrasting colours for different people.

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. thanks lovely, that was totally my Mum's idea! x

  2. Such gorgeous robes, they really were worth the wait!


  3. What beautiful robes, they really are stunning. I would love one of these myself, the floral pattern is gorgeous.

    1. they are so comfortable and light to wear :)

  4. What a beautiful idea, and a lovely gift. The robes looks so stunning as do the photos - the colours really pop, and the floral prints are as stunning as the ladies in them. :) Honestly your whole wedding / honeymoon has looked like a dream from start to finish. If by some miracle I actually ever got married (hah!), I'm totally getting you to plan the whole thing! ;) x


    1. haha thanks lovely! Me and My Mum have joked about setting up a wedding planning business after this! x