Engagement Haul!

Sunday 22 February 2015

Stu and I were ridiculously spoilt with engagement presents! There aren't enough words for how thankful we are for them gifts, and it means so much that people care for us like that! I wanted to share a few of our presents as a sort of mini homeware haul.

Some family friends got us this amazing vase! It's really solid, more of a slate colour than this photo shows. We have been in dire need of a new vase as we only had one, and this is a stunner.

We got given several bottles of sparkly and wine, I don't drink so Stu will enjoy those, but I plan on enjoying this chocolate bottle of wine from friends of my parents.

My Uncle's Mum got us this amaaaaazing prism photo frame! It is so cool and unusual. I love it!

My brother and his girlfriend got us like, the most kick ass gift ever. NERF GUNS!! I got a cross bow so I can totally pretend to be Buffy, and Stu got a semi-automatic gun. We got the boys nerf guns for Christmas so this now means all out war. YAY!!

And the final present you get a photo of from our friend Jamie of Silent Studios.....

Inflatable penis fighting kit! Which Stu and his groomsman Mat immediately donned for some sword fighting. So much laughter ensued!

So many of our family and friends were unbelievably generous and gifted us Ikea vouchers and money towards our wardrobe saving funds. Thanks to that generosity we will be ordering our wardrobes ASAP! We have been in dire need of them, and I cannot explain how appreciative we both are.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx