Jewellery is a girl's best friend!

Tuesday 11 August 2015

That's right. Not diamonds, but jewellery. I love jewellery. Necklaces and rings and shiny things. I love them all! And you know I love a statement necklace in particular, so I couldn't resist these shiny beautiful pieces when I saw them on sale recently.

First up, this gorgeous teal and purple necklace that I bought from Amanda Apparel via her Depop. It is such unusual colours that I couldn't resist! I also bought a dress from her I'll photograph soon. She sent them out super quick and packaged really well, and generally seems to be a sweetie!

New Look Silver Feather Spike Necklace

I love all silver everything, and the pearlescent look of the stones mean this will match any colour outfit so well! I like the spiked look of the feathers and the shape of this. It actually sits in 3 sections so it will lie better when worn.

New Look Silver Shell Drop Statement Necklace

Shells, silver, turquoise and a bloody huge necklace is just so me! For £6, there was no way this wasn't coming home with me. It's absolutely lush. All the different shapes and patterns are beautiful. Perfect for festival season, and also available in a gold colour too.

More jewellery means more means to store it are needed. And I got myself a bargain in the Urban Outfitters sale.

Urban Outfitters Bison Skull Jewellery Holder

I have to admit, I tried to hang this and immediately dropped it, smashing off one of the horns. However, it looks like it'll be super easy to glue, oops! I might get some colourful paint and spray this a different colour, white isn't really my thing, but I love a skull!

Where are your favourite places to get jewellery from? I'm all about silver! I'm actually selling some jewellery at the moment, my collection is getting a little out of control. Look me up on Depop under the name kittymiaw13. If you don't have Depop you can check out what I'm selling here and just drop me an email! :)

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx