Pink and Black and Yellow and Summer

Tuesday 19 July 2016

I've already blogged one of the outfits I got in the Lindy Bop sale here, so I thought as I've shared my favourite, I'd share Stu's! He has the knack for picking out clothes for me that I might not usually wear that turn out to be awesome. However, I was so with him on this one right from the start.

 'Nora' Lily Jive Dress

I love bright colours contrasted with black, and this yellow and pink combo is lush. It has a bardot neckline (always a fave of mine) and the body of the dress is actually quite long. It sits a little longer in the waist than I would usually like but the print is fun enough that I can forgive it. I got my usual size and it's quite roomy on the bust, so if you are a larger busted lady you should be fine with your normal size. It has some stretch to the fabric which I prefer for that extra bit of comfy.

It falls to below knee on me, so on someone of average height it'll be about mid-calf. It is very long compared to most LB dresses! It comes with a black patent belt but as tends to happen with LB, it hasn't been sized up appropriately as the size of the dress goes up so it is too small. I swapped that out and wore a pink belt with it instead. It works, but it's a shame that the black is too small because the shine of the patent and the extra pop of black looks so good in the photos on the LB website.

I plan to keep an eye out for more dresses in this style now I've tried one. A bardot neckline is my favourite style and this is so lovely.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. Love love love the colours on you. But love the hound even more!

    1. thanks lovely! Ashen is such a sweetie :) xx

  2. Loving the colours. So perfect for the summer season.

  3. What wonderful colours for summer! I love a bardot neckline so much too, and I also love Lindy Bop :) Lovely dress! x

  4. Those colours are amazing - you look like the personification of summer!

    C xx