Introducing Radioactive Unicorns Nail Varnish

Tuesday 2 February 2016

My name is Kitty, and I am obsessed with nail varnish. I love it, I must have easily 100 bottles! I love painting my nails bright colours and making a real statement with them, so when I discovered Radioactive Unicorns, I knew they were the brand for me. They are a cruelty free independent brand who make all the colours your dreams are made of. Whether you are a mermaid queen or a spooky delight, they have the most incredible colours I've ever seen!

I placed my order when I saw that they were doing a limited edition shade in memory of Lemmy, with the proceeds going to the Ronnie James Dio Charity. Perfect timing. At £6.95 each they are a little pricier than a standard drug store nail varnish, but I had a feeling they would be more than worth it....

(ignore the bandage, I damaged the ligaments in my wrist)

The first one I therefore had to try was Mr Lemmy Kilmister. It's a gorgeous mix of metallic colours, glitter and little sequins, and it has really great coverage. This is 3 coats, no top coat or base coat. These are just lit with a lamp in my house, and really don't show off how incredible the depth of the color is, so a little video in daylight was needed!

Just divine! Everyone who saw it commented on how amazing it was, and how they hadn't seen a nail colour like it.

Next up I decided to try out one of the glitters in 'BAD GIRLS!', a really bright pink. This is 3 coats, again with no top or bottom coat. Barbie wishes she had this colour! Something to note is how easy these nail varnishes are to use, I am terrible at painting my nails and always have to clean them up a lot, but these have a thicker consistency that most so are super easy to apply neatly. This photo really doesn't do the colour justice.

In tungsten light.

In daylight.

Next up I went for 'Hex your ex', which is a silver mixed with purples, pinks, greens and other pastel tones. I've truly never seen a glitter like it. Again these are photos without a top or bottom coat, so a top coat is going to make this into a glossy delight!

Isn't it so lovely? 

This is it with a really old top coat I had lying about, I need to get myself a good one!

And the last shade I went for is 'The necromancer', purple is my favourite colour so I couldn't resist. Again, this is with no top or bottom coat and it still looks fab. It's a really solid colour, this is 3 coats and it provides total coverage.

I am already eyeing up my next purchases from them, I've never used a nail varnish so easy to apply! They are well worth that bit more than drug store prices, for unique colours made by an independent and cruelty free company. I can't wait to see what they do next!

Do you have any Radioactive Unicorns nail varnish? I wanna see!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. These colours are absolutely beautiful, I can't decide if I love Mr Lemmy Kilmister or Hex Your Ex more! x

    1. I can't decide either! I love the mix of sizes with Lemmy, but I love the tones of Hex! x

  2. Oh my goodness I am in love with some of these! They look super duper sparkly! I think I'd add a glossy topcoat to give them a glossy finish rather than a matte look, but I am in love with some of these and the names of them

    1. I need to get myself a good top coat, mine is so bad! It's like sunflower oil I've had it for so long lol.

  3. I'm such a huge fan of Radioactive Unicorn, they have a beautiful red that I'm so keen to get my hands on but sells out ridiculously fast. Really like Hex your Ex too, the pastels in it are gorgeous. xx

    1. I want their reds too! I love the blacks too :D They are restocking tomorrow night at 8pm..... xx

  4. WOAH your nails look absolutely amazing! I love the shades! xx

  5. Mmn, what to choose? Bad Girls for me, I think.....

  6. I have never even heard about it and yet the name is just brilliant! I love the shades, especially the first one!

    Mika |