December and January Favourites

Sunday 31 January 2016

I didn't do a December favourites blog post, as instead I did a Christmas haul on my YouTube channel to show you what I got. So now January is at it's close I thought I'd get back to it! I'm going to share a variety of things I picked up between December and January, but not anything I got for Christmas, as I've talked about them on YouTube.

I have become totally obsessed with the app Neko Atsume. It's like, my idea of heaven. You set up toys and food in your yard to lure cats in to play and try to collect them all! It's so cute, and you can take photos of the adorable visitors you get. There are certain themed rare cats that are just adorable and need special toys and food to lure them in. So obviously I've dedicated all my spare time to finding them!

I picked up this adorable faux suede skater skirt in the New Look sale for only £6! I think it's the sort of piece that I'll be able to wear throughout the year in every season. It's very comfy, super cute and a really nice length.

As ever, my Crown & Glory Glitterati subscription box was a total win, with this adorable cloud hair clip/brooch being my stand out piece from it. It's so cute! And has been rather apt for the weather this month. You can see everything I got in this box in my unboxing video on YouTube here.

OK, so I said I wasn't going to feature any Christmas presents, but this one deserves a special mention! My Mum picked me up this Barry M Nail Corrector Pen and it's brilliant. I love painting my nails, but I am terrible at it, as evidenced in the photo on the left. This pen cleaned my shocking paint job up so quickly, and it smells like melons!

These holographic ASOS sneakers are a dream. I have been lusting after a pair of iridescent/holographic shoes for the longest time, and finally found these in the men's section in a size that would actually fit me, yay!

I have fallen totally in love with Makeup Revolution Lip Lacquer. In this photo I'm wearing 'Keep lying for you'. They are super pigmented and last incredibly well. I bought 3, and ordered a few more straight away.

I bought this adorable velveteen dress in both red and black from Everything5Pounds. I love the 3/4 sleeves and the mini dress length, and what a bargain at £5. It's a different shape to what I would usually wear too which is always good to mix up.

Yours Clothing Ankle Boots with Cleated Heels

I grabbed these in the January sale and I've worn them so much. Now I know Yours Clothing do a size 10 I'm forever checking out their site!

I actually bought this in summer last year, but only just got around to hanging it. It was bought from Ebay, and I love it. However Stu hates it haha! So I decided that the room I use for my YouTube filming is the perfect spot for it, so he doesn't have to look at it and I can all the time! It's so amazingly over the top, like an ugly jumper that rocks.

What bargains did you pick up this month?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. Those ankle boots are gorgeous! I'm a huge fan of boots. And that Neko Atsume has been all over my Twitter feed! Maybe I should download it and see what the fuss is about...

    1. do it! *one of us, one of us!* come over to the dark side haha :D

  2. I love your suede skirt, I've been looking for one like that! Also love your holographic boots, they are amazing! xo

  3. I finally caved and downloaded Neko Atsume last night - ended up staying up until 1am. It's the best!

    Another vote for your holographic boots here too :D

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. haha awesome! I play it constantly :D thanks! x

  4. Love those boots! You have some great monthly picks.

  5. thanks lovely :D Stu hates it haha, which is fine by me, it's my filming room!

  6. Those sneakers are goregous, definitely going over to find them now (early birthday pressie for me!!) x