Amazing Engagement

Friday 20 February 2015

 On February 14th my parents threw an amazing engagement party for me and Stu at our local. It was the best night I could have asked for! Such a fantastic night, surrounded by our friends and family, and with music provided by The Idles. The Idles were totally kick ass, great banter and a mix of tunes, so we plan to book them for our wedding too!

I got my nails done thanks to my Mum. Figured people might ask to see my ring so they should be all pretty just in case!

My parents got us these totally incredible lights made! I'd been looking at carnival style lights for the wedding and was gutted at how expensive they are, my Mum found a lovely lady who made these for her for us. We decorated at the engagement party with them, and plan to use them at the wedding.

My Dad very kindly took lots of photos for us of all the details and our lovely guests!


We decorated the tables with little mirrors, and 3 types of confetti, purple and silver hearts, and iridescent circles, plus balloons weight with iridescent hearts.

Me and Roswell Ivory, who I asked to be my bridesmaid, who said yes, yay!!

Roswell lost a french fry crisp down her dress and my Dad caught the moment I tried to help her find it.... she did find it eventually. 7 hours later when she took off her dress and proudly ran through the house with it!

Roswell, me and Fal, two of my 3 bridesmaids! Besties <3

Our utterly amazing tattoo and True Romance themed cake. I haven't actually eaten any of it yet, but it was beautiful!

The only dampener to our otherwise perfect night was that someone stole the edible skull off the top of the cake before we even cut it. What is wrong with people?!!

I love this photo of me and Roswell so much!

It was such an amazing night, thank you so much to everyone who came, especially all those people who travelled for us! People came from Cambridge, South Wales, Mansfield, booked hotels, just wow. I am so lucky to be part of an awesome family, and even luckier to be becoming part of another one too!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx