A Morris-Wood Wedding : The Cakes

Thursday 28 July 2016

We had two cakes at our wedding. I know, but who doesn't love cake? A wedding cake is kind of a big deal, and if you can't have two cakes on your wedding day, when can you have two cakes?

Our cake was made by a family friend of ours, Beckie. It had 3 totally awesome tiers featuring some of the bands whose songs featured in the wedding. We had Guns N Roses 'Rocket Queen' in the ceremony while we signed the register, we left the ceremony to Metallica's 'Nothing Else Matters', and our first dance was to Skid Row's 'I Remember You'. We knew we didn't want a traditional style cake, and after a lot of hunting, Stu came across a wonky style tiered cake and fell in love with it. It was a hell of a challenge to make and Beckie nailed it. And the cake itself was absolutely lush! One layer of chocolate, one plain layer, and a coffee layer. I only ended up tasting the chocolate layer but it was so damn good. Your wedding day is so busy, we didn't even realise it was being served, but one of the waiters made a bee-line for us to make sure we got at least a slice each which was lovely.

One of the things we knew would be in the wedding right from the moment we started planning was nods to True Romance. I asked my faves Sugar & Vice if they could make us a cake topper like a necklace they made me once, and they happily obliged. I love it so much! To have one of my favourite indy brands on our cake on our wedding day made me so happy. It's also a brilliant keepsake, I just need to come up with an idea for how to display it in the house.

And our second cake, made by local cheese company Lincolnshire Poacher and decorated by me! This one was totally on my Mum and Stu who read somewhere about wedding cheese cakes and decided we had to have one. Lincolnshire Poacher offer a bunch of different options for wedding cheese cakes in different sizes and types of cheese. We opted for a pretty big one as we decided that instead of dessert in the day, we would provide biscuits and chutney and the guests could have cheese instead. Not all cheese is vegetarian, so I made sure to query it and the only veggie cheese they have is their own Lincolnshire Poacher. It made up our bottom layer at a whopping 7kg all on it's own! It went down so well and the guests seemed really amused by a cheese cake, that was a cake made of cheese, rather than a cheesecake.

We bought the butterflies on Amazon and decorated it the night before the wedding. Lincolnshire Poacher delivered the cheese in wrapped individual wheels and we constructed it ourselves. We cut this cake in the day, and the cake-cake in the evening so both sets of guests saw us cut cake. One of the funniest moments of the whole day was hearing our Master of Ceremonies Jack announce 'Stu and Kitty are now going to cut the cheese!'. We're such grown ups. We joked about him saying it so he did, so very us!

Looking at wedding cakes on Pinterest has become one of my favourite things. There are so many incredible different options, what did you have?

All photography by the forever amazing ClickClickBang Photography.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. These are all lovely cakes and they are ones I would never think of having! Congrats too! X


  2. We contemplated a wedding cheese too but ended up with just a wheel of Stilton!
    We had a cake from M&S for the sake of cutting and then my friend made the most beautiful cupcakes for us :) It's nice to have something a bit different isn't it x

    1. my fella loved the idea of cupcakes too! They are so cute :) x

  3. Oh my days, that topper is amazing - you have to love Sugar and Vice, they nail it every single time! The music cake is such a lovely idea, and your baker did such a fantastic job. But we really need to talk about the cheese cake. Seriously. That is like all my dreams come true. :) xx


    1. They are so fab aren't they? The cheese cake was all my Mum and Stu, it was such a great idea! x