The Converse Pride Sneakers

Tuesday 12 July 2016

Sometimes you see a pair of shoes and you just have to have them. Usually when this happens to me they don't come in my shoe size. I wear a UK size 10. However, when George of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust shared some shoes recently, they not only had them in my size, but I actually had the funds to buy them for once. George is a bad influence in the worst kind of way!

These come in two different size ranges, I needed what ASOS consider the 'men's' option which is available here. They also come in smaller sizes in the women's range, but pretty much all of them are out of stock as I write this. These sold out so quick!! These are part of the 'Pride' collection which features a range of hi and lo-tops in rainbow and LGBT+ inspired designs.

These are the more subtle of the range... if you can call them subtle. They have a totally black base with rainbow paint splash speckles all over them, other than on the laces. I love that the pattern extends onto the rubber soles too, it's so fun.

I think these will look really adorable with an all black outfit as fun rainbow pop of colour, especially with my favourite black pleather jacket for extra punk rock vibes.

The soles of the shoes are the real star of the show, with a rainbow covering the entire sole. SO MUCH FUN. The flashes of colour as you walk around will be incredible. I need to wear these to a gig and go dancing in them.

The rainbow motif even covers the inside of the shoes which is a really cute touch.

The converse logo has been rainbowed up too. The logo on the sides of the shoe is plain black with the paint splatter effect.

This is just inside the tongue of the shoes. The pride collection has the 'Proud to be' theme through out. I love the concept of the collection, but I wish that Converse were making a donation to an LGBT+ charity with the proceeds of this collection.

Even the aglets are rainbows. I absolutely love these shoes, but I feel really iffy about Converse using LGBT+ symbols for profit without donating back to the community it is commodifying. I didn't research before I bought these, and I wish I had. If you are going to use symbols from a community to celebrate them, support their charities and actually help support them, rather than just act like you are supporting them. Converse is a huge company, they can really make an impact and can afford to donate.

So Converse, please step up, do the right thing, give back to the community and really show your pride.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx


  1. Wow, just wow!!! I think they are incredible, the details is just perfect for what they are representing!


  2. Oh my god! Love them! How fabulous :) I am a sucker for rainbows any time anyway, but these are FAB!

  3. These are amazing and i totally agree about donating something back. Even if its a small percentage of each sale.

  4. These are really cool and I'm currently looking for a place to buy them. However, I'm not sure I agree with all of your statements about needing to donate. I think that of course it's important, and I spend a lot of donating, volunteering, and raising awareness. I really wish they donated, but remember that the point of these shoes are to SHOW pride. I completely agree with what you said, but it's pretty hard to donate to one charity like that realistically. Again, it would be awesome if they did, but as a queer and trans teen, I'm buying these shoes looking to show people how proud I am.